Chapter 10

Insert 10

I woke to an unfamiliar room which smelt of medicine

I looked around and i realized that im in the hospital.. The doctor came in smiling

Doc: my patient is now awake

I just smiled at him.. How did i get here the last time remember i was at the office cleaning

Me: why m i here doc

Doc: you fell uncoseous.. I have good news for you

I just starred at him waiting for me tell me the good news

Doc: you are 2 months pregnant

WHAT!!! He must be joking

I just chuckled

Me: you really know how to crack a joke

Doc: im not cracking any joke here Mrs Mthethwa.. You are pregnant

Like really.. I was trying so hard to play far from Mr M and this happens.. How will i be able to tell him

He might think i fell pregnant on purpose

I've seen him with his wife and that made me saw how much he will never leave his wife for a side chick

What will happen of me mara

I'm not going to abort I'll raise my child alone if it has to be

Doc: but your stress level is too high which could be dangerous for the baby

Me: is the baby okay

Doc: yes.. Why were you starving yourself

Because i couldn't bare seeing Mr m with his wife

Did i say that loud? No i didn't

Doc: we have admitted you..

He said giving me an injection

Soon after he was done he walked out and Mr M came in holding a pharmacy paper bag and basket full of fruits

What is he doing here.. He had a worried look on his face.. I wonder why he is worried

Mr m: hey there mommy

He took me by surprise xem no lies

I gave him a faint smile

I was happy that he was here but then the rejection that he would give me after telling him im pregnant with his child.. Yeah its his child.. He is the only man i had sex with lately since that so called boyfriend of mine vanished into thin air

He placed the basket on the table beside the bed.. He handed the paper bag to me

Mr m: the doctor says you should take this

I took the bag and it had all pregnancy prescriptions.. He handed me a glass of water and i drank the pills..

Mr m sat down beside me holding my hand and looked deep into my eyes.. Thats what I've realized that he enjoys doing

Mr m: who is the father

So he already knows im pregnant

Me: someone who is married but i wont tell him coz i dont want to break his marriage

Mr m: name please

Me: why do you want to know

Mr m: just guve me the fucken name Mabli maan!

He was even squeezing my hand that it even hurt

Me: you are hurting me Zungu

He just smiled to that

Mr m: you really know how to soften me up neh

I guess he enjoys being called by his clan names

I just looked down not knowing what to say to me

Mr m: baby please tell me who is responsible for your pregnancy

Did he just call me "baby".. No im just dreaming

Me: baby?

Mr m: since the doctor decided to make me your husband.. Im just playing my part

Oh so thats how he knew about the pregnancy.. The doctor told him because he thought he is my husband

Mr m: so tell me wifey who is responsible

Me: the husband is

I saw a smile creeping at the end of lips.. 

Mr m: you mean im the father

I just nodded.. He had this huge smile on his face..

Mr m: wait a minute i can't have children

Me: what do you mean

Mr m: exactly that

Me: are you trying to say that im lying

Mr m: no you are not.. Im just happy xem.. And to think i had a problem with having children mxm

He kissed me on my forehead

He was happy xem no lies.. But i couldn't understand why he thought he couldn't have children 

Me: so how are we going to do this i mean your wife

Mr m: that one has a lot explaining.. I'm just happy that you are the one  carrying my first born

He was over the moon xem.. This is my first time seeing mr m happy.. He always has a straight face but today its a different story

Mr m: why were you avoing me

Me: i was trying to get over you.. Since i saw your wife at the mall crying.. Apparently she smelled a woman's perfume on your shirt and she even sworn to kill the woman  with her bare hands.. I was avoiding breaking your marriage.. I couldn't allow myself to get happy from another woman's tears

Mr m: so you rather let someone be happy from your tears.. You even starved my poor baby

Gosh he left me speechless xem.. We talked some few more until he said he has to go home and deal with something.. He even gave me a month off work

I called my mom and my friends.. They came to see me.. First mom came with Zakes.. She was so worried thats only because she doesn't know the reason why im here..Zakes also looked worried xem

Mom: my baby what happened to you.. Why are you here

She said with tears threatening her eyes

I just gave a reassurance smile

Me: mom I'm fine

Mom: then why are you here

Me: im pregnant

Mom: yeah i saw that why are you admitted

So she saw it and didn't even bother telling me

Me: what do you mean by saw it

Mom: im a mother Mbalu i know when a person is pregnant

Me: why didnt you tell me or even ask me

Mom: so you can hate me? No thanks

Yeah she is right if she had told me i wouldn't have taken it well..

Mom: so baby tell me whats wrong why are you admitted

Me: high stress level and dehydration

Mom: my baby how can you starve my poor grandchild

Me: i didn't know i was pregnant mom

Mom: the stress?

Me: me and the baby daddy broke up thats why i was stressing

Mom: does he know you are pregnant?

Me: yes he seemed happy 

Something caught my eye.. Something shiny something that smelt expensive

It was a huge diamond rock on my mother's finger

So she is engaged

Me: can i see

I said holding her hand to take a look at her beautiful ring

My mom blushed looking at Zakes who had a smile on his face

Mom: Zakes proposed today i was going to tell you the good news when you come from work but then look where you are

Me: ncooo im happy for you guys no lies xem

We talked some more until they decided to go when my friends arrived..

Inno: what wrong with you bitch why are you here

Me: eix im pregnant

Lebo: the boss

I nodded my head

Lebo: so he finally hit it

Inno: and when did he hit it.. Why did you hide this from us

Lebo: haai wena you should've seen that there was something going on between them that day at the club

Inno: oh yes the looks they gave each other even though the boss had a straight face

Lebo: you love him?

Me: yes in such a way that i get hurt when i see him with his wife

Inno: haibo mngan so you want the guy to leave his wife for you

Me: am i  not worth it

Lebo: you are babe but the they have been married for years now don't become a homewrecker please

Me: thats why I've been avoiding him this days but that didnt work coz i ended up starving myself because of him

Inno: does he know you are pregnant?

I nodded my head

Lebo: does he want you to keep the baby

Me: for once i mean for once he had a smile on his face.. He was more than happy friend so yeah he wants us to keep the baby

We talked some more until ut was late so they had to go home

I received a call from Mr M telling me to eat and not stress so i can be discharged very soon

5 days later

I was discharged and on my days off

I had an appointment with the doctor.. Mr M was accompaning me he even said there was something he wants to show me after the appointment

Went to the doctor for our monthly check up.. The doctor took my Urine he even said there was something he wants to show me after the appointment

Went to the doctor for our monthly check up.. The doctor took my Urine blood weight and temperature..

He then took ms to the scan

Mr M wanted the photos.. He then applied the cold jelly on my stomach and startwd moving the thing that is supposed to show us our baby

Doc: theres the head

I felt a tear escape my eye.. I was so happy to see my child

Doc: here is the other head

Other head? So im carrying twice

Doc: you are having twince it is still too early for the gender.. Would you like to hear the heartbeats

I was overjoyed xem i couldn't believe im carrying two lives inside of me.. I felt a squeeze on my hand.. Mr M's squeeze.. The smile he had was priceless xem

I haven't even see his wife make him smile.. Im so proud if myself for making him smile

Mr M: yes please

We heard the precious heartbeats of our little angels.. He gave us the sonogram photo and Mr m drove to where he had a surprise for me..

He drove to this huge mansion. The one he took me to that day is nothing compared to this one.. He opened the door for me and took me by hand leading me inside the mansion

He opened the door and felt like i was in heaven.. What i saw inside is something even the president cannot afford.. Kingdoms palaces hotels and etc had nothing compared to what im seeing here

Mr m: this is where our bundle of joy will grow up

He showed me around the house.. The house had a cinema room library an office toilet basement double garage which could fit in 4 cars 5 bedrooms which had an ensuit bathroom each lounge sitting room kitchen an empty room which i don't what it is for baby room dining room  the main bedroom has a walk in closet playing room balcony.. Swimming pool and all

It was breathtaking i tell you xem.. It left me speechless with tears of joy running down my cheeks with a smile on my face

Mr m: you like it

Me: i love it

We walkes to the kitchen and he prepared something for the both of us to eat..

Me: where is your wife

Mr m: i dont want to talk about that one

He looke pissed by even hearing about her so i let it be..

He took me home after 4 rounds of sex



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