Author: Mikateko

My Boss My Everything

Chapter 1

Insert 1


I woke to the alarm ringing right next to me like an annoying crying baby😑

I got up and went to boil water with a pot on the stove we do have a kettle but i just don't like it  because with it I'll habe to boil water for like 3 or 4 times

Yeah i live in a house of 4 rooms with my mother only

2 bedrooms a kitchen and a Sitting room. We aint rich but we also not poor you get what i mean

After pouring the water in the pot and put the pot on the stove then switch it on.. I then went back to my room and prepared clothes to wear.. I only wear my uniform at work so it stays there and taken to the dry cleaners by the company so i dont have to worry about it.

After 20 minutes the water was ready so i took the water and went with it to my room then poured the water inside my bathing basin

I did my hygiene process then when i was done i lotion and wore my lace bikini with its matching bra black crop top and a high rise jean with my black half boots tomy👢

Applied my red lipstick💄. I don't do make up i love my face the way it is with its nourishing skin

I was flames xem jealous down‼‼😁

Guys im a forward girl.. I can't stand insults so when you insult me make sure you attend boxing classes immediately coz i dont play with bitches ask my friends Innocentia (Inno) and Lebogang (Lebo) they know me in and out

I've once beaten up this girl who goes by the name Karabo she insulted me when she saw that our argument was getting too big for her own shoes by talking about my mother she was like "you are just a bitch like your mother.. Thats why your father left you and her he knew that you'll be a bitch like your mother"

I showed her why people are warned not to pour hot water on a snake.. Before i forget im naughty

im a go getter.. I go after what i want but with my boss its another story he is immitading

Anyways i went to the kitchen since i heard my mom busy when i was still bathing.. I found my mom dishing up oats for me.. She always wakes up and prepare something for me to eat every working day 

My mom works at the creche nearby  and i work at the "Manzini Sponsers" company

Thats how we are stable..

Let me guys tell you a secret.. A few days ago i realised that im not earning the same amount as the other cleaners here.. I know we all do the same job which is cleaning around the building.. Maybe its because i am the one who cleans the boss's office

He doesn't like his office to be evaded by lots of people so its only me and his wife allowed to enter his office while he is not around and the rest will just have to wait for him..

Me: morning mom

She was still in her nightdress because it's still early for her to go to work so she takes her bath around 07:00 then go to work at 08:30

Us cleaners go to work 2 hours before the others

When the workers with high positions arrive they should find the building spotless clean

Mom: morning baby.. Eat up before you get late

I added sugar and milk in my food then started eating with my mom trying to clean around the house since she knows that after we both knock off no one will be able to clean the house because we will be too tired so she does it while she still has the energy

After eating i went out and found Inno waiting for me at the corner.. She told me something about going to an interview today.. She said its at some big company

They are in need of a receptionist since the one they had is about to take maternity leave

It just sounded like where i work but we'll just see when we get there

We got on a taxi then off we went.. And yes i was right she was coming to my workplace

We got in and she was interviewed by non other than mrs Manzini herself while i was getting changed into my uniform.. I hope all things go well for my friend phela you never know what to expect from mrs Manzini she might not give her the job just because she's not in the same standards as hers mxm

I started about cleaning at my usual sports.. After 1 hour it was time for me to clean Mr Manzini's office

I got in and found mrs Manzini sitting on his chair.. I guess he has not yet arrived yeah its still  early for him to come but mrs here came early to interview people and ruin my day

Me: morning mam

Her: morning Mbali

I went on about doing what i get paid for not minding her presence but I could feel her stares through my back its only a matter of time until she comments about something

Her: you know that dress is too short for my liking

Duh im not wearing it to impress you mxm but i did not say that loud mara my inner self wanted me to

Her: you should get a longer one

Me: thats the first i hear someone say that about my uniform you are the only one who have a problem with it

Her: are you backchating me Mbali?😞

*are you that dumb that you cant even see that  I'm standing up for myself.did i say that out loud No‼*

Me: no mam

Her: i dont like you going around with that thing like a prostitute are you trying to seduce our husbands

*yes i am😂😂😂*

 We then heard someone clearing their throat from behind

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