Chapter 9

I opened my eyes and immediately smiled when I felt his arms around my waist. I looked at him as he slept peacefully. His chest moving up and down as he breathed in and out. I looked at his eyebrows nose cheeks stubble on his chin and his lips and everything was still intact. 

I reached my hand out till I touched his jawline tracing all the way down to the stubble feeling it flow with my inquisitive finger. 

I then trace it from his shoulder moving with the lump of his muscle until I reach his elbow. He twitched but when I looked at his face he still had his eyes closed. 

It still felt surreal having him here with me again.

"Akusincono ungidle mara? (Is it not better that you eat me?)"-He startles me. I watched as he opened his eyes and focused on me.

"Ngikudle? (I should eat you?)"-I utter feeling him pull me closer with his hand. 

"Wouldn't hurt."-He says and smirks.

"It would actually."-I say.

He frowns but soon after just nods moving closer to kiss my forehead.

My phone pings and I turn to reach for it. Hlelo is still holding on to me as if I'd escape or anything like that. When I finally get a hold of it I turn back to face him with my phone at hand. 

"It's a message from Melo"-I say and open it. "They got them."

Hlelo chuckles deeply. "I knew they wouldn't disappoint."

So he's happy about the decisions I made? 


After our innocent shower we stepped out and dried out bodies and I started lotioning while he was fiddling with his wound.

"Hlelo iyeke (leave it alone)"-I utter turning to face him. He looks up at me before going back to his wound. I roll my eyes and take a towel going to him.

I wrap it around his waist and slap his hands away from his wound. "Stop it Hlelo."


"You'll hurt yourself and I don't want a weak man next to me."

The look he gives me is almost a mixture of pissed and sadness. 

I leave him in the bathroom and head to the closet where I head straight to my suitcase. I have two outfits left. An all white jean and vest and on the other end a summer dress. I settle for it. 

Hlelo walks it with a fresh bandage on his wound and starts searching for something to wear. 

What am I going to do with this hair?


I brush it out gently as this sudden silence really makes me feel uncomfortable. I look at him and find him staring at me. Tshirt on.

"Is...is it possible to go see Pea-Bean today?"-He ask his voice low and pained. Immediately I put the comb down and make my way to my husband who looks down for a brief second. When he looks up again he has tears running down his cheeks.

"Hlelo..."-I mumble cupping his face as his tears start to fall.


"Khanyi...I wasn't there for you I wasn't there for Pea I failed you. I failed her."

"No Hlelo you didn't. "-I say and he shakes his head holding my hands that remained on the sides of his face. 

"Khanyi don't try and make me feel better. I sle...slept with my ex when I was supposed to be by your side. I failed to protect you at Owens place. I failed to bury my daughter. I fa-..."

"Mwelase!" -He halts his bottom lip quivering as his tears flowed over both my hands. 

Men don't cry -apparently- but here mine was completely breaking before my very eyes. I'm glad he's crying in front of me and not in front of others though. 

"You had no control over what happened that day. You didn't fail me. You didn't fail Pea-Bean. My love you didn't fail at anything."

I breathe...

" Mwelase we had the most beautiful thing ever for 8 months straight. A life that we got to feel kick. A life that we knew had the strongest heartbeat ever. A life that had you and I moulded in one. Mwelase Nzima Hlathikhulu Manzezulu...nothing could ever take those precious memories away from us. I know for a fact you would've been the best father to our daughter and she would've learned so many things from you. You would've treated her like glass..."-I say my voice breaking and he sighs heavily. 

"Hlelo. Nkanyezi is still with us and better yet she's at a place that has no evil or hatred like on this earth we're on."-I breathe out and his head drops. I pull my husband closer to me and hug him for the longest time ever until I feel his hands hugging me around my waist tightly. 

If this is what healing requires then I'm absolutely okay with that. This right here just made realise that this is deeper than I thought it was. So many tender open wounds...

"Yes it's possible to see her today."-I say still in the hug and I hear him break down even more laying his head on my shoulder. 


We leave the bedroom holding his hand and made our way downstairs. Ma'Nkosi was busy dusting off the couches when I cleared my throat earning her undivided attention. 

"Hlelokuhle! "-She exclaims throwing the duster on the floor and runs towards us. I knew she would be happy to have him back especially since this traumatised her beyond. 

"İt's really him oh Lord!"-She beams. "Khanyi why didn't you tell me he was coming back?"

"Ma leave my wife alone."

"Wife? Hlelokuhle! Oh praise the Lord all the time he has sense again."-she starts dancing around singing. 

"Ma calm down."-Hlelo.

"How can I calm down when I know that that good for nothing witch is gone forever? Our God is an awesome God He reigns from heaven above. With wisdom power and love our God is an awesome God."-Ma'Nkosi.

She's over the moon about this yazin.

"Amen ma...but now ma I'd loveee some of that breakfast feast you make with so much passion. "-Hlelo.

"Oh boy...I didn't make any breakfast. "

"Errr...why?"-He asks before Ma'Nkosi answers.

"Khanyi usually refused to eat."-Her voice is low.

I feel his eyes on me.

"We'll talk about that later

I guess we'll grab something while we're out."-Hlelo.

"Niyaphi? (Where are you going?)"-Ma'Nkosi. 

"To Nkanyezi. "-He answers and Ma'Nkosi nods.


"Double ribs and chips for my wife here and a steak special for me please."-Hlelo orders and puts the menu down.

"Double ribs?"

"You need to eat Wami."

"But double ribs? Honestly?"

"Yes now stop complaining or I'll make it triple ribs."-He says causing me to giggle.

I've missed this soul honestly. 

"You want to roll me out of here when the meal is done?"

"Wouldn't be that bad besides that will mean the world will see my beautiful Wami aaaand acknowledge that I'm taken."

"Udom. (You're stupid.)"-I say unable to stop my giggling.

"Ngidom mara oksalago ngikhuluma iqiniso. (I'm stupid but you know I'm speaking the truth.)"

Minutes later our food arrived and we started eating away. I surprisingly cleaned my plate which is something I didn't expect at all.

We leave after settling the bill and head to the car. I give him directions to the graveyard. I remember instantly that I didn't bring any fresh flowers like I usually would when we park.

Both of us stay in the car for a few minutes before we officially get out. The sun shone bright and I used a hand to protect my eyes from the sun and with the other I held his hand. 

I spot her tombstone...

This will officially be the first time he ever comes here. 

And who's flowers are these?

"These seem fresh. "-I mumble to myself as I bend down to pick them up. Yep they're fresh.

"This is odd. I'm the only one who usually comes here."

"So who are those from?"-Hlelo asks taking them from me.

I shrug. "Maybe someone went to the wrong grave..."

"Really now Hlelo. I don't think you could ever get that wrong unless your baby was also named 'Nkanyezi Pea-Bean Mazibuko'."-I reply and then allow the quietness to engulf us.

I put the flowers down after taking them from him. 

"Nka. Look who mommy bought today."-I look at him.

His lips are pressed in a line and his eyebrows are furrowed.

He clear his throat. "Beanie...hey."

Again he clears his throat. 

"Uhmm...I..I don't know what to say really but thank you for existing. You'll forever be in my heart."


We left with him probably feeling 10 times better than before. 

"Siyaphi? (Where are we going to?)"-I ask.


"Oh."-I sit back for the rest of the ride. 

He parks and we both step out. The building is still standing...not that I thought it wouldn't be it's just been that long since we both came here. 

"Gimme your hand."-he requested before we even made our way in. I don't hesitate. He pulls me in and we walk ahead to the entrance and he pushes open the door. I see how a few eyes are already on us. 

Again I'm pulled all the way to the receptionist who was seated clearly occupied. 

What her name again?

"Zazi."-Hlelo says. Her eyes shoot up her jaw drops and her eyes go wide.

"M.M.Mr Mazibuko."-She stutters.

"Who's in my office?"

"Uhmm I...no one."-Zazi.

"Good. I want you to ring Ms Dlamini for me ASAP."

"I will sir."-Zazi.

He nods and attempts on walking away but Zazi calls us. "Mr M. It's good to have you back."

We get to the office. "Have to call May in here I don't get why she doesn't clean when I clearly pay her well for that."

"Would you relax babe. She's also human."

"A human I'm paying."-Him.

I roll my eyes. Theres a knock on the door and it opens. Another stunning lady comes in to view.


"Mr M. Mrs M."-her. I nod.


"Am I in trouble?"-she asks making her way to the couch I was seated on.



"I want you to make sure I have every single paper for each thing that took place when I wasn't here. Every transaction every missed meeting every single thing."-He says while the poor lady nods away.


Talk about work overload. 

"When do you want them?"-She asks.

"ASAP darling."-Hlelo.

Again she nods and gets up and makes her way out.

"You're not fair."

"You think?"-Hlelo.

"No I know."-I say. He comes to sit next to me. "Come sit on your husband's lap."

I roll my eyes and straddle him. 

He puts his hands on my thighs while I rest my head on his shoulders. My nose on his neck breathing him in. "I'm probably thee worst nurse on earth. "-I utter. 


"You should be resting right now."

"I'll rest after those rascals are dealt with"

"Can...can I deal with Charmaine?"-My voice is low as I ask this not too sure what his response to this may be.

"Ini? (What?)"-he doesn't sound angry only surprised. 

"You heard me."

"I did it's just that I don't want you to get involved Wami."

"Hlelo incase you haven't noticed I'm already involved."

He sighs. 

"Okay...so what do you want to do with her?"-he asks.

"You'll see baby...you'll see."


The day is finally here. The day I'll push myself to the edge for my baby girl.

At exactly 04h30 a call from Melo woke me. When he told me that the jet landed safely on the holy land SA I was beyond myself. I yelled out causing Hlelo to wake up in a daze. He was panicking while I was over the moon.

And now they were at HQ. We were on our way there. I even set a theme...we'll wear pure white when we go to HQ. And that's exactly what we wore.

Is it weird that this has me nervous too?

The car comes to a complete halt in front of the building. They're all here.

We head inside the meeting room and once again they're all here.

"Wifey!"-Melo embraces me in a tight hug. 

"You should be hugging your other half wena."-I state and he frees me. 

"You're right."-He turns to Hlelo and seconds later they share a manly-brotherly-hug.

"Hello everyone."

"Mrs M."-Nqoba Lundi and Tsiietsi. 


I sit on my chair Hlelo does the same. 

Tsiietsi clears his throat before uttering something. "We're sorry bafo for abandoning you instead of helping-..."-Hlelo interrupts him.

"T Although you men have let me down I forgive you. I was also out of it. You guys are what I'll call brothers indeed. People who didn't betray me like Owen did. Right now there are three people I want to handle as quick as possible. "

"Asambeni phela. (lets go.)"-Nqoba.

I chuckle. These men.

I'm given the honours to type in the code that unlocks this chilling room. I push open the door and it's stuffy in here. The lights go on bringing the three into sight. 

All three of them were chained.


Charmaine looks up looking all sorts of tired.

"How long have they been here?"-I question. 

"About 9 hours."-Lundi.

"Bafo ngiyakucela sikhulule (Please set us free brother.) Let Ruby go."-Owen whimpers. 

"Yes let me go."-Ruby.

Lundi and Nqoba laugh their asses off. 

"Leyo joke mfondini. (That joke dude.)"-Lundi.

"Yeses I can't stop laughing did he just say we should let his bitch go?"-Nqoba.

These men.

"Pl...please."-I hear Charmaine say.

"Yey wen-..."-Melo.

"Melo shhhhh It wants to say something. "-I say letting go of Hlelo's hand. I make my way to her. She reeks of sweat. I'm pretty sure she wants to sit down by now since they've been standing for almost 9 hours. 

"Want to sit down?"-I ask putting my hands on her belly. 

She's quiet just breathing heavily. 

I look at Ruby. What a mess...

"Talk up Charmaine 'Nurse bitch' is listening attentively. "-I say.

"I'm...I'm hungry."-She says her bottom lip dry and quivering.

"Ag shame can we get her some McDonald's?"-Me.


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