Chapter 8 

My heart froze immediately after he said those words. How dare he forget me again? Not after all that we've done already. Not after all the praying I've been doing and certainly not when I was so determined on having him back in my life again.

Oh gosh! I get up but he keeps my hand in his holding it tighter than he did before.

"Woah Wami I'm kidding."-he blurts out.

What the fuck!?

No like seriously what the heck is wrong with this man?

I feel like slapping him when I see the smirk on his lips.

Oh so he thinks this is funny?

"Mxm ngiyekela tuu (let me go please.)"-I say unable to keep a straight face. 

"I'm not letting you go again."-He says and I yell. 


I immediately attack him with a hug and soon after I kiss him all over his face.

"Wami woah I need water."-he says and that's when I stop and look him in the eyes. I haven't seen them in such a long time that I honestly don't want to remove them from his.

"Water?"-I ask and he nods. "Right water."-I quickly go get him a glass of water and upon returning I help him drink.

"Ngiyabonga standwa sami."-He says and I take the glass and put it on his bedside table.

''Uhmm...I should call a Doctor to check you up."

Again he nods and I just can't take my eyes off him. 


"Aren't you calling the doctor Wami."-He brings me out of my staring fest and I finally look away feeling a bit embarrassed for watching him for so long.

"Im sorry...let me go."-I utter and make my way out. 

"Dr! Dr Maylor is Dr Mahlangu in?"-I ask when I get to her side. 

"Uhmm I think so."


Hlelo's POV

I lay in this empty room listening to the beeping sound of some machine in here. I wonder how long it has been since I came here cause my joints feel stiff and my back overslept on.

Words couldn't begin to describe how complete I felt. Everything that lacked before was making sense again. Including that woman who left here completely struck with pure love. Pure love for me.

But even though she was fine about some things that happened I wasn't. I hated myself for everything I put her through and even now I left her to deal with things alone. I feel like she let me into her life again too quick and maybe I should've done more.

The door opens gently and in walks a doctor followed by my wife. She looks so happy that she even has this twinkle in her eyes.

"See Dr Mahlangu he's awake."-She beamed and made her way to my side taking hold of my hand again. 

"I see. It's good to have you back Mr Mazibuko how are you feeling right now?"-She asks me holding a file in her hand. 

"I feel okay...not that much pain."-I answer truthfully. I could handle this minimal pain and I also didn't want Khanyi worrying about me again.

"Are you sure Mwelase?"-She asks gaining my attention.

"Yes Wami."

She nods and I know she's probably onto me.

The doctor checks my heartbeat and blood pressure and also the bullet wound on my stomach. 

"Can I take him home?"-Khanyi asks.

I chuckle and I think I hear Dr Mahlangu chuckle as well.

"Well he seems to be fine and I feel like keeping him here any longer will make you angry at me. So you know what let me go get your discharging forms and we'll take it from there."-Dr Mahlangu says and leaves. 

Again the beeping sound fills the room. 

"Come here."-I say and pat on the empty space next to me. I shifted a little more and waited for her to get on. She gets on and I pull her closer to me. I take in her sweet scent. 

"How long have I been out?"-I ask her and entwine our fingers and allow her to play with my ring.

"About 15 days."-her voice is low and delicate. "It felt longer though."-she adds on and I heave out a sigh. I can only imagine how those 15 days have been to her.


"Nonhle was here too."-her.

"She was?"-I ask unable to recall hearing her say something to me.

"Yeah. She would just come here and sit in that corner and watch you."-she says and points at a corner. 


I want to ask her where Charmaine was since I remember she was the one who shot me. I absentmindedly pull her closer to me causing her to moan. 

She would've been shot...

Dr Mahlangu walks back in and stares at us for a while before making her way to us. We didn't even move a inch.

"I have the forms right here all you have to do is sign here and here."-She says and hands Khanyi the papers.


Rob bought me a whole backpack of clothes to choose from. Apparently it was packed and ready for me. Khanyi asked to cut her shift short just so she could drive me home. 

She didn't want me to drive myself home saying she didnt trust me and I possibly forgot how to drive.

We got home minutes later and like a grown baby she helped me out. "Hold onto my shoulder."-she commended and I obliged holding onto her short self.

"You're so tall."-I joke.

She helps me all the way up the stairs and finally into our bedroom. It feels so much lighter in here than the last time I roamed this room. The curtains and duvet were changed. I noticed a few changes downstairs as well. I know for sure she's the one who made the changes.

"Sit here."-She directs me and I sit on the edge of the bed. She finally lets me go and stands a bit further from me. She was still in arm's reach though.

"You hungry?"

I shake my head.

"You tired?"

I shake my head again.

"Well uhmm...I should probably run you a bath then just so you ca-..."

"Khanyi. Relax Wami."-I interrupt her. She bit on her bottom lip before exhaling. "Okay."-She breathed out. 

My eyes search for hers until they find them and I keep them there.

"Tell me everything."

"Everything? "-she asks.

"You know what I'm talking about."-I say calmly. 

I'm not angry. 

I reach out and get ahold of her hand and bring her closer to me allowing her to sit on my lap.

"Talk to me Khanyisile."

Okay maybe her silence was making me a bit angry. I wanted to know what was going on cause I only remember her mentioning Cuba.

"I sent them to Cuba to get them."-Is all she says and I find myself smiling.


Charmaine's POV.

The night was still young and I was busy enjoying this other Cuban song called Sorpresa en mi came.

It was different from the music we listened to back in SA and to be honest it was utterly refreshing. 

My pregnant self danced away while Ruby just watched and watched and watched me. 

We haven't spoken since that day.

And oddly enough I didn't give a flying damn about that cause I tried apologising more than once. She honestly has to get over herself and stop whining about one mere man's penis.

Owen walked in smelling like the weed he's been drowning himself in. His smoking has amped up and honestly it was starting to become a bore to me. 

He just looked at me then at Ruby before making his way to her. I watched him force his arm around her but she hit him and he backed off. I shrugged and turned back to focus on the banging music.

Fernando walks in followed by two men dressed in what looked like plumbing clothing. They both wore caps and were both  looking down.

"Uhmm I called these two to fix that leaking tab in the kitchen"-Fernando said and I just nod as if he was talking to me. 

That tap hasn't been a problem to me cause I rarely went in there to use it.

"Follow me my guys."-He says and leads the way to the kitchen.

 The two men stay standing.

"Excuse me this way!"-Fernando calls them out again from the kitchen.

"Hey you two..."-I say but my words die down when the two look up. 

Its Hlelo.

No wait it's Melo and Nqoba who have the deadliest smirks on their faces. I shiver and stay glued to the spot I was on. 

The song that played was starting to annoy me now and I just wanted to throw it out of the window.

"Charmzozo."-Melo says my name.


"Ruby baby."-Melo says and chuckles before they both took out guns one in each hand and pointed them at us.

"How..?"-I asked and the words came out as a whisper. 

"Melo...Nqoba please my bruh's put the guns down."-Owen starts pleading with them glued to his seat.

"Who are these men?"-Fernando.

"Everybody Shut the fuck up!"-Melokuhle said and I swear the tears started rolling down my face.

This can't be the way I end. 

"We've come to take you home."-Melo said.


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