Chapter 7

Ruby's POV.

I sat on the floor watching her being bandaged and cleaned from the blood that oozed from her big forehead. Nothing at this moment made me hate her more than the fact that my so called boyfriend was helping the person I tried to end minutes before.

"I'll take her to her bedroom until she gains consciousness."-Fernando said and lifted her up walking off to put her there. 

Owen comes and sits next to me reaching for my knee. "Don't you dare touch me."-I warn him and watch as he returns his hand to himself. 


Cause I'm honestly not in the mood for this or him.

"Baby I'm sorry."-He says and for the first time ever in my whole life his voice is not loud.

"Sorry for what exactly? Sorry that your bitch confessed or sorry that I trusted you?"-I bury my face in my hands and heave out a sigh.

I don't understand how this has made me realise how much I actually loved Owen. This made me see myself in another view and that probably made me seem weak something I was not.

I feel his hand on my thigh and slap it away from it. "I said don't touch me Owen."-I say firmly hoping that would make him hear me.

I remember how I had basically nothing when I met this man next to me. How I used to just ask for his money and fuck him in return. All this carried on for a year before he asked me to be his official girlfriend. That was music to my ears. Months later I found myself moving into his house and bit by bit I made sure that he was taken care of so that I would continue living the life of a queen. 

5 years later and this is what he does to me? I didn't even expect marriage from him just loyalty. What did I not give him though? Cause I know for a fact that I gave him everything humanly possible. 

"I'm still waiting for an answer Owen. "

"I don't know Ruby."

"You don't know? Please don't bullshit me I'm not stupid."-I say and lift up my head. I could feel the tears threatening to show if I continued to feel all these emotions. 

"I know that you're not stupid it's just that...that..."

"That what? Speak up Owen."-I'm not even shouting as I expected to.

"Baby I'm sorry."

I stand immediately after he says that my eyes fixed on his. I see worry in them.

"You're sorry?"

"Yes."-Him voice sounds chocked.

"You slept with my sister Owen and you're sorry? Maybe if I also decided to sleep with that brother of yours then I'd also be sorry. "-Immediately after saying those words I see his face change into one of anger. He clenches his jaw and also stands up moving closer and looks down at me. 

"Don't you ever in your life say that again you hear me?"-He says through gritted teeth. 

It's not that I would sleep with Oliver I was just making an example of what he did. He slept with my younger sis so why wouldn't I sleep with his younger brother. 

"Why are you angry huh? I'd be doing exactly what you did moes."-I say. I'm not about to give him any form of satisfaction with this and he must know I'm beyond pissed.


"No Owen you do not get to hurt me like this and shift everything back to me. You don't! Can you see how wrong this is! And what the heck am I supposed to think now that she's pregnant too."-I say and allow the tears to flow. 

"It's not mine."-he says his voice now tender. 

"How am I supposed to believe that huh? You know what I can't do this anymore. We're done."

"What ?!"-He exclaims as I turn and rush to the bedroom. "Wait Ruby! Babe!"

"Fuck you Owen!"-I yell shutting the door behind me and locking it. I jump on the bed and cry my lungs out. 


Why does this hurt so damn much. I can't even get the dramatic pictures that formed in my head of them together out. I kept on thinking that every time I'd turn my back to look at something they would flirt.

Gosh! There was even a time when me and my so called fakey-fakey friends went for a weekend away trip to Zimbali. What if they were...

Oh gosh.

I sob even more on this pillow. How could I even allow this to happen...I basically gave them days to actually be with each other! To think that I nearly attacked Hlelo when he broke up with Charmaine! I even got involved in all of this to help her get back with him kanti she's already having my ex boyfriend. 

"Arrrrrrrggggggg!"-I yell feeling the pain in my chest sharpen. 

Where's my phone?

Where's that gosh darned phone?!

I find Owen's phone instead and use it to dial Dimpho remembering that mine is in my fake little sister's room.

It rings and goes unanswered. 

What time it?

9h14 meaning it's 15h14 in S-A now. 

I dial again and it rings and to my luck she answers.

"Dimpho speaking how may I help you?"

"It's me again."

"Rubz? Why do you have another number?"-She asks me and I sniff. "Are you crying?"

"I...I was."-I roll over and face the ceiling. 

"Why what happened? "-She asks me.

"Owen happened. "

"He cheated?"

"Yes."-My response hurts my throat. 

"I knew it."-She says and I frown sitting up. 

"You knew it?"

"Yeah Charmaine was making it so darn easy for you to find out but you never did. You threw a blind eye on him caus-..."

"Wait so you're saying you knew Dimpho?"-she's quiet and only that confirns my unanswered question.


"Bye Dimpho."-I say and immediately hang up. 


Charmaine's POV.

I force my eyes open. As heavy as they were I managed and came face to face with the ceiling. My head is pounding and so was my heart the moment I remembered how Ruby attacked me. 

I never thought that I would live to see the day when I make sister that angry. I quickly touch my belly. Okay my baby is still fine. I then touch my forehead where it hurt and felt a bandage. 

The door shoots open startling me. It's Fernando carrying a tray of what looked like food and water. 

"Oh hey You know I was just assuming that you'd be awake by now. I guess I was right."-He says. 

I force myself up to sit on my butt.

"Luckily only the neighbour came to ask uneding questions about earlier. Anyway here you go."-He sits at the edge of the bed and hands me the tray of food. 

"Thank you Fernando. "-I say my voice low.

"It's a pleasure you're not dizzy or anything like that right?"

"Nope...just have a headache. "

"Oh the pills are for that. You can have them after eating. "-He says and I start eating under his watchful eye.

"Im sure you think I'm the worst thing on this earth don't you?"-I ask after swallowing a piece of bread. 

"Worst person? Yes. But not on this earth."-his honesty hits hard. "Why would you even hurt your sister like that?"

"Why does it feel like you're simply blaming all of this on me?"

"Maybe I am. Listen here Charmaine the things I've heard about you aren't glam glam."

"And who told you?"-I ask.

"You know Owen told me. See I didn't come here to fight or anything pretty lady. I just wanted to say that you hurt your sister beyond anything and you don't even know why."

"Of course I do."-me.

"Then why?"

I'm quiet. Who died and made him a psychologist? 

He stands up and puts his hands in his pockets. "Are you happy now?"-he asks and turns to leave.

Am I happy? 

Maybe I shouldn't have confessed to this then maybe I'd still be happy but now...now I just feel like everything around me has been fake too. 

I betrayed the one and only friend I had...

I didn't even finish the food Fernando bought me. I just drank the pills and put the tray aside. My baby kicks once again. I would've loved to be Hlelo's wife if only he didn't just see me as his  skank or booty call. I could've moved on if only Hlelo and I ended our relationship properly. Maybe then would it have seemed okay to move on but now it just felt like if I moved on I'd be playing with the next person. 

The whole house was just awkward when I decided to get out of that small bedroom to get myself a cold beer. I needed it desperately. Fernando was avoiding me and I was avoiding him as well. 

After getting the beer I went to sit down on a single couch also avoiding Owen's gaze on me. I could smell the anger from where I was seated and it honestly made me want to take this whole drinking episode outside. I don't get why he's angry cause he didn't get hit on the head and on the leg. 

"Owen just say what you want to say and stop staring at me. "-I say and take a long sip of the cold beer.

"Why would you tell Ruby like that?"-

"Like what?"-I ask. 

"Like...like...couldn't you warn me first?"

"Warn you? So you could do what? Run?"

He keeps quiet and I sit back on the single couch and devour myself on the beer watching soccer on the TV screen.

Owen gets up. "I need to smoke. "-he leaves banging the door behind him. 

Fernando chuckles and also gets up leaving the sitting room heading to his bedroom.

Mxm. Let me go get myself another beer and get me and my baby drunk...


Khanyi's POV.

It has been 2 days since the 1134 gang went to Cuba and by the look of things they -the 3 rats- were well monitored. I knew exactly when Owen would go smoke outside heck  I even knew when Ruby was taking a shit. It freaked me out at first because it seemed impossible that they were able to do all of that without being detected.

Anyway they were striking later tonight...

And honestly speaking I was both nervous and excited about this. So much can happen at such a small amount of time but I trusted these men. 

I step into his room.

...You know when you're so damn excited for seeing a person and you don't get the reaction you wanted exactly from them. 

That's what happened when I came here to tell my husband the awesome news about locating those 3 and he still didn't wake up. It hurt. More than I expected it to because honestly speaking his stay here was long overdue. 

It's my break so I'm honestly going to take my time in here. So I'll say my piece and let him continue to rest. This really baffled me to the core. 

"Hey husband."-I take his hand into mine and kiss it after sitting down. "Well uhmm I arrived earlier today...at around 14h00 it's 23h06 now. My break."-I look at him and then down at out entwined hands. I laugh weakly "you know Lethu mumbled something today and Ntombi Immediately assumed he said Mama you should seen how happy she was. He's really growing and...and..."-I heave out a sigh. "I went to see Nkanyezi today. I told her you were delaying your comeback. I swear I heard her laugh and tell me you'll be back soon. I miss you Hlelo. I miss your voice your stupidity your hugs and your presence. "

"Please Mwelase come back to me. Please. "-I utter freeing the tear from my eye. 


His hand twitches and my eyes immediately go to his face. I feel how the butterflies form in my stomach as he moves his head to the side before opening his eyes slowly. Tired yet refreshing eyes look my way and I feel like jumping for joy.


He frowns instantly.

"Who...who are you?"-he asks me his voice rough and dry.

My heart drop to the bottom of my stomach...


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