Chapter 6 (Really Really short)

Well we were escorted out of that restaurant before we could even start eating and enjoying ourselves. All thanks to Tshidi who is currently grazing the passanger seat right now.


"So...what was that all about?"-Yamkela asks her. 


"Nothing? I just missed out on a piece of Lasagne for nothing?"-Yamkela. 

"Yazin (you know)"-Gugu. 

"Can we just drop this please."-Tshidi says half irritated. 


All this because Boitumelo couldn't keep his zip up? 


We sit in silence. I honestly can't believe we just went through this only to get chased out of there. 

My phone rings causing the perfect distraction for this awkward moment of silence. 

"Tsiietsi."-I answer earning eyes from the two sitting at the backseat. 

"Khanyi I have news that will make your day."-He sounds out of breath.

I sit upright.

"I'm all ears."-me.

"This needs you here at HQ I can't say it over the phone. I'll notify the men to meet us here."-He says and I'm already starting the engine.

"Okay okay I'm on my way."-I say and he hangs up.

"And then? Where are we going?"-Gugu.

"HQ."-I reply reversing out of here.


"Why are we going there?"-Yamkela.

"Wait wait you're the one who's been summoning them there kanti?"-Gugu says as we stop at a red light.

"Don't make it sound like a bad thing please. It's all for Hlelo."

"What's this HQ gante?"-Tshidi asks. 


I drive ahead. I completely forgot that she doesn't know anything about this lifestyle. 

"Is anyone going to answer me?"-She asks again.

"You tell us what happened at that restaurant then we'll tell you what HQ is."-Yamkela. 

We make it to HQ in under 30 minutes. That's in record time. 

Tshidi just looks at the place with plain confusion on her face. I don't have time to explain to her right now. We make our way to the entrance and I type in the code. 

"White?"-Tshidi says as we walked in. "So no one is going to give me an answer vele vele ?"


We walk down the passage. "We'll stay here with Tshidi."-Yamkela says already heading towards the too white lounge. I nod and make my way to the main office. 


How quick do these men drive cause I know for sure they were busy at work or something. 


"Mrs M."-Nqoba.


"Wifey."-Melo says and I chuckle.

"Heeh you want Hlelo to wake up from that hospital bed and kill us all?"-Nqoba asks making his way to his seat.

I make my way to Hlelo's seat.

Anxious to hear what Tsiietsi found out. 

Where is he vele?

"He wouldn't touch me I'm older than him."

I roll my eyes. 

"Where's T?"-me.

"Toilet."-Nqoba answers me and I nod.

These men continue to conversate while my mind just blacks out thinking of a million other things. 

Tsiietsi finally joins us. I watch him as he sits down and opens his laptop and puts it on the table. He puts his phone on the table as well. We all watch as he switches the laptop on and we wait. 

"Come on ndoda (man)"-Lundi says. 

T clears his throat and looks my way. "1134-gang I'm sure Skin would be smiling from all the juicy information I have here. "


"Yes Skin Mrs Skin."-T adresses me. 

"Spill phela...I've been too darn patient."-Nqoba says.

"Well. Since we all know that those idiots destroyed their phones making that a complete dead end I had to find other ways in which I could try and locate them. That means I have been keeping tabs on everyone's phones."-T.

"Even mine?"-Melo.

"Even yours. Everyone who knew these 3 I kept tabs on. And all that has finally paid off. Dimpho."

"Dimpho? "-I interrupt him.

Tsiietsi chuckles. "Yep the one and only. A call was placed today to Dimpho and BOOM. It traces all the way to Cuba Havana and we all know that the only people who would make calls from there are those 3."

I release a deep breath I didn't realise I was holding in. 

"So does this mean what I think it means?"-I ask feeling the adrenaline rushing through my body.

"Yep men we're going to Cuba."-Tsiietsi. 


Ruby's POV.

I look at my little sister confused beyond any type of measures. 

What is she talking about exactly?

Is she that alone to the point where she actually feels like my relationship with Owen lacks something she clearly doesn't have?

"My relationship with Owen isn't fake little sister."-I say walking closer to her. She snorts with a smirk on her lips.

"And you honestly believe what you just said right now? "-She asks me putting her hands on her belly.

"Why wouldn't I ?"

"Becau-..."-She starts but gets interrupted by the door shooting open. Fernando and Owen walk in carrying plastics from Casa verano. I watch as he puts them down and makes his way slowly to us. "What's going on here?"-He asks concern written all over his face.

I look back at Charmaine who looks at Owen. I watch her move away from me and go to stand next to my man. I'm ready for any manipulative stunt she may pull to make me look like the bad guy here. 

"What is going on here?"-He asks again. 

"Baby I..."-I start explaining but feel how my stomach turns out of disgust when I see her pull Owen to her and kisses him for what feels like the longest time ever.

What the heck is going on here?

Owen breaks the kiss wiping his mouth. "What are you doing Charmaine?!"

"Argh I'm tired of hiding our love Owen! It's time we let her know."

Let me know what exactly? 

What love?

I scratch my head. "Ukhuluma ngani manje Charmaine (what are you talking about)?"-Owen asks a question again.

"Ruby..."-She looks at me. "...I've been fucking your so called real boyfriend since last year and your stupid ass didn't even notice."

I feel the anger in me boil and my feet motioning me forward. I feel how my tears burn and threaten to fall if I were to blink right now.

"Today I'm killing you!"-I yell grabbing one of the vases that were on a small table and throw it towards Charmaine. Bloody Owen protects her. 

How dare he!

"RUBY CALM DOWN!"-Owen says.

He's the one who's bleeding from the vase attack. 

"Don't fucking tell me what to do Owen! Dont!"-again I take the nearest thing I can find and throw it. "You fucken Fucked my sister? Why?"

"Ruby I..."

"Owen why?!"

I throw a chair and it hits her leg.

"Ruby!"-Fernando calls me out but I ignore him. My eyes are still fixed on these two in front of me. I've loved this man for 6 years straight and he has the nerve to hurt me like this.

We met through Jackie and we've been together ever since. 

And now this...

My own flesh and blood has been betraying me for so long. 

All this makes me halt completely and just allow my anger to turn into tears. 

I feel defeated.

And completely useless. 

I feel his arms around me hushing me.

"I'm so so sorry Ruby. I don't know what came over me. I'm sorry. Please baby don't leave me..."-He cries out still holding me in his hold. I calm down...

...allowing my eyes to rise and meet with my sister's eyes again. 

Mine drop to her belly.

What if it's Owens baby?

Oh hell no!

My hand grabs the empty beer bottle and with the last bit of anger in me launch towards her...

Seconds later she's on the floor...


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