Chapter 3

Charmaine's POV.

I sober up completely realising what I had just done. "No..."-I utter as my tears continue to roll down my face. 

I didn't mean to shoot Hlelo. That bullet wasn't meant for him. He shouldn't have gotten in her way! 

I see his blood all over the floor and how Khanyi was trying to stop it by putting pressure on it. She didn't seem to care that she was only left in her bra and undies. 

Fuck Fuck Fuck! 

I run a hand through my face and feel how my hands shake. This wasn't part of the plan. Hlelo was not supposed to get shot.

Ma'Nkosi barges in.

Her eyes immediately go to Hlelo and I see how she drops her plastic bags. "Khanyisile!"-She sprints to them completely ignoring me. I think she heard the shot and I'm pretty sure the guards outside as well.

I rush out. "Pano Rob call for help!"-I shout at them. 

"Help? What happened?"-Rob.

"Yes help you idiot. Just call the ambulance!"

They rushed past me and into the house. 

I quickly take out my phone and dial Owen's numbers. It rings and he answers on the second ring.

"Charmzozo baby."

"Owen I messed up...I Fucked up real bad!"-I cry out covering my mouth in attempts to calm myself down. It doesn't work.

"Wait calm down. What did you do?"

"I think I killed him..."

"What? Are you stupid? "

"No Owen it just happened. I wasn't planning on shooting him!"-I defend.

"Why were you even shooting in the first place. That wasn't part of the plan!"-He yells.

This is the angriest I've ever heard him be.

"But so was him getting back his memory! "-I whisper shouting. 

I hear sirens... 

"Get your ass here now!"-Owen demands and hangs up. I feel like throwing my phone against the wall and dissappearing from this earth.

I make my way to Rob's car as quick as possible since he left the doors wide open. 

And by some miracle I find the keys in the ignition. I quickly reverse and drive out. The guards are all rushing to the house. Some start shooting at the car I'm driving causing me to step harder on accelerator. One of the bullets shutter the backseat window. 


I drive past the rushing ambulance...

I stare at the gun in my hand for a while. "What did you make me do!?"-I question it. It won't answer me. Out of pure anger I throw the gun and it lands on the dashboard. 

With this stolen car I drive past a red light. I have no time to waste honestly and occasionally I keep glancing on the rear view mirror to see if any of Hlelo's guards were following me.


Minutes later I drive up to Owen's gate which opens in seconds. I drive in park and jump out. 

He's busy smoking. Ruby is just standing behind him and she looks terrified. 

"You just had to be trigger happy didn't you? Now we're all going to die because of your stupid little act."-She says.

"Can we just stop looking at what the fuck I just did and focus on coming up with a plan!"-I shoot back at Ruby. 

Owen throws the cigarette on the ground and doesn't even bother putting it out.

"You said something about him getting his memory back."-Owen.

I nod like and an eight year old who's being asked if they would like some candy.

"I found them together. He remembers her. Gosh I should've seen this when he started hitting me again."-I explain.

He used to hit me before our relationship ended the first time around...and he was doing it again. Actually everything from the start of our relationship was bitter and was probably just for sex. 

And come to think of it Hlelo wasn't nice to me even after we went with him to Ayanda's mom.


"So that witch's muthi wore off?"-Owen.

"Fuck! I knew this wouldn't work. Now we're definitely going to die!"-Ruby says putting her hands on her head. 

"RUBY! Stop it!"-Owen.

"Stop what when you guys couldn't keep me out of your crazy obsession? You just had to have Hlelo all to yourself even when he made it clear to you that akakufuni! (he doesn't want you!)"-she points at me. "And wena why not make your own high seat huh? You are such an idio-"-She doesn't even finish her sentence before a hot slap lands on her cheek. 

Good god!

"Get in the Fucking car and stop your yapping."-Owen. 

She doesn't even hesitate.

I was about to walk to the car too when Owen pulled me back in.

"What's wrong with you?"-me.

"The...the baby is still fine right?"-He asks me. The smell of his nicotine breath makes me nauseous. 

"That has nothing to do with you."-I utter removing my arm away from him and walk off to his car. 

"Charmaine bewuphuza? (Were you drinking?)"-I ignore him.

We're on the road. I think we're headed to that witch's place since we've been there before and the road is very familiar. 

The whole ride is quiet. Even Ruby is quiet. 

This brings me back to that day. 

I brought the Arsenic from umaka Ayanda (Ayanda's mom). Ayanda...was just a decoy. A complete diversion. The plan was that Owen would invite them to his place and I'd get the poison into Khanyi's food somehow and Ayanda would just dissappear. 

He's a weird boy though I would never date him.

Ruby also helped even though I don't get why she's acting as if she tried stopping us from the beginning. 

The poison was supposed to kill them both. That little baby Hlelo cherished was supposed to die along with that good for nothing Khanyisile...but that bitch survived and that pissed me off even more.

Owen gave Hlelo 'idida' which which worked perfectly at the beginning. 

I sigh heavily when we park and step out. The sun was setting slowly. Maka'Ayanda stood by the entrance of her hut swinging her cow tail around. 

"I was expecting you. Come in and leave your shoes behind."-She orders.

So this fake witch knows when we're coming here but can't strengthen her muthi to make wonders. Mxm.

I don't like the smell of this hut compared to the last time we came here. "Hlalani phantsi (Sit down.)"-She orders.

"Ayanda."-I whisper as I sit on the grass woven mat. He looks at me slightly before the nervous side of him becomes evident. 

"Don't talk to my son without a valid reason."-Mama A. (Ayanda's mom)

"We're not here for your stupid son anyway."-Owen.

I eye him. 

"Boy keep on disrespecting me and I'll show you what I'm capable of."-Mama A warns.

"You think I'm scared of a woman who failed to control just one twenty something year old man? Psshhhtt."-Owen.

Mama A chuckles. What's wrong with this man next to me? Is he trying to end all of our lives before we can even bask in our 'glory'.

"My powers work. You just didn't follow my orders."

Owen keeps quiet and I feel his eyes burn the side of my skull.

"Care to explain?"-He asks causing me to heave out a sigh.

"Allow me. Didn't I instruct you to sprinkle 'umshiso' all over the house clearly you failed at that. I told you to make sure he digests the 'dida' weekly and you failed at that!"-Mama A roars her intimidating roar causing me to flinch. 

"Only because he wouldn't eat my food Mama."-I defend now feeling Ruby's eyes pierce through me as well.

"That's a pathetic excuse Na'Bhengu! I made that man weak for you."-Mama A.

"Weak? That man still treated me like trash even after all your hocus pocus."

"Charmaine is right ma on this one. Hlelo was still a rude ass towards all of us."-Ruby chipped in.

I sighed.

"She didn't follow my instructions which is why it failed! And now that they've slept together the muthi is going to leave him completely! "-Mama A says.

There's silence in her overcrowded hut before Owen is on his feet. 

Mama A in his tight grip...

He starts strangling her....

"Owen!"-Ruby yells.

"Fix this! old witch!"-He yells through gritted teeth. 

Ruby and Ayanda are on their feet in seconds fighting Owen off Mama A.

"Let her go Owen."-Ruby pleads to her boyfriend. I'm frozen at my place as I watched what all our hunger has leaded us to. 

"Guys please stop!"-I yell feeling my tears fall again. 

They do. 

Owen finally lets go of Mama and the tension in here rises. My baby kicked but I didn't want to pay too much attention to that since we were in a situation. "Can we just please try and find a solution for all of this please!"-Me.

Mama just starts laughing as if she wasn't going to die a moment ago. "You guys are as good as dead."-Ayanda.



This is the first time he actually says something and to me his voice has never sounded like this.

It was raw and rough.

"Khuluma boy! (Talk boy)"-Mama A.

"Ngabe bengazi ukuthi benikhuluma ngalo Hlelokuhle wakwa Mazibuko ngabe azanke ngazifaka kule simo (If I knew that you were talking about Hlelokuhle Mazibuko I wouldn't have put myself in this situation.)"-Ayanda says and moves to a far corner and sits down his knees up to his chest.

"What is he on about?"-Ruby.

"Aeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeee...black spirit! Ahhhhhhhhhhh"-He yells closing his ears and start rolling on the floor as if he was on fire.

I get up watching all of this unfold in front of my very eyes. My heart is beathing against my chest as I try and make sense of what is happening.

"Mamaaaa I see her ahhhhhh!"-Ayanda yells and suddenly freezes facing the grass roof.

"He has two goons with him. They tie her up. She thinks he won't do it. He takes a knife and...and...ahhhhhhhheeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuu!!"-His deafening yell makes me close my ears and look away. But my curiosity doesn't allow me to look away for long. Ruby holds onto my shoulders.

She's probably just as terrified as I am.

"Stab!"-He hits the floor and starts trembling. "STAB! MAMA HE STABBED HER! Then pulled her lungs out from the back and she died!!"

Just after that he lays still as if he was the one who was being stabbed to death. I feel the goosebumps attack my skin and I hug myself. I don't want Hlelo to deal with me like that or my sister. 

"Your days are numbered. "-That's all mama A says.



"We have to get out of South Africa. Ruby make a call and get us 3 tickets to Cuba. Make sure they're for tonight ."-Owen requested.

We left Mama A's hut after it was clear that she wasn't going to be of any help. She repeated over and over again of how we were as good as dead. How this black spirit refused to help us because it was Hlelo we were dealing with. 

I mean what type of a witch is afraid of a mere human?

"We're going to Cuba? With what money?"-I ask sitting in between their front seats.

"You think all those ATM heists were for nothing? Okay initially it was for-..."

"Excuse me. Shhh!...can't you see I'm on the phone?"-Ruby.


We keep quiet for the rest of the call that seems to go very smoothly. She hangs up and heaves out a sigh. "Well looks like we're going to Cuba."

"Unbelievable. My baby is going to be born in Cuba."

"There are bigger things to be worried about. I have a friend there and he'll help us with all the fake identity crap. For now we'll just hope we're not already plastered all over the web and news by police."

I nod and sit back trying to atleast enjoy the ride. With my hand on my belly I feel my baby kick again. I wonder what life would've been like if I didn't meet Hlelokuhle...


Ma'Khuzwayo's POV.

"Sphelele."-I greet her as I return to the lounge after attending to my pots in the kitchen. Nomonde lays her head on my lap. It feels amazing having my daughter back in my life and I am  grateful. 

"Mpumi unjani ntombi? (How are you girl)"-Sphelele asks me. I was just interested to hear why she was here not that I had a problem with her or anything. 

"Hayi siyancenga akufani. (We are coping.)"-I reply.

"I came here to ask about the celebration. uJack and I wanted to know what we could possibly buy to assist."

Trust the village diva and my brother to be extra. We didn't even need that much help since we were getting enough money from Khanyi and still had enough of our own.

I heave out a sigh just thinking of what my daughter has been through. At such a young age. I hope they're both coping.

"Well...Sphe there's no need. We're fine."

"Come on Mpumi let us help."-Sphe.

"Let them mama it will save you guys some money as well."-Nomonde interferes. 

"Listen to your daughter Mpumi."

I look at her and can't help but laugh at how they were ganging up on me. "Okay I'm sure uBaba ka Khanyi wouldn't mind ke."

"Great then I-"

"Mama! Your phone is ringing."-Siya chips in rushing in the lounge. Nomonde moves from my lap as I meet my little Siya halfway. 

"Thanks boy."-I say reading the name on the screen.

"My child."

"Mama..."-She answers her voice breaking me into an immediate worry.

"Khanyisile what's wrong?"

"She shot him ma!"

"Who shot who? I'm not following. "-me.

"Who's shot?"-Nomonde asks already behind me. Sphe is in front of me. 

"Hlelo ma and he might not make it."-She says and I feel my body go numb. This is not the news I was expecting at all. 

Why is God putting my daughter through so much pain?

And even though KZN is hours away from Pretoria I still find myself saying "Khanyi siyeza."


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