Chapter 10

"McDonald's? "-Melo asks. I let go of Charmaine's belly before turning back to these men. 

"Wami baby I don't think they serve McDonald's in hell."-Hlelo says humour written all over his face. 

"Yeah I agree. Try iSkop or something else."-Nqoba.

Lundi laughs. "Skop mfondini tshini! (Animal head bruh)"

I shrug. "Maybe that's better...maybe we should get her a pig head it does suit her better."-Me.

"No Khanyisile please..."-Charmaine says causing me to turn back to her. 

"What do you want wena?"-I ask.

"Anything but iSkop I'm...I'm allergic to pork."-She says weakly. 

I chuckle. "Good then that means you'll go hungry."

"Please Khanyi...I'm begging you please Hlelo our baby is hungry."-she says teary.

"What baby? The one you killed?"-Hlelo.

"No! No...no the one I'm carrying right now."

"Bullshit! You're not even 6 months pregnant wena."-I stated and felt everyone's eyes on me. "You're 7 months pregnant and you know it."

"Don't! You're lying!"-Charmaine.

"I'm a nurse I don't lie. I asked Dr Maylor the same ass doctor who did your scans to confirm my suspicion. She didn't tell you though cause you didn't doubt that that thing you're carrying is my husband's. How does my husband sleep with you 6 months ago and you're miraculously 7 months pregnant?"

"Wait so...you son of a bitch!"-Ruby yells out and attempts on attacking Owen but the chains restrict her. "You got her pregnant!''-Ruby cries out. 

"Jeez this is fucked up."-Hlelo says and again I chuckle. 

"So Charmaine was fucking Owen?"-Tsiietsi speaks.

Wow. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

"Bafo...please let us go I swear we'll completely dissappear from your sight."-Owen says looking down.

"I won't be doing such you idiots deserve punishment. "-Hlelo.

"Yeah Skin them!"-I hear Nqoba say.

"You betrayed me Owen along with both of your hoes!"-Hlelo says. I watch how Owen raised his head gluing his eyes to Hlelo. For a moment he doesn't look like the panicky man he was a moment ago... he was somewhat colder.

"You want to talk about betrayal Hlelo? Wasn't it your mother that had my father killed because he refused to sign over the share he had in this MH Bullshit? The same mother that isn't even yours! "-he yells out that last part and my body shivers.

"What?"-Hlelo whispers.

"Remember Chillies my best friend? The one you killed in front of my very eyes because naye he wanted to spill..."-He says. I look to Hlelo and his face is hard. He was fuming.

"You thought I'd forget that? You are a weak man Hlelo and I just wanted you to pay for your sins. When Charmaine came up with this whole revenge thing I had to be a part of it-..."-Owen.

"Shut up."-Hlelo said through gritted teeth.

"I knew that taking that thing you called Pea-what-what and this bitch away from you was going to make you weaker-..."

"Owen!"-Ruby warned but that only made him louder. 

"I wanted to make you feel pain just like I did...and taking your seat was just another added bonus! "-Owen blurted without a care in the world...


Hlelo's POV 

Lundi handed me a pair of surgical gloves and eventually a knife. My hands were twitching as this idiot continued to blab away. I remember killing chillies but for a valid reason. The very same reason why I want to kill Owen right now.

"You are nothing without all those men behind you. You are a coward Hlelo! A coward that hides behind knives fancy cars and houses. You are weak!"-he says and I make my way to him. 

The plan was to torture Owen and spare his life but he's angering me to the point where I'm rethinking that thought. I grabbed his chin tightly forcing him to look up at me. 

"What did you say I was?"-I asked him waiting for his response. 

"I said you're a fucking weakling."

I raise my knife...tracing around his Adams apple... "Oh?"...I rip his shirt open. 

He chuckled acidly before looking deep into my hate filled eyes. He smirked. 

"Kill me! Nothing would make me happier than that because then I'd die knowing I'm getting to that Pea thing of yours first and you know what...I'm gonna kill her all over again and again and ag-..."-I don't even allow him to finish that statement as I stab him on his abdomen twisting the knife twice before pulling it out and allowing the blood to drip all over the white floor. 

He's panting hard as he tastes the sweet pain that he was clearly feeling on his abdomen. He coughs out some blood. 

"Is...is that all...?"-he breaths out causing me to chuckle.

"Owen you killed my unborn baby girl and you think this is what I want to do to you? No...NO! Wami..."-I call out turning to look at her. She surprisingly didn't look as pained or scared than I thought she would. 

"Mwelase."-She replies.

"I want you to punish Charmaine while he watches before I finish him off."-I say. I know I would've loved my wife to finish off the show with whatever she had in mind but right now I wanted Owen to suffer dearly. Which is why I wanted him to watch how Charmaine and his unborn baby were being hurt and probably tortured.

"Can I have some gloves and a knife."-She orders and I smirk inside. Most people loved guns but something excited me with knives. Melo gives her the gloves first and I watch how she puts them on. He then gives her the knife which she inspects closely. 

"Lower her."-Khanyi ordered. Lundi and Nqoba rushed to Charmaine. The chains were lowered and she weakly gravitated to the ground on her knees her hands go on them. "Hold her face."-She orders coldly definitely not portraying the innocent Khanyi I know and married. Melo took ahold of Charmaine's head and forced her to look up at Khanyi. Charmaine was breathing heavily probably anticipating the worst. 

"Khanyi...pl...please this isn't you..."-Charmaine says causing Khanyi to let out a deep chuckle. 

"This isnt me vele you tried to kill the real me remember? Lundi Nqoba hold this thing in place."-she says and they instantaneously do as she requested. 

"Khanyi pl...please. I beg you. Don't hurt me. Don't hurt my baby. Pleeeaaassseeee...."-Charmaine pleads but her plead fall onto deaf ears. Khanyi gets closer to the helpless Charmaine the knife ready for use. She gripped it tightly in her hand and placed her hand on Charmaine's forehead and opened her eyelids with her fingers. 

Owen watched still in pain...

"Now you see me...now you don't."-Khanyi said and I saw how the edge of the sharp knife forcefully dissappeared in Charmaine's eyesocket. She yelled out trying to fight her way out of Lundi Melo and Nqoba's tight grips. Her left eye popped out after a lot of struggle blood everywhere.

It hung there...

"Oh my God!"-Ruby yelled where she stood looking away and whimpered. This was too much for her to take in I assume.

The idiot next to me cursed repeatedly as he listened to Charmaine's agonising cries.

She weakly hung her head low still reeling from the pain she was in.

"Melo head up."-Khanyi ordered him and he raised her again. The sight both sickening and pleasing. She again raised the knife to her other eye and again I watched it dig deep into the socket forcing the eye out after a minor struggle. Charmaine wasn't screaming as loud as the previous time only because Im sure she was trying to keep the pain in.

"Someone rip her tshirt."-Wami says. Lundi lets go of Charmaine's weak arm and rips open the tshirt exposing her pink bra. 

She turns to look at me for the longest while before dropping to her knees. She focuses back on Charmzozo and raises the knife she held firmly in her hand placing the sharp side on her chest. 

"It's Nurse Bitch."-she says clearly carving something on her chest.

She took both of her hands and again carves somethings on both her wrists. She then dropped the knife and stood up. "Anyone know where I can find a great full forest?"


"Yes T a forest."-Wami repeated. 

"Oh yes Mrs M there's one i-..."

"You'll drive me there. One of you take her to a car."-Wami demanded.


Don't tell she's driving this half dead human all the way to the middle of nowhere!

I repeat Damn!

Nqoba lifts her up bridal style and walked out with her. Khanyi came to me and kissed my lips tenderly before following Nqoba leaving me with the two captives Melo and Lundi.

"Was that really Khanyi? "-Lundi asked.

"Entlek I'm cold."-Melo.

Lundi snorts turning his head to look at Ruby who gazed at us.

"You scared?"-Lundi.

"She should be."-I say and she starts crying silently. "Now Owen...where were we?"-I asked on purpose watching him shiver all that ego and fearlessness he had earlier gone.

"Ekse What did Khanyi carve on that bitch ?"-I asked.

"Uhmm looked something like NBK."-I hear Melo.


I took a journey around this thing of a man who called me weak standing behind him. "I think it's only fair that I give you wings...don't you think?"

"No...please Hlelo let us go."-Owen says his voice shaky as ever.

"I'm not doing that."-After saying those words I raised the knife and with most of my might stabbed him at his back by the shoulder blade. He arched his back and hissed out in evident pain. The sharpness of the blade made it a bit easier to cut through his ribs with each rib that I cut through I got a yell from him.

When I removed the knife I admired the cut. Ruby on the other hand cried terribly. I knew she loved this nigga to bits and I'm sure this was enough to break her for eternity.

But in the mists of my high some words Owen said earlier come hitting me on the face. He mentioned Nonhle...my mother.

I slapped his head and went to stand in front of him once again. He was drooling his eyes red and I swear I could smell some shit. His shit.

"Yeyi don't die yet. Look at me."-I slap him back to reality a couple of times on the face. He looked up at me looking weak. "What did you say about Nonhle?"-I asked. 

He kept quiet. 

"Owen Khuluma! (Talk)"-I demanded. He was struggling for air.

"She...she's...not...your..."-he paused and coughed out some blood. 

"Speak bitch!"

"Hlelooooooo...."-Ruby sobbed. "He's dying..."

I chuckled. I know he's dying. 

"Ruby no one asked for your input."-Melo.


He looked at me taking in deep breaths. "Talk!"

"Your mother isn't your mother."-he forced out and coughed out again. Blood.

What the utter fuck does that mean?

I made my way back to his back to finish off what I started. I allowed the knife to mimic what I did on the opposite side. He was bleeding like crazy...

I stabbed his ass cheek and left the knife there. 

I watched as his lungs deflated via his back. They didn't even look healthy but they were nonetheless deflated. His whole weight pulled on the chains...

When I came to his face I saw his eyes half opened.

I felt no regret whatsoever for killing him.

Ruby sniffed her head bowed. 

My phone rang from inside my jean's pockets. "Lundi."-I signaled to him to come here. 

He did. 

He took out the phone and answered on my behalf. 

"Wami."-I answered. 

"Mwelase. Don't kill Ruby."

I heave out a sigh.


"Hlelo don't. She'll find Charmaine. Don't kill her. "-She said her voice sounding like a warning of some sort.

I'm guessing Charmaine is still breathing then.


"Okay...I won't."-I said and She immediately hung up. No bye babe. Damn.

I made my way to Ruby who had her eyes on me throughout the whole call I just answered to.

"Well...bro's wanna have fun with this one?"-I asked feeling their presence behind me.

Her eyes swam across all of us and I paid attention to her smudged makeup and messy hair.

"We'd love to."-Melo said and she whimpered...


Khanyi's POV

The whole road I had to bear the barely audible cries of Charmaine. She was laying flat on the backseat. No tears came out obviously from her. 

Nqoba drove in another car while I allowed Tsiietsi to drive us somewhere woody. 

Minutes later he drives off the main road onto a gravel road. I tried my best to ignore the bumpiness and the bitch backseat's cries.

"I think we're in the middle now."-T says coming to a halt next to the largest tree I've seen thus far. 

I nod and get out. Nqoba halts behind us as well switching off the engine instantly making it dark. But the full moon helped.


He doesn't even wait for me to tell him what to do. He takes her out of the backseat holding her bridal style once again. "Over there."-I say and I manage to see him nod.

When we get to where I pointed he puts her down. "Kha...Khanyi-..."-Her.

"Shhhhh..."-I yielded her placing a finger in front of her lips after crouching to be level with her rearranged face. "...You're draining yourself. Save your energy. Ruby dearest the same sister you betrayed will probably come and fetch you...that's if you're lucky. For now I'll see you later cause you won't..."


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