Chapter 9 ♡ ♡ ♡ I'll admit I've never felt like this with anyone before. Not with any of my 2 ex's or Themba or Thabo even Nathi. Never. But the funny thing is that even I can't explain what I'm feeling. This man Hlelokuhle has me going crazy even though I don't know him that well. Yes we kissed again yesterday night and things seemed to get heated...but I couldn't allow myself to go any further than that. Not when I don't know what our tomorrow is possibly going to pan out. I woke up extra early because I couldn't really sleep. My emotions are driving me everywhere. I'm happy confused in love and also scared at the same time. "I want you Khanyisile." The words keep on repeating in my head. Oh I want you too Hlelokuhle! --- I brushed my teeth and fixed my hair then headed downstairs to start making some breakfast. Eggs milk syrup lots of fruits and veg is what I find in the fridge as well as Meats of all sorts and sauces and spices which I'm sure Hlelo has never actually used himself before. Maybe I can make some pancakes...I'm sure he'd like them. I know I do. "Ah Khanyi what are you doing?"-a voice startles me. I turn and nearly say something stupid but when I notice it's Melo I keep quiet. He's here? And he's topless and his chest and arms are covered in tattoos. I guess they both workout. "Uhmm I'm making breakfast. "-me He nods and I go back to mixing the batter properly before pouring some in my hot pan. I take out another pan and make some scrambled eggs and another for sausages. "Did you feed my brother some love potion?"-Melo asks from behind me. "Huh...what do you mean?"-I ask "I've never seen him like this..."-he says "Like what?"-me I remove the pan from the stove to look at Melo. "Hlelo has never been so...so-"-Melo says "-so what?"-Hlelo says walking into the kitchen in shorts only. Is this topless thing a 'thing' in this house? "Oh nothing..."-Melo says. "Mhmmm."-Hlelo says sitting down on a kitchen stool. "Morning Khanyi "-Hlelo "Hey..."-I say looking at him. It's the first time I see he also has a tattoo. It's on his right arm. "Pancakes?"-I ask them both. "Yeah please."-Hlelo "Yeah!"-Melo I start dishing up the pancakes for them. I place the sausages in a bowl and the eggs in another bowl then also place it in front of them. The syrup tomato sauce and chilli sauce also go on the counter. I search for glasses and find them at a top shelf. I rince them and place them in front of them as well as the orange juice I found in the fridge. When I'm satisfied with everything I look at them and they're looking at me in awe. "What?"-me "Wow!"-Melo says clapping his hands. "Woman...wow"-Hlelo says nodding. "Keep her bro."-Melo says putting a piece of pancake in his mouth. "Definitely..."-Hlelo says looking at me smiling. ----------------- "Tshidi you don't understand..."-me "Don't understand what why didn't you tell me you're dating my boss Khanyi"-she asks very energetically for someone who is supposed to have a hangover. "How was I supposed to know he was your boss?"-I ask her. "Like seriously who doesn't know Hlelokuhle Mazibuko...South Africa's 2nd most successful businessman? Huh?" Wait what? "Tshidi...uhmm..."-I start but she cuts me off. Heck I only found out Hlelo is her boss the time I went to give her her lunch. "Wait...you didn't know all of this? Like how did you not know this Khanyi?"-she asks me again. How am I supposed to know everyone on this planet? Besides I've never really had an interest in the business environment... "You know what we'll talk some other time...I gotta go."-she says and hangs up. Just like that! Why is she even angry though? Hlelo is not Boitumelo. Or maybe she also has a crush on him?...but she would've mentioned it. Or maybe because it's her boss? I don't know. "Enjoying the view?"-Hlelo asks from behind me. I had left the lounge to go answer this phone call from Tshidi but somehow ended up being on this balcony. The view from up here is refreshing and something else. Even the garden below is breathtaking. "I guess you could say so."-I answer him still looking ahead. He comes to stand next to me and his delicious scent fills my nose immediately. There's an awkward silence after my response with me trying to avoid it by inspecting the garden some more. "I meant what I said yesterday Khanyi..."-he says. I know what he's talking about "...I want to make you mine

but somehow ended up being on this balcony. The view from up here is refreshing and something else. Even the garden below is breathtaking. "I guess you could say so."-I answer him still looking ahead. He comes to stand next to me and his delicious scent fills my nose immediately. There's an awkward silence after my response with me trying to avoid it by inspecting the garden some more. "I meant what I said yesterday Khanyi..."-he says. I know what he's talking about "...I want to make you mine and mine only." He turns to look at me. "Look at me."-he softly commands. I do. He takes both my hands into his and looks deep into my eyes. "So what do you say?"-he asks. Yes! Yes! Yessss! I'll be yours!! But I definitely have to say his romantic skills are dead wherever they are. I don't even know what I'm getting myself into and I hope I'm not making the biggest mistake of my life. But first... "Can I trust you?"-Me I have to know... "Always Khanyisile...you can."-he answers "Who was that girl you were with at the mall?" I have to know... "Mall...oh that was my ex Charmaine."-he answers "Are you sure she's an ex?" I have to know... "Yes I'm sure."-he says. Okay that was easy. "Give me a week to think about it."-I say unable to suppress the smile on my face. "A week?"-him. His facial expression makes me laugh. This guy! "You heard me Mr. Mazibuko." "Khanyi..."-he starts but I interrupt him. "Please." It takes a while for me to see that he's digesting the 1 week trial I've just given him. "Okay fine...I'll give you all the time you need."-he finally says and kisses me on my forehead. That's a first...but I'm not complaining. By 15:07pm we're out of his place along with Melokuhle who could've easily taken his own car but didnt for certain reasons unknown. We left because I mentioned that I have to be at work tomorrow. Not that I'd want to go there but hey I have to be there otherwise I might lose my job. It's scary how quickly I'm actually losing interest in my job. --- "Sooo...like are you guys like official dating?"-Melo asks popping his head between my seat and Hlelo's seat. "Remind me again how any of that is your business? "-Hlelo shoots at him as he overtakes a white Toyota Corolla. I feel like laughing but I manage to keep a straight face instead. "Because I'm your other half baby bro...I need to know if there's another girl in your life."-Melo says this looking my direction. "Yeah you're not that special now stop asking me stupid questions"-Hlelo says. "Why should I?"-Melo "Because your breath could melt our Windows."-Hlelo Lol...these two! Before we stopped at a McDonald's to grab some lunch we dropped Melokuhle off at some car dealership. Don't tell me he's buying a new car! I turn to look at Hlelo who shrugs. "I don't know anything..."-he says answering my unasked question. Our lunch was fine really with Hlelo flirting with me and making flirty jokes. He dropped me off at my apartment and left saying he had a meeting he had to attend to. I felt sad at that very moment but then he had to do what he had to do. I can't stop him from doing what he loves. ----------------- "And where did you disappear to Missy?"-Thats Tessa asking as I wait for my file at the reception. I roll my eyes at her. "And where did you dissappear to Missy?"-I shoot the question back. Her face beams up and she actually blushes. Oh no! "Well...if you must know I met a guy..."- she says. Wow. "Oh who is he?"-I ask curiously. I know it's definitely that guy who approached her and ended up disappearing with her. "His name is Danté and he's amazing!" Danté? "Oh wow thats something I've never heard before..."-me. It's true Tessa never ever speaks about her boyfriends and here she is blurting about some guy named Danté who she's only known for less than two days. But I'm not judging her... "I know..."-her smile still clear on her face as she hands me my file "...here you go Mrs Hlelo..." Huh why am I blushing at that? I walk away anyway not wasting another second and get on with checking my patients. Mrs. Hlelo... It's almost lunchtime and I'm busy checking up on my last patient. He's been here for atleast an hour since he came out of surgery and he looks awful. He had a stab wound on his chest which nearly hit his heart. He's lucky to actually still be alive. A woman who is dressed in a black shirt and skinny jeans walks in and she looks like a mess. Her face looks pale and you can see she's been crying. "Oh George...!"-She says as her tears start pouring. She's by his side in seconds and crying up a storm. I feel my heart break as she sobs next to the person I assume is her husband. "Is he going to be okay?"-she asks. I look at him then at her before giving her an answer. "Yes mam...he's going to be fine. He's in good hands."-me. I manage to see a sight of relief on her face. "I'll give you two some privacy."- I say heading out. That's it I'm going to eat now. My phone vibrates and I stop mid passage to answer it. "Hlelo..."-I answer unable to hide my lovestruck face. " 'Baby' would sound soooo much better."-he says. I find myself giggling at that. Whuu shem... "I hope you're hungry."-he says. "Oh I'm ravenous I didn't even have breakfast this morning."-me "Good...I want you to come to the parking lot."-he says and I sense he's smiling while he says this. "Why?"-me. Im confused by now but I've started walking towards the reception area to put my file there then go out to the parking lot. Why is it so loud? "Because I have a suprise for you..."-he says. By now the quarrel is getting louder as I get to the reception. What is going on here and why is everyone standing by the entrance? "Oh a suprise...?"-is what I manage to say before Tessa is by my side pulling the file away from me and pulls me towards the exit. What the heck!? "You have to see this!"-she says "See what?-actually what is going...on..."-I say but trail off with what I'm seeing Oh my gosh! I have never seen anything like this before especially here at our parking lot! Rose petals everywhere and a white table covered in a rose golden tablecloth. There's a red carpet as well. On the table was a silver bucket with a bottle of champagne -I think- in it. There was a waiter standing next to the table and he had chaffing dishes next to him that were on another table. I also notice the red and white balloons. Oh gosh! I spot him wearing a well fitted black suit and matching pants. He looks like a dish...a delicious flavourful dish. "Khanyi..."-he says "What's going on here?"-me. Who does such? Why would he do such? In front of a hospital? While everyone's watching? "Well...lunch is what's going on here."-he says. I'm still in shock when Tessa pushes me forward gently. Oh gosh! I'm walking towards him unsure of what to do next. He takes my hand unexpectedly and leads me to my seat. "You said you were ravenous?"-he asks sitting down as if none of these people are watching us. Cheez! "Uhmm I did but why all of this?"-me. "Why not?"-he says as if this is no big deal. I sigh feeling like he is not going to see what I see right now but most importantly because I'm hungry and the smell coming my direction blown by the calm wind is making my mouth water. And it's surprisingly not that cold today. Hlelo opens the bottle -it is champagne- and pours into my glass and puts it back into the bucket. In another bucket he pulls out a beer. I catch myself smiling at that remembering how he struggled with the wine at my place. That was only 3 days ago? The waiter comes closer and starts dishing up for us. All the while I've seen some people walk away -which is good- but some are still taking pics and some I assume took a video -which is bad. "Enjoy!"-the waiter says stepping away from the table. We eat while we talk and really this is probably the most extravagant thing anybody has done for me. I've never seen anything like it. In my head this feels so surreal. Why is this guy even interested in a girl like me? I'm not brave and I'm not that beautiful. I suck at giving advice and I'm not fancy. Why didn't he go for Tshidi? She's in his league and well I'm not. But...he's here with me! Not with her... But with me...


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