Chapter 8 ♡ ♡ ♡ Okay okay... I don't know what's going on with me but I definitely know that I've never felt like this before...this... happy. I know it was just a kiss but it felt like more was being delivered into that kiss. Maybe I'm just imaging all of this. Maybe I'm just signing up for yet another heartbreak. But what if... He left here with a goofy smile and I closed that door feeling like a million bucks. I just hope that kiss wasn't a mistake just like the one with Nathi. This will surely affect our rare encounters. I'm busy looking for an outfit for tomorrow evening's party. It's 17:45 now and I'm pretty hungry. I only ate breakfast. I then remember yesterday...I never bought those groceries home. But then I'll use whatever I can get. Or just order pizza Khanyi... --------------- We arrived here a few minutes ago -Tshidi's dad arrange a fancy ride for us- and I have to tell you I see a lot of people here already for something small. Tessa even said that more people were coming before she headed off to the kitchen to check up on something. She looked stunning tonight in her figure hugging knee high bloodred dress. Accompanied by red lipstick which made her blue eyes pop and her blond hair look pure. The theme here was 'Something red & Something white' and looks like everyone put in some effort hey. Tshidi is wearing a ripped (at the knees) white skinny jeans with a tucked in red long sleeve tshirt. She also opted for her killer red heels. She's beautiful and she's already getting herself drunk. "This party is going to be lit..."-Tshidi says downing her third glass of cocktails. "You better slow down with those cocktails otherwise we'll have a repeat of new year eve"-I say with my arms folded in front of my chest. She rolls her eyes as if remembering what happened. She got so drunk on that evening that she ended up setting her ex's car on fire. The ex called the cops and had her arrested She stayed there for 2 days before the man decided to actually drop the charges. By 20:04 the people have here doubled. Some were already drunk which I don't understand because the bride and groom were nowhere to be seen. And here I was thinking this was going to be a civilised party but nope. These white people know how to party! Eugene and his soon-to-be wifey finally arrived here looking stunning. Eugene is practically a male version of Tessa. Blue eyes blond hair almost pale skin. He was just taller and more masculine than her. They were two years apart with Tessa being the youngest one. The wife-to-be was a beautiful black haired woman with a banging body. Her eyes were big and beautiful. And from what I saw she looked very sweet. Eugene was wearing a black Adidas tracksuit with a matching jacket. The girl was wearing the same but hers was white. So much for that theme they made. They thanked us for coming and shared a kiss then they told us to enjoy ourselves. They then disappeared to God knows where. These two. The party continued anyway without the two main reasons we came here for. I miss him... He called me when he arrived at his place and also called when I woke up in the morning. Even when I got here he called telling me I should have a good time. But I miss him...I know we're not an item but just one more call. Tessa is busy flirting with some guy and so is Tshidi. 3 guys came to where we were sitting and they all seemed to have it figured out. Thabo -the one who decided to flirt with me- has been talking none stop about how good I look and blah blah blah. I'm just not interested. "So what do you do for a living baby girl?"-He asks. I breathe for a living dude and who told you to call me baby girl? I feel like rolling my eyes...but I dont. "I'm a nurse."-me "Ohh wow baby girl so you like taking care of people?"-him Duhh! "Yeah"-I say "How about you start taking care of me baby girl?"- he says and I feel this couch getting smaller. Oh seriously! "What do you say about that?"-he says after I don't answer his stupid question. I glans at Tshidi. She has her tongue down the dude's throat. Ewww! Tessa isn't even here anymore even the guy she was with. I didn't even see them leave. Arghhh great! My phone vibrates and I take it out. "I thought you didn't have a phone..."-Thabo says. This time I roll my eyes. I told him I didn't have a phone when he asked for my numbers earlier... "Well look at that...looks like I do have a phone"-I say sarcastically. It's a text...from Hlelo. **Love the white dress you have on...but I wish your boyfriend would stop touching you.** Huh? Boyfriend? How does he know I'm wearing a white dress? I start looking around. He's not here "What's wrong baby girl?"-Thabo asks placing his hand on my thigh. Ewwww! I remove his hand from my thigh. "Please stop touching me!"-I commanded. I was just getting annoyed really. *How do you know what I'm wearing?*-I ask via text. *Because I'm looking at you... .*-He texts back. Wait...he's here?? I search for him and there he stood in the flesh. By the door. He looks so yummy with that suit he has on. The shirt he's wearing has two buttons open at the top

in the flesh. By the door. He looks so yummy with that suit he has on. The shirt he's wearing has two buttons open at the top making his chest visible. His hands go into his pockets and his eyes are blazing. He starts walking closer and I feel some type of way. His eyes go straight to Thabo and I feel like this might end up very bad. Why am I nervous? We're not dating! "Khanyi..."Hlelo says the moment he reaches us. "Sho boy." -Thabo replies Who said he should talk? I look at Thabo giving him a look. I manage to see Tshidi and her 'man' are no longer kissing they're actually staring at Hlelo. I don't know why. I look back at him and yes he's still looking at me. "Who is he baby girl?"-Thato asks. This guy!! Hlelo chuckles and looks serious within a second. Oh gosh. "I'm her man now get lost."-Hlelo says looking Thabo firmly in the eye. I wish the ground could just open and swallow me right now. Thabo stands up and walks away. Just like that! Crap! "We're leaving."-Hlelo says. We are? "Huh?"-me "I said we're leaving."-he says "But... -"-me "-Khanyi!"he commands. I stand taking my bag and putting my phone inside it. I can still feel Tshidi's eyes on me as we leave the full and loud house. The moment we're outside the cold breeze hits me reminding me that's it's still winter. Hlelo covers me with his suit...his scent. It's been about 10 minutes since we left that party and he hasn't said anything to me. Mxm! We're sitting at the back of his Audi Suv. There's a driver driving us to wherever... I look at him and he's looking back at me. I frown. This guy! "Hlelo...why did you do that?"-I ask "Do what?"-him Oh he's going to act stupid now? "Why did you...why did you show up at Tessa's actually how did you even know where I was?-me "I have my ways."-him "Your ways?...are you stalking me?"-I ask "No..." oh good! "...I have people that do that for me." "Huh?"-me. This man is going to drive me crazy! -------------- We arrive at his place after a whole 30 minute drive. I don't even understand how I allowed myself to come here. I'm just confused. The driver opens my door and helps me out while Hlelo also gets out. "Thanks...uhmm...?"-me "Its Rob mam"-He says smiling briefly. I nod. Hlelo opens the front door allowing me to step in first. I'm still angry...I think. The house is still the same. I immediately sit down on the couch and he does the same sitting next to me. "Khanyi...I'm sorry"-he says I nod. It's okay really...I don't even think I was even that angry. "It's just that I...I..."-he says but doesn't finish off. Infact he stands up. "Arghhh!! Why can't I say it!"-he says heading to a wall. Huh? Why can't he say what exactly? His hands are on the wall in fists. What's going on here? I stand up heading to him...I also don't know why. He's been standing there facing the wall for a while now. "What's wrong Hlelo?"-I risk asking. He turns to look at me frustration written all over his face. Suddenly he grabs me and swings me around and my back hits the wall but not painfully. He hovers over me as I look up to him his hands on both sides of my head. My heart is pounding. Why am I suddenly nervous? "You."-he says. "Huh?"-I say rather very confused. "You Khanyisile you are what's wrong."-he says. Okay now I'm confused. How am I the problem here? I don't get it. "What...?" "Khanyisile I can't think straight whenever I see you you make me do things I've never done woman!"-he says. He's not shouting but he's not saying this in a low voice either. If only he knew how he made me feel ever since he bumped into me and broke my phone's screen. For heaven sakes I cried for this man for 2 weeks! "I want you Khanyisile..."-He says in a low tone coming closer and closer to my lips... "...and only you."-him


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