Chapter 6 ♡ ♡ ♡ He moves closer to me and helps me up. He doesn't say anything for a while and neither do I. "Are you okay?"-he finally asks me. I just nod. I'm numb inside. I've never been held at gunpoint here in Pretoria. I look over to my attacker. The urge to remove his mask and find out who he is is there but I'm too scared to even go near him. What if he wakes up? And the nurse side of me wants to go check if he's alright and breathing but the Khanyi side refuses to do such. I nearly died because of him. "Let's get you out of here."-he says and holds my hand pulling me away from this scene. I keep on glacing back at the guy on the floor and my trolley. We're leaving it? "Are we leaving him here with the gun?"- I ask whispering. "Don't worry about it "-He answers. Eh. Okay. We walk to my car with me still looking back at the man on the floor. He's still not moving. I was about to step into my driver's seat when he spoke . "Where are your keys Khanyi?"-him I frown and show him my keys which he snatches away from me. "I'm driving you home." Huh why? "Im not allowing you to drive while in this state."-he says as if he read my mind. What state am I in exactly? Okay then. I head to the passanger side and open the door climbing in and letting the seat hug me. Gosh! This is not how I imagined my evening to pan out. I feel so violated! I thank God that I actually wore jeans tonight otherwise we'd be probably be singing a different tune right now. And I thank him for sending this man who is next to me driving my car. He practically saved my life I clear my throat looking straight ahead at the road. "Thank you Hlelo thank you so much..."-I feel my tears forming again. "...I don't know what I'd be if you hadn't arrived to save me"-My head starts to imagine that man touching me and eventually raping me. I would've lost my virginity to a rapist. "I'm glad I arrived there just on time...I really am."-he says and I feel him looking at me before his eyes went back to the road. Hlelo drove past my street ages ago. I didn't even bother telling him because he was talking on the phone with someone when we passed it. He drives up to a street I've never been to before. The houses here look bloody expensive and they all have those high gates that are super far from the actual houses. I think we're somewhere in Centurion. I'm not sure. He drives in front of a gate and it opens within seconds. Okay. He drives in slowly and I get to take in the amazing sight. It's a masterpiece. The house is 10 times bigger than my tiny apartment. A two storey house. Wow. He parks almost a distance in front of the front door. Then suddenly some lights go on making this house look even more beautiful. I'm still wondering why I'm so comfortable around this guy who I've only met 3 times. This being the 4th. He stops the engine and gets out almost immediately. I watch him as he goes all the way around the front of my car and when he reaches my side he opens my door. "Come."-he says holding out a hand for me. I take it and climb out. He closes my door and locks it with a press. It's so cold out We walk towards the double wooden door and he pushes one wide open. Oh my... This place looks like a marvel. So spacious and so expensive looking. " Uhmm please sit down...you know what make yourself at home. I'll be right back."-he says right after he closed the door and showed me the open plan living area. I just nod and watch him as he rushes upstairs. I go and sit on one of the couches. Thinking back on all the events that took place today I wouldn't even imagine I would end up his house. I had to deal with a racist patient received a kiss from someone I never pictured in 'that way' and then I was held at gunpoint by a man with sewage breath who violated me. Now I'm at Hlelokuhle's place a place that I never would have imagined to end up at today. He comes back dressed in something comfortable. A plain white tshirt and grey sweatpants. He's only been gone for a few minutes... He's carrying a first aid kit...why? Oh. Right. The kit is loaded with bandages elastoplasts and sanitisers. I spot some latex gloves as well and a few sealed injections. Not bad. "May I?"-he asks holding a cotton sponge with Dettol sanitiser. I nod moving a bit closer. As a nurse I would've done this myself but deep down I actually want him to do it. He leans forward aswell and lightly presses on my wound. It stings! "Sorry-"him "-It's okay..."-I assure him. He nods and brings his hand close again. This time it's less stingy . "Done!"-he utters after covering my wound with a small plaster. I smile for the first time since I got here a genuine smile. "Thank you"-me. For the first time since all that shenanigans he also smiles. And it looks genuine aswell. "You hungry?"-he asks. Am I? I end up replying with a no. He gives me a 'like really' facial expression "I shouldn't have asked!"-he says standing up and placing the kit on the coffee table in front of us. He dissapears to somewhere I assume the kitchen because soon enough I hear a microwave going on. This guy! And how big is this house? The mouthwatering smell my nose is exposed to makes my stomach rumble. Maybe I am hungry... He's back holding two plates with steam coming from the top. I have to admit even he looks yummy. He sits down at the same position as earlier and hands me the plate. It's warm... It's lasagne "Eat Khanyi."-he commands. Ngathi this guy can't say please nje. I frown and pick up the fork on the plate and take a small piece of the lasagne. Mhmmm... This is actually delicious and I actually go in for the second mouthful. "This is good..."-I confess. "You thought I couldn't cook mam'?"-he asks putting his hand on his chest in a dramatic way. I can't help but giggle nodding."Yep"-I say taking another mouthful. "I'm offended miss Khuzwayo"-he adds on. And I laugh. "How could you have possibly finished all this..." I point to my food "...in 10 minutes?" "Okay fine... you got me Ma Nkosi made it before she left..."-he explains and I laugh. "Who's Ma'Nkosi?"-I ask "She's my helper." This guy. "I knew it was too good to be true!"-me We continued eating with him making me laugh even more with his stupid self. My worries were starting to fade away bit by bit. When we're both done he takes my plate and goes to the kitchen with it. He comes back. "You're sleeping here today."-He says. It doesn't even sound like he's asking for my permission. "What no Hlelo why?"-me "You can't seriously expect me to allow you to get out of my sight especially not after what happened."- Him "I'm fine though Hlel-"-me. "But you're still not going anywhere I know you're alright."-he says after cutting sentence. Why does he care? I'm nothing to him. Absolutely nothing... "Come."-he commands and I follow him upstairs... -------------- "Miss Khuzwayo..."a voice calls out followed by a gentle knock on the door. I open my eyes a little and I'm met by an unfamiliar room. I have a mini panic attack before remebering the events that took place yesterday. There's another knock again "mam'?"-the voice says. "I'm coming."-I say getting out of bed. The pajamas I was given yesterday happened to be a tad bigger then they looked and masculine...They're his and they smell like him too... I open the door to be met by a beautiful middle aged woman wearing what looks like uniform. Her hair was permed and she really looked like a woman who takes care of herself. She smiles at me. "My appologies for waking you up miss but Mr Mazibuko said I should bring you these..."-she says handing me neatly folded clothes a pack of elastoplasts. Even underwear. And a box witten 'Chuck Taylors All stars'."...I also came to tell you that breakfast will be ready in a few." Her smile is still there as she says this. "Uhmm thank you mama"-I say taking the clothes. "Call me ma'Nkosi and all the other things you'll find in the bathroom okay? Just shout when you need anything"- her "Okay Thank you again Ma'Nkosi."-me She nods and turns to leave. I close the door and stare back at the messy bed I was sleeping in. Gosh! After making the bed I head off to take a quick well deserved shower. The shower gel smells like vanilla and calms my nerves. Divine... I'm for once thankfull I'm not at work right now and even more thankfull that I'm not sitting at the police station testifying or even laying somewhere out there lifeless. The clothes fit me bloody well...even the underwear! It's a pair of Skinny jeans and a white long sleeved Adidas tshirt and a brand new pair of all white All Stars... Even the shoes fit?! I head out and head downstairs. I stop at the bottom feeling very lost in this huge house. Ma'Nkosi peeps out from the kitchen "Over here my child."-she says. Right... "Sit over there"- she points at one of the high kitchen bar stools. I nod and sit. There's some music playing making my sit here not-so-awkward. It's not loud...just perfect. Ma'Nkosi places a plate in front of me a glass fork knife and spoon. All squeaky clean. "omelette? "-she asks. "Yes please ma..."-me She places one on my plate. Followed by two small sausages baked beans and thick cheese slices. I count four of them and they look like cheddar. This looks scrumptious! "Thank you."-I say and she just nods When I finished eating I offered to wash my own plate to which she refused to. She said it was her job to do that and that it was no bother at all. I just continued to sit down on the stool. Entlek Where's my phone. "Ma'Nkosi?"-I begin. "Yes?"-she says turning to look at me. "Have you perhaps seen my car keys?"-me. "Oh they're in the lounge my dear."-she says. I nod."thanks ma." And head out of the kitchen. The keys are on the coffee table and my bag is on the couch. I thought I left it in the car but I guess Hlelo bought it here. Where is Hlelo vele? The front door opens Oh here he is. Wait that's not him is it? He's standing by the door also looking back at me. I'm sure he's just as shocked as I am judging by the way he's looking at me. What the heck is going on here?


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