Chapter 5 ♡ ♡ ♡ It's Thursday today and I have a lunch date with Thembinkosi...I wasn't looking forward to it though but giving him a chance wouldn't be such a bad thing. Right? Besides he's a good looking guy with light skin thick beard bushy eyebrows neat haircut beautiful eyes and he seems like a genuine person. So why not? The patient I have to check up on is a 54 year old male named George. He was admitted yesterday for kidney failure and is now recovering from surgery. "Mr Collins."I say as I enter. He looks at me and says nothing. Nothing at all. "How are you feeling today?"-I ask. Still Nothing. Okay I see he's one of those difficult patients. "Are you feeling any severe pain? A headache maybe?" Still nothing. Cheez! Seriously?! I sigh looking at the heart monitor. His heartbeat looks normal. I nod and write it down in my file. His drip is still full and still in place. It was when I was reaching for his hand that he slapped it. What the heck?! "Don't you dare touch me!"-he commands. Huh? "But Mr Coll-" "I said don't touch me you black thing!"-he says with a face full of disgust. Oh now I see. "Mr Collins I have to check if you're fine or not it's my job."-I state. He chuckles. "You shouldn't even have a job you people don't deserve to be working especially in places like these"-He firmly states. "Oh?"- My eyebrows are raised now in amusement. This is news to me. I thought we passed this era in life but clearly some people didn't get the memo. "Yes you should be working in my kitchen or even in my garden heck you should even be out there selling your body to rich men like me and not be working here!" he says. Wow. I don't know what to say anymore. I just turn to walk away letting him win. I can't deal with such crap honestly. "Leave the door open it smells like black people in here!"-the racist fucker says. I chuckle and shut the door on purpose. I've had to deal with difficult patients before but none like this. In fact this kinda hurt my feelings even more than the other rude patients. I have taken care of white patients before and I've never had them go all racist on me and I never recall being racist to them either. I should be selling my body he says. Nxa! "Tessa can you get someone else to check up on Mr Collins for me please?"-I ask placing his file on the counter. "Didn't you check up on him?"-she asks taking the file. "He didn't exactly like my presence"-me "Okay then." She says while typing in something on her computer. --- "This is yours..."- Thembinkosi says handing me a steers paper bag. "Thank you" I honestly have to stop eating take aways or I'll get fatter then I already am. Oh and we're eating in his car which is okay with me really. "Sooo...Can I get to know Khanyisile Khuzwayo a bit better?"-he asks a smile dancing on his lips. "What do you want to know?"-me "Everything."-he says emphasising the whole word. "Haaa..."-I protest while laughing "Come on Khanyi...okay maybe I should start with myself then." He says putting the burger back in its container rubbing his palms together. "I'm Thembinkosi Nathi Dlomo and I hail all the way from Emlazi. I'm a 31 year old who loves fixing broken hearts. I have an adorable 4 year old daughter named Buhle and yes I'm single. My mother and two sisters still live where I was born and I think I have a crush on a certain lady named Khanyisile..."- he says... Okay. He has a daughter? Where's the baby mama? He has a crush on me? Wow. I clear my throat before speaking "Okay...I'm Khanyisile Khuzwayo as you know...uhmm I'm from Estcort and well I'm old enough..." I joke. "...I'm a nurse no kids and my whole family is back home." "Oh interesting...any siblings?-him "Yep two sisters and a brother."I say finishing my fries. He nods. "I really meant what I said Khanyi" Thembinkosi says out of the blue. I frown. "I think I do like you...a lot." He says the last part in a whisper. His eyes are burning into mine. They look like they're calling me. He leans forward slowly until he's close. Too close. I swallow hard as his warm breath caresses my nose. What is going on here? Before I know it his lips are on mine and he's kissing me. I'm too shocked to respond... My brain finally allows me to break the kiss. Shit! What just happened here? I turn to face towards the window. What just happened? "I'm sorry..."-he says "It's okay"-I reply too quickly. We keep quiet with me feeling really embarrassed for allowing that to happen. Even my appetite was gone. I just wanted to get out of the car as soon as possible. I'm just hoping for a miracle to release us from this awkwardness right now. His pager goes off and I feel relieved! "I..I have to go"- he says and I nod saying a dry "yeah". I pack my lunch back into the paper bag and we both step out of the car. The fresh cold breeze shocks me but I don't shiver. We head back to the entrance of the hospital but he grabs my arm before I enter. My stop makes me realise how fast I was actually walking. Cheez! "Khanyi I...never mind"-he says letting go of my arm and heads inside. As soon as he's inside he runs off to the OR. --- Finishing my last few check ups had me really occupied for a moment there I had forgotten about Nathi. Now it was my time to go home. I had even worked two hours extra and my body felt the aftereffects. Tessa had long gone. I haven't seen Nathi since the kiss happened earlier today most probably because he might still be in the OR. --- While driving I remembered that I needed a few items back at my place. I headed to the ever-so-popular Menlyn mall. After parking I only took my purse and phone with me and left my handbag in the car. I tried to buy all the things I needed and nothing more and luckily succeeded. Milk Bread potato chips chocolate slabs meat meat and more meat and a few other things like pasta and spices. After paying I pushed the trolley out of Checkers and began my journey back to my car. The parking lot wasn't dark but it wasn't bright either. It looked like No one was in here but there were still a lot of cars parked. I stop as I allow a car to pass me and continued walking. I stopped again not because of a car but because I heard something. I look around but see nothing. Stop being paranoid Khanyi...it's this trolley that's making noise Yeah I'm sure it is. I continue walking faster this time around. Cheez! Why did I park so damn farI usually prefer parking nearby the entrance. I don't know what happened today. I turn on the next aisle and see my car feeling and feel a little relieved now. All of a sudden there something covering my mouth. It's a cold hand. Something is roughly pointed to the side of my forehead It feels like a gun. It is a gun! My breathing halts as I let go of the trolley raising my hands up in the air. I'm panicking. "Heeeyyy pretty lady...what a fine ass night isn't it?"-the person asks and I could clearly make out his heartbeat was beating fast by his breathing. I just feel my tears threatening to exit and they would just roll if I were to blink. So this is how my life is going to end? In a mall parking lot? I'm going to die and leave my parents and my siblings? I'm going to die without ever seeing Nomonde again? I'm going to die in the hands of crime! And I'm going to die unmarried and no kids? Oh God! Im not ready. "You make noise or say a word I kill you!"-he says and an unpleasant smell comes from his breath. I'm nodding fast. Someone help me!! He removes his big hand from my mouth and the tears start falling. "What do yo-" My mouth illegally says but I barely finish the sentence when I feel him press the gun harder on the side of my head. "I meant it Lady I will kill you!..." he hisses and places his hand on my boob squeezing it "...now..." he whispers in my ear "I haven't had a good pussy in a while now and you my lady...mhmm you're so damn tempting!" He roars softly. Just shoot me already! He chuckles and begins moving his hand all the way past my waist and halts at my hip squeezing it through the jean I'm wearing. This is slowly bringing unwanted memories back. It's reminding me of what Themba did back home. I though I put all that past me but now it's back. Why do I feel like all these men just want to violate me? Why? Why is nobody coming by here? "You're going to be fucking amazing I can already tell..."-he says "Please take my money! Even my car but please don't hurt me...!!" I plead my voice breaking as I speak. I shouldn't have done that because he hits me hard with the gun on my head and I land on the cold hard floor. I wish I could fight him but I can't argue with a gun. My head is pounding and spinning making my vision blurry. "Lady I told you not to say shit didn't I!"-he semi yells. My vision recovers a bit. I try sitting up and...I don't know do what but it looks he's charging at me with the gun pointed at me. He's wearing all black and a mask. This is it I guess. I close my eyes and somehow end up saying a prayer pleading to God that he'll take my soul. "Hey!" A voice yells. My eyes open immediately and the man who pointed the gun at me is pushed and falls to the ground. There's a gunshot and I panic. I see the suited man kick my attacker's hand and the gun slides away. I'm relieved. He's now on the ground with my attacker and he's throwing punches at him. No remorse is showed throughout all of this. It's the last few punches that he throws that I see my attacker stop moving and just lie there motionless. I'm stunned. I haven't moved since this fight started. The man in the suit stands up and turns to look at me. My jaw drops as he fixes his suit and tie It's him... But how...?


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