Chapter 3 ♡ ♡ ♡ Well let me just say I missed my lunch break today and it's not a first. But to me it was definitely worth it. Saving a life and being a part of it makes me feel -I don't really know how to put it in words- but it definitely satisfies me. Initially I thought being a nurse just involved checking up on patients and taking care of them but now I see it stretches further than that. Working overtime being a chef a pharmacist a social worker and a Cosmetologist is a few of the things I had to do or become while still being a nurse. I'm now in a ward checking up on a patient who has been here for nearly a month. She's been diagnosed with HIV and didn't know it until her health deteriorated tremendously. Today she looks better than before I left hell she's even smiling. "Well look who's smiling today?"-I say returning the smile and closing the door behind me. "Well nurse I'm just happy at the fact that I'm recovering in your hands"-She says sitting up. I've been Mrs October's nurse since day one and I've watched her cry being bitter and depressed to her evolving into this woman who she seemingly was. "I'm also happy to see you recover Mrs October...I'm sure you'd like to go home soon and be with your loved ones."-i say She sighs "I do miss my kids very much but I doubt I'd ever want to see Richard again." Richard is her husband. And looks like he's the one who infected her. I nod. I don't know what she's going through but I can definitely tell you it's a difficult situation. I just nod and do my check up and also give her her medication. "Well looks like everything is alright..."-me "Does that mean I'm getting discharged soon?"her face beems up. "Yep infact I can have you discharged today." "Yeah?"-her "Definitely.. I'll just get your discharge forms and medication then we're good to go." "Thank you Khanyi"-her I nod and go to open the windows and curtains for some fresh air. Ah.. "I'll be back Mrs October."-I say heading out. --- I'm at reception having my 'post' lunch with Tessa. Our convo is mainly about the engagement party she invited me to. You know the one I read at the mall. Yes that. "So you're coming right?"-she asks grinning like a four year old who just got promised ice cream! "I'll think about it..." -I say jokingly. "Come on Khayi I'm begging you !" I look at her and can't help but laugh at how cute she looks when she making that puppy face of hers. "Okay okay I'll be there" -I say after having my 'laugh fest. "Oh Thank you! Oh and bring Tshidi with you." She says taking a sip of her orange juice. They've only met 4 times but in those 4 encounters they got on like a house on fire. I nod. "Uhmm Good afternoon. " says a man who walks to stand by my side. He's wearing uniform. "Afternoon how may I be of assistance?" -Says Tessa "Oh I'm looking for a Ms. Khu...Khuz...Khuzwayo."-he says Did he just stutter on my surname? "That's me..."-I say He turns his attention to me and hands me a bouquet of flowers. It's red and white roses. My favourite. "Please sign here mam"-he says handing me a clipboard. I sign. "Well thank you enjoy your day further ladies..."-he says and he's out the door within a second. "Khanyi!"-Tessa says. I look at her. Trust me I'm confused as to who would send me flowers. "Who are they from?"-Tessa asks. I shrug. "I don't know..."-me "Read the card idiot!"-she prompts. I roll my eyes before reaching for the card in the centre of the bouquet. *To the lady who's phone I ruined...I hope we can meet tomorrow so I can right my wrongs. Yours Handsomely H.M* What did I just read? Yours handsomely? Lol! "Who's H.M now? And he ruined your phone?" -Tessa. I look back to her after placing the note in my Scrubs' pocket. "Long story but..." I take me phone out of my other pocket and show it her. She gasps. "...my phone ended on the floor when I bumped into this drea...anyway I wasn't looking and according to him he also wasn't looking." Okay that's enough. "Wow...and the H.M part?" "I think the H is for Hlelokuhle...I don't know what the M is for."-me. Yours handsomely... ---------------- Those flowers ended up being my counter's centre piece. They're beautiful. Tshidi's dad organised a driver to fetch her from work which means I'm spending my night alone. --------- "How are you feeling today Mr Kunene?" I ask him as he lies on the bed facing up. He hasn't spoken since I walked in here. His leg is bandaged but there's still no movement. It's too early to see results anyway. "Are they okay?-he asks with a hoarse voice. Water? "Who ?"-I'm lost He turns to look at me his eyes sparkling with unshed tears. "My...my friends where are they?"-he says. His voice sounding better. "Friends?"-me "Yes...David and Kabelo...I mean Mr David Dludlu and Kabelo Radebe they're my friends and they were in that taxi trip with me before...before..."-he says. The tears have already started falling out involuntarily. Gosh... My job is never an easy one. Weither it's actually checking up on a patient or being asked to be at the OR I've definitely concluded that this job it not for the faint hearted. I remember this one patient I had to take care of. She was involved in a car accident. She had to be at ICU and I had to take care of her...well I did it out of free will. 5 days later she had heart failure and died. I felt useless. Heck I felt like I betrayed her family and even confirming her time of death was surreal to me. I believed she would heal. I believed she would wake up so that I can see her heal. I believed I would take care of her for her to one day be reunited with her family

but that didn't happen... Now this man laying in this bed is asking me if his friends are okay...and it's just not easy. "Sir I'm not the right person to give you that information."-I say in hopes that he'll leave me to finish what I came here to do "Please I beg you...tell me if they're okay or not"-he pleads. Oh gosh I'm going to cry aswell aren't I? "Sir..." "It was my fault that they were in that taxi in the first place...all mine. It was David's birthday and as a friend I planned a surprise party for him...I forced him and he continously refuse but somehow we ended up going along with Kabelo. And now they could possibly be dead because of me..." -he adds. This is stretching deeper than I thought. I sigh. I have to lie...I have to lie because I don't think his heart can stomach these bone-chilling facts. "Sir...I don't know but I can try finding out if they're okay and in this hospital "-I say. Geez...Ground swallow me up! I splash my face with some cold water from the ladies bathroom at hospital. It's been 10 minutes since I left Mr Kunene's ward and it's been another 10 in this bathroom. I'm consoling myself since I didn't want to cry. Knowing that the dude David died exactly after arriving here and that Kabelo is in ICU because he suffered a major head injury and a glass 'stab' wound to the abdominal area had me feeling sad for Mr Kunene. I don't even feel brave enough to check up on him ever again. My phone vibrates in my pocket. It's a message from an unsaved number. *Hope we can still meet today after your shift ends at around 18h30...At Mugg n Bean and maybe grab some lunch while at it... Yours handsomely H.M* Lol! Lunch at 18h00?? My phone vibrates again another message from him. *lol! I meant dinner! Yours still handsomely H.M* This guy! Its 16h00 now meaning I still have a whole hour to get through here. That hour feels like days. I don't know why but I'm excited. I arrived home about 30 minutes ago. Took a shower and got dressed in a dark blue denim white tshirt underneath and an olive Jacket. I decided to wear those all white chuck taylor's just to keep it simple. I tie my hair in a messy bun and no make up. I think I'm ready to go. I grab my handbag keys and phone and I'm out. At the mall I find my way pretty easily since I was once there before. I'm standing by the entrance and I see him before he sees me. He smiles and stands up. He's walking! To my direction! And hell today he looks even more scrumptious! A crips clean shirt and an expensive looking suit...mhmmm... Snap out of it Khayisile! "You came...Come."-he says when he reaches where I'm standing. Straight to business I see. Okay. "Would you like to order for us?"-he asks holding the menu. I've only been sitting down for 1 minute and forty five seconds but I'm still nervous. I don't know why because he looks as cool as a cucumber. "Uhmm..."- I look at the menu Order what you know! Okay. "How about the Smokey Chipotle Cheddar burger with fries?"-I ask. "Mhmm...okay sounds yummy."- He says and places the menu on his side and signals for a waiter. "Good evening...and uhmm welcome how can I be of your service?"- The female waiter asks. I can see that she's drooling from where she's standing. I roll my eyes. Why is this bothering me though? He's not mine He's not mine He's not mine! "Oh we'll have the Smokey Chipotle Cheddar burger with fries and some coke and a chocolate chip muffin each"-he says this like he's not noticing the drool-fool next to him. I don't even think she noticed my presence. Anyway she leaves us alone after asking a lot of unnecessary questions. He looks at me. I frown. "What?"-me "Nothing...oh before I forget your phone."-him Oh right. The real reason we're here. But where are we going to get this screen fixed? at this time? I reach inside my handbag for it... "It was some...where...here!" I say pulling it out and turn my attention back to him. He's holding a box. A phone box. A frikken brand new Samsung S4! What's going on here? "It's yours."-he says. He must be looking at my shocked face. "Wha...what?" "It's yours" he repeats. He's holding the phone in front of me. Do I take it? Do I leave it? "Take it please"-him I guess I'm taking it then. This is unbelievable but I'm thankful for it. It's even gold in colour. "Thank you uhmm...Hlelo I don't know what to say really but thank you."-me "Don't worry...I just want to right my wrongs."-him. He smiles. I smile too I dont know why. "Here you go...!"-the waitress beems placing the plates in front of us. "Enjoy!" Oh this looks delicious! The whole night is well uhmm it's boring but it's better than it being awkward. There are a few questions here and there but none of them are inspiring. This is where I truly believe we aren't ever -and I can't believe I'm thinking of this- going to date. Besides those were clearly not his intentions and it looked like he was in a relationship. It's when I take my final sip of coke when I realise I'm never going to see this man again. This is it... Oh God why ? --- That same night I dreamt of his eyes looking into mine Roses and him kissing my lips and officially making love to me. That has never ever happened to me before even with my exes. I woke up hot that night...and wet and just thinking of him.


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