Chapter 2 ♡ ♡ ♡ It's Sunday morning and today I'm going back to Pretoria. I won't lie and say I'm not happy about that infact I'm relieved. I look to my side and he's still sleeping peacefully. He really is one of the most beautiful boys I've ever seen besides the fact that he's only 8 years old. He took dads' fighting spirit and his looks but took mom's eyes and light skintone. I guess it's just Ntombi who went the darker route. He shifts. Atleast he's clean and I made sure he was before he slept here. His eyes open before his hands rub them. Such a cute sight. "Sis'Khanyi" he says. I'm just smiling at him. He sits up and looks at me in a confused expression. "What?"-him "Oh nothing...you're just cute"-me. "Ewwww daddy said no one should ever say I'm cute."-he says I roll my eyes. This boy. "Is that so?" "Yes he did...he said you should say I'm handsome because I am a boy not a girl"-him I'm laughing at the way he said that...it didn't fit his looks at all. I hope this grade 2 doesn't grow up to be a player in future. We get off the bed and he helps me make the bed while we chat about what is currently happening at his school. Apparently people have been teasing him because he's different and I find that really really stupid. By 12 o'clock I'm ready to go. My aunt Sphelele and Busisiwe are here along with all of my uncles the kids and my parent including Ntombi. We got to bond after we ate breakfast but she was a bit distant. She was just cold nje and I didn't understand why. But it could be my imagination or maybe it's because we never really were close as kids. Anyway they're all standing here wishing me a safe travel back to Pretoria. "Uhambe kahle ke mntwanam (Travel safely my child)"-mom. I can see her eyes sparkling and I can tell she wants to cry. I hug her "I'll be back to visit properly next time mama." "Indeed Khanyi do come and visit our boring village tuu"-aunt Sphelele says hugging me tight. "Yaaaa hau don't be a stranger"-aunt Busisiwe adds. I hug her too "Next time bring a whole crate of alcohol for your uncle Khanyi..."-Uncle Skroef. We all laugh except for some of the kids. I shake his hand. He doesn't do hugs. "Hayi she should bring you a wife instead!"-Uncle Jack. We laugh even harder. Ouch! I shake uncle jack's hand "Definitely!" yells his brother my uncle Muzi. I shake his hand too. It quiets down. "Keep doing good uyezwa (you hear) and travel safely." He adds. My dad hands me an envelope "This was supposed to be given to you last year on your birthday but I guess it wouldn't hurt for you to get it now" he smile as I take the envelope. I open it. Yohhh!! It's money and I don't know how much but it looks like a lot. I'm speechless. "I'm so proud of everything you've achieved and I hope you continue making it possible for your sister Ntombi to also become like you..." I look at her and she looks away. Still cold I see. I sigh and hug the life out of my father. Moments like these were rare. "Ngiyabonga baba! (Thank you dad!)"-me. The kids also receive hugs and kisses from me. With each of them requesting either candy or dolls and clothes which I promise to bring next time I come here. I stand in front of Ntombi and just look at her for what feels like an hour. I encircling my arms around her and hug her even though she's not returning it "I love you"-I whisper before I let go of her and smiling slightly to her. Still nothing from her. "Okay bye for real now"-I say getting into my already running car. Some are smiling. Some are teary. Some are expressionless. I hate this part but hey it's time I go back to my reality. My life and my space. I drive out the gate and they're still waving at me. I'm pressing the hooter as I drive out with each movement I'm slowly getting closer and closer to my sanctuary. I've stopped three times before I arrived here. One was to pee the other two was to fill up my car and to grab a snack and a drink. I'm glad I'm back here again. I press the gate button and drive in then park . I make sure gate is closed before I step into my apartment and throwing myself on my couch. My handbag lands on my coffee table along with my car keys. Driving for more than 6 hours was not easy shem. I'm woken up by the sound of my phone ringing. When did I fall asleep? I answer the phone anyway without checking the caller ID. "Hello?"-I still sound so sleepy. I clear my throat. "Hau Khanyisile Khuzwayo why are we still waiting for your call?"-It's mom. I forgot to call them all when I arrived -I look at my watch- three hours ago. It's 21:34 right now. "Yoh mama askies...I was just so tired when I got here that I fell asleep on the couch."-that was my truth and it seems to be okay with her. "Oh okay I understand my daughter you'll have a nice evening then we'll talk when you're free" "Okay mama I love you!"-me "I love you too" she hangs up as soon as she's done saying that. I head to my room and undress and head to the bathroom in my room. It has a shower a bathtub and a toilet. A handbasin and a mirror. The whole apartment has those light brown tiles that match the wooden cupboards and counter except for my room and bathroom they're the only two rooms with crisp white floors and I it like that. My bed is too huge for me alone but hey I enjoy the freedom. The room also has those wardrobes that start at one far end and they continue until they reach the second wall. I think there are eight sections in total. The rest of the apartment is not over the top. I've got three couches they're caramel in colour. The coffee table is see through glass. The tv stand is carrying my affordable tv. The house has one extra bedroom which I've never used but there's furniture in there. This place also has a garden which the workers here tend weekly. It's a perfect place to rent in other words. I step out of the shower and dry my body. My arm still has a light red-ish mark. It's not painful but it's there. That asshole. I didn't see him after that encounter we had which was good because I would've done something indescribable to him. I also avoided telling mama this because I did handle it right? My alarm on my phone wakes me up. I switch it off. Today was a normal working day for others but I'm not going today. It's my forth day off. I check my phone for some messages. Only two thus far. One of them is from a colleague of mine Tessa. She's white and a good friend and she works at reception. She was the first person to make me feel welcomed at Netcare Hospital Pretoria. A blonde goddess with a killer slender body. The message only says: *Hi* which I reply back with a: *Hey*. The other one is from Tshidi. *Since you're back

lets meet at 12pm for some lunch at Mugg n Bean. I'm paying* Good. I love free meals. I text her back ensuring her that I'll be there. It's still 7:16 meaning there's plenty of time before we meet. I decide to clean this apartment after eating something light while playing music. It's 10:57 when I'm done with everything. I head to my bathroom to shower. When I'm done I dry my body and lotion. Decision making for most girls is a problem especially when it come to what to wear. That's my current situation. Almost all my clothes are on my bed and I simply can't choose. A call comes through. It's Tshidi and I know she's calling to tell me I shouldn't be late. "Didi"-me "Don't be late you hear me!"-her "Lol never...uhmm what are you wearing?" "Eh uhm I'm just wearing a simple dress no drama. It's just lunch remember."-her "Oh okay..." "Just wear anything you always look gorgeous in anything you wear and you know it!"-her. With that she hangs up and I roll my eyes placing my phone back where it was. I end up wearing a black figure hugging knee high dress with thin straps and black -not minding the red mark on my hand- and black open toe chunky heels. I tie my hair in a neat ponytail and only apply some burgundy Mac lipstick. That's it. I'm out at 11:41. I'll probably make it there exactly at 12:00 but I'm not good with malls so I'll probably get lost for like 34 minutes or something. I get that ticket thingy and manage to find parking space near the entrance. Jeez where do I start? Right my phone. I take it out of my purse and google where I can find Mugg n Bean here at Menlyn. Luckily I find some Director thingy on Google that is showing me where I can go. Good. I walk while looking at this Mall navigator. A message comes through from Tessa. Turn right. *Hey...Was wondering if you would like to come to my brothers' engagement party on Friday the 31st of July I'll give you all the details when we're at work* How nice. Go up the escalators. That's what it's telling me to do here. Okay. I reply with *Okay cool we'll talk* Turn Left and keep strai... Shit! My phone. It's on the floor! I reach to pick it up only to see a hand reaching for it too. "I'm sorry about that..."-guy "Nah I'm sorry I wasn't looking where I was going."-me Well thats it! My phone's screen now looks like a mosaic and to be honest I'm pissed deep inside. I know it's partly my fault for not looking where I was going but why did he have to bump into me now when I have managed to get here succes...you know what nevermind. "I'll get it fixed"-he says. For the first time I look up to see this unlicensed walker. Damn. This is one creature I've never seen before. His skin is caramel...okay a little bit darker. His jawline is well defined. His lips are perfectly sculptured and pinkish and his eyes are majesticly dark. Goodness even his eyebrows are bushy but perfectly shaped. He's taller then me by at least a whole head. His body is well buil...The fuck! Why am I drooling? "Uhmmm sir...uhmm it's fine I wasn't looking..."-me Did I just call him sir? "It's Hlelokuhle and I wasn't looking where I was going so its also my fault."-he says and takes out his phone a flippen iphone. Cheez. Now I feel silly for worrying about my Samsung S4. "You can give me your errr. .. numbers and I'll have it fixed ASAP."-him I hesitate before taking it and typing in my numbers and hand him back his phone. "Uhmm I hav..."-I start but get interrupted by a woman who snakes her arm around this Hlelo dude's waist. "Hau baby I thought weren't coming anymore...uhmm who's this?" She says looking at me. Okay I have to go now I'm already late. "Uhmm Charmaine...?"-Hlelo "I have to go im already late excuse me"-I say and begin walking away from them. It was starting to feel very awkward. I can feel that they're still looking at me but I don't dare look back. I manage to walk in at Mugg n Bean at 12:17. Great only 17 minutes late. She's sitting by the window at a two sitter having a drink. I take a deep breath before walking to the table. She looks up and then back at her drink. "Look who finally made it..."-she says sarcastically. I sit down "I'm sorry Tshidi" this is the second time I'm saying sorry today. "Whatever...anyway let's order I'm hungry" Okay then. We order our food and it arrives. We eat over light conversation. She's still talking about that guy she went on a date with and me being me I listen. "Girl...I think I'm in love with that self centered man beast."-she says stirring her coffee. "Entlek who is this guy that has you all lovesick here...phela wena you hardly fall in love that easily and now you can't stop blabbing about him"-me "Well his name is Boitumelo and friend he's a dream..."-her She tells me more about this guy and the more she talks the more I see how serious she is. My friend is in love! I smile and she stops talking and looks at me confused. "...What?"-her "You my friend are in love..."-me --------- We spend the rest of the day shopping. I spend some of the money dad gave me on a new pair of burgundy chunky heels and all white Chuck Taylors all stars. I also end up buying 4 pairs of jeans; two skinny jeans one short -that's a decent length- and a boyfriend jeans. Dresses and t-shirts and a new red lipstick from Mac. I'm done. We are now standing by my car packing our stuff in the boot. She doesn't have a car but she has a driver who takes her anywhere...so yes she's rich. Wait...her dad is the rich one which kinda means she also gets money from her job -which she doesn't need- and from her daddy. I take my phone out from my bag to check the time its 18:09. "And then? What happened to your phone?"-Tshidi "Oh uhmm...long story." "Shorten it."-her "Fine I didn't know where mugg n bean was so I used a navigation thingy on my phone to find my way there and then I bumped into some guy and dropped my phone. Happy now?"-me "Lol yes I'm happy now sooo is the guy going to get it fixed?"- she says closing the boot "Apparently..."-I walk to the driver's side "Well he did take my numbers and told me he'd call so that he can have it fixed." "Ohhhh so the guy took your numbers!! Finally my girl gave someone her numbers and it's a male specie!"-She says rather too excited. I roll my eyes. "You're way off topic now Didi..."-I say as we drive out of Menlyn Mall. "The guy is just going to fix my phone screen nothing major..." I say as we stop at the robot. "Besides he has a girlfriend." We have been at my place for only 20 minutes and already I feel like taking her to her apartment. Tshidi has been going on and on about how I should go full force on this guy and how rare this opportunity is and how a person is taken from someone else and blah blah. She's feeding my brain nonsense "Tshidi come on I'm not going to date the guy..."-me "But why not?" "Because that's not the guy's intentions now can we please stop talking about him and make something to eat!"-me She's quiet. Good. "Tjo okay fine...I'll stop."-she say with her hands up as a sign of defeat. "Thank you!"-me. I head to the kitchen to make us something quick to eat. Spaghetti and mince with potato wedges it is... --------- My alarm wakes me from my slumber at 7am. Cheez I'm tired. Tshidi is not your ideal sleeping mate because the whole bed and blankets are basically hers. Her leg is currently on my knees and her arm is on my boobs. Sigh. "Tshidi...Tshidi..."-I say shaking her awake lightly but nothing. "Matshidiso!" I shout. Her eyes shoot open and she sits straight. "What...what?"-her "It's time to wake up"- I say with a wide smile. "Mxm!"-her I laugh all the way to the bathroom taking a quick shower. When I'm done she enters and also takes a shower. I go and lotion and wear nothing serious because I'll be in scrubs all day. ---------- "Let's go"-Says Tshidi when she's finished with her cereal. I place both of them in the sink and we leave. I have to drop her off at 'Mazibuko Holdings. Pty Ltd' where she works as the owner's Personal assistant. Oh she's all formal today with a burgundy pencil skirt white shirt and white pointed nose heel and her braids are in a pony tail. We stop in front of the huge grey buiding with lots of glass windows which look super clean. She's ten minutes early but she says the earlier the better because her boss doesn't tolerate late comers. --------- I just stepped in and and there's already a lot of chaos. I know something big has just happened. I rush to Tessa by the reception to sign in and she immediately tells me I need to change quickly because the doctors need all the help they can get. Apparently there's been an accident somewhere between a taxi and a bus. The taxi was seemingly going to overtake the bus when things went horribly wrong now 16 people have already been pronounced dead. 14 have minor injuries while a whole 27 are taken to emergency surgery. I have to be at operating room 3 to assist the doctors there with the operation. The black male who is probably 39 years old is laying on the bed and his leg is facing the wrong direction. "Oh help me! Ohhhh"-he screams in pain I have to sedate him so that he's out of pain and doctors can begin operating on him. 5 hours later the doctors were able to save his leg and were also able to guarantee that it should be able to function about 80%. I push him out with the help of Nurse Roberts to an empty ward where he'll be doing most of his recovery. "You know when I walked in here I was expecting a peaceful day but I guess not..."-he says "Well Tomas you never know what to expect once you walk through those glass doors."- I say checking his heart monitor. "You think he'll be fine?"-he asks. He's looking at the man who we've established is Mr Kunene from Witbank. "Yeah...we just have to make sure of that."-me.


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