Chapter 10 ♡ ♡ ♡ It's been a full week of chaos both at work and with the Mazibuko twins. I've even been the front cover of certain newspapers and magazines with some of them saying I'm probably a gold digger...sigh! At work I've been treated a little differently -which I hate- all because of Hlelo and his effortlessly handsome self. Some girls have even befriended me all because they want to see him 'up close and personal'. It's annoying really but I'm still wondering how everyone knew him and I didn't. Anyway...today is going to be the day. The day where I tell him how I really really feel inside and be honest with him. This week has not been easy. At all! He took me to the movies and racing -which I actually enjoyed-. He was just there for me and it looked like he genuinely loved me and wanted to spend time with me. And on the other hand Thembinkosi has been acting all weird towards me. But I'm not expecting him to be all 'happy chappy' when he can clearly see my heart is with another man. We haven't really talked about the whole 'kiss in the car' thing and I try to avoid it as best I can. In fact we have been avoiding each other. Hlelo is fetching me from work today like he has been the whole week. I haven't driven my car ever since he started his taking-me-to-work and fetching-me-from-work tendencies. But I'm not complaining. Infact I like his 'over-the-top' ways. Tshidi and I are fine. She apologised for overreacting and well guess what... Boitumelo and Tshidi have been to another date and they're going to another one tonight. Oh and turns out that guy whose face she was sucking at the engagement party was actually his. Thee Boitumelo. --- "Here you go Patty"-I said handing Patricia my file. Tessa was off today so Patty had to stand in. "Thank you"-she says. She's one of those who befriended me because of Hlelo which makes her really annoying. "Going to see Hlelo?"-she asks. Since when does it have anything to do with you? "It's Mr Mazibuko to you..."-I snap back. "Oh sorry Khanyi I didn't mean to be all up in your business."-she says. "Ladies..." Hlelo says as he snakes his hand around my waist and kisses my cheek. I blush almost immediately. Yes Ladies he's mine! "Hlelo."-I say and turn to hug him...He smells sooo good even after a whole day at work... "Oh this is Patricia Patty this is Hlelo."-That's me introducing them to each other. As if Patty doesn't know Hlelo already. The expression on her face is like most women who have laid eyes on this hunky chunk of handsome-ness and yes I don't like it. "Nice to meet you Hle...I mean Mr Mazibuko"-she says. Oh I don't like how she's looking at him! "Uhmm likewise" That's all he says to her before turning to look at me "Shall we go?"-he asks. "We shall..." we start walking away and I wave Patty goodbye. Leaving her in a state. I told you he's mine! --- We are now in his BMW x5 headed to his place for a mini braai the twins have organised. Apparently I'm meeting the friends today which I hope is true because it's definitely not the right time to meet parents of any sort. We're not even official. "Sooo...who's going to be there for the braai?"-Curiosity is killing me here. The braai is at 8pm -it's 17:50 now- and I need to prepare. "Relax babe it's just a few friends and colleagues."-he says and reaches out for my hand and holds it in his. So warm... "I wouldn't lie to you okay"-He adds. Okay. "Okay"-I hold his hand tighter. This guy! We do stop and buy some drinks meat and charcoal for the braai. Everything else was taken care of yesterday and the salads were handled by Ma'Nkosi because clearly I wasn't going to have enough time to do so. "I saw you get jealous back there..."-he starts. What I've noticed about Hlelo is he's a very serious man that jokes when needed and is stupid at the same time. He is also very annoying you know...the type that will blow up your phone with calls and texts. Yep thats Hlelo. Right now I can tell he's going to be the funny and stupid Hlelo. "Back where?"-I ask looking at him. "Back at your workplace I could even smell the jealousy before I entered the hospital. "-he says. I laughed. Honestly! "I wasn't jealous "-I protest. "Oh yeah?"-He asks with a smirk on his face. This guy! "Yeah..."-I say then turn to look out the window with a goofy smile on my face. I wasn't jealous...I think. We arrived at his place at around 18:30 which meant I had almost an hour to prepare. Okay. I start with making sure all the salads are done -Potato Greek and Beetroot salad- as well as the tomato gravy. Ma'Nkosi really did an amazing job and I'm very grateful. I'll start making some pap before the guests arrive. I then make sure Hlelo has everything he needs in the backyard where the braai is going to be held. He seems to have everything under control. "Babe..."-he calls as I was about to walk back into the house. Babe... I turn back to look at him trying hard not to blush. "...relax okay. Everything will go okay okay"-he adds. Okay. Sigh. "Okay."-I say and turn to walk back into the house. It's exactly 7o'clock and I decide to head upstairs to take a shower. I still shower in the guest room I always use when I'm here. A few of my clothes moved this side as well since I've been here more than 3 times. After showering I lotion and put on a pair of jeans which are dark blue. I also wear my knee high white boots. I tuck in my white long sleeved tshirt and cover my head with a dark blue 'doek' and make it look stylish. I also add a jean jacket...I hope this is okay. I had prepared the outfit yesterday to avoid stressing today. I decide to put on a little make up not much though. I'm out of that room at 19:26 meaning I have about 30 minutes for my pap. That's enough time. Hlelo is nowhere to be seen so I assume he's still in the backyard or he's in his room. In the kitchen I get working on my pap and I'm done the moment I feel arms go around my waist. That fresh smell...Damn! "You look beautiful even from behind."-he says. His breath massaging my ear gently. I swallow hard. "Uh-uhmm...thank you I guess."-I say then turn around to face him. He looks so different when he's not wearing suits and all those formal things. He's wearing a pair of slim fit jeans which are dark blue a white shirt white all stars and a matching dark jean jacket. Omg! We're matching? "Wow"-he whispers. "Ai stop it wena(you)"-I say giggling shyly. "But I'm just being honest Khanyi you are beautiful. "-he says. I just melt at that very spot. Why is he doing this? Actually how can a single soul like his have this much of an effect on me? His hands are still on my waist and mine go around his neck. "Thank you."-I say and give his soft lips a kiss. I've become very brave I see. At that very moment I hear the front door shooting open and the sound of people walking in. They're loud and I can hear Melo's voice among the frenzy. Shit! I let go of Hlelo but he doesn't let go of me. "Hlelo!"-Melo shouts from the lounge and I give Hlelo a look. I'm suddenly nervous of going out there which I don't understand because I work with strangers on a daily. Maybe it's because these people in the lounge are Hlelo's friends. He looks at me before pecking my lips and letting go of my waist. He takes my hand and we start walking hand in hand to the lounge. He squeezes it gently and I look up to him. I think he's also nervous but not as I am. Oh wow... There's a lot of people here. Okay I'm counting 10 of them. Cheez! The noise dies the moment they turn to look at us. Yoh! When did they get here? Without us hearing them? "Uhmm and then who's that?"-One guy who's wearing a leather jacket and golf tshirt asks. A thick girl next to him pushes him a bit in a way to shut him up. "Owen!"-she say. Can Hlelo let me go I want the ground to swallow me up! "Guys...this is Khanyisile who's that?"-One guy who's wearing a leather jacket and golf tshirt asks. A thick girl next to him pushes him a bit in a way to shut him up. "Owen!"-she say. Can Hlelo let me go I want the ground to swallow me up! "Guys...this is Khanyisile my girlfriend babe these are my friends and business partners and their dates."-he states. This is the part where I'm supposed to say 'it's a pleasure to meet you all' but I can't My brain died the moment he called me his girlfriend. "Oh so this is the Khanyi that had you going crazy...?"-the guy who I think is Owen says. Hlelo chuckles "I guess you could say so." "...well then nice to finally meet you Khanyisile"- Owen says I just smile. "Now we came here to braai is that going to happen? "-Owen asks again. Looks like he's the talker among this gang. "Aii gents this way"-Melo says leading them to the backyard. The ladies follow the men out and only two stay behind. "You'll find me at the backyard okay?"-Hlelo says. I nod and he kisses me on the cheek and turns to walk out I let go of his hand. Sigh. These two ladies are looking at me like I'm some interesting foreign object. The smiles on their faces! Oh gosh! "I'm Gugu and this is Yamkela it's such a pleasure to finally meet one of Hlelokuhle's propeties!"- Gugu says. I've heard this before. The whole Hlelo has never introduced any of his girlfriends before. Its weird because he's listed up to 6 of them. All of which Melo hasnt even met. Hlelo even once said to me that they thought he was gay. Even his mom had prepared herself to welcome a groom instead of a bride apparently. "Uhmm nice to meet you guys."-I finally say. They start walking towards me. "Don't worry about those other ladies they're blinded by their boyfriend's pockets"-Gugu says. "Yep they act like that every time..."-Yamkela adds. "Oh."-me. I don't really know what to say I don't know these ladies. Gugu is a beautiful thick woman who looks well groomed. And her fashion sense is on point. Yamkela is thinner on the other hand. She has these beautiful small eyes and a nose piercing. "So can we help with anything?"-Yamkela asks. I nod and smile. I think I'm going to get along with these women very well. The meat is on the braai stand which is attended to by the men. Each of them are holding a bottle of beer and it seems like they're having a good conversation. Where's Hlelo? The three ladies are seated together enjoying a bottle of wine and are also gossiping away. They are clearly stuck up just like Yamkela and Gugu said. They even look the part; weaves eyelashes extreme nails and expensive looking clothes. I place the clean plates on a mini table that was set up by Hlelo earlier. Gugu places the spoons and knifes right next to the plates and Yamkela places the sauces -just in case- in a row on the table. "Babe"- Hlelo says hugging me from behind. "Love?"-me. "Wow finally she called me Love"-he says. I can hear the excitement in his voice. "You're making it sound weird..."-I say giggling. "Uhmm...we'll go fetch the salads"-Gugu says pulling Yamkela with her. I completely forgot they were here. "So all these people here are your friends?"-I ask. "Nah just those men over there..."-he points at the braai area. I notice now that he's holding a beer bottle himself. "...they just decided to bring their wives and girlfriends and I didn't see a problem with that" "Oh?"-I question. "Yeah I thought maybe you guys could be friends..."-he says "Hlelo I do have friends."-I state "I know...but the more the merrier right?"-he says. Gosh! "But they don't even like me."-I say. He sighs and hugs me a bit tighter. "Okay I'm not going to force you into doing anything you don't want to do alright "-he says. "Okay." "I love you"-he says and kisses my cheek. I manage to turn and look at him and for the second time this night I kiss his lips. Tasting the beer he's been drinking in the process. "I love you too"-I finally say to him. The braai has been going on just fine. I'm currently sitting on Hlelo's lap enjoying the meat and everything else. The other three women here -Dimpho Jackie and Ruby- are exactly like Gugu said they are. I've noticed that Owen is with the Ruby chick. Dimpho is with a guy named Thato and Jackie who is with a Raymond guy here. Gugu and Jackie are the only two who are actually married to the men seated next to them. Gugu married Nqoba and Yamkela is a fiancé to a guy named Lundi. I have to commend them though on how they all actually look like perfect couples here and I wonder ideally if Hlelo and I actually look good together. Melo is also seated with a female named Felicity she came a bit later though but she fit right in. "I never thought we'd actually meet any of your girlfriends Hlelo"-Raymond utters. Gosh. This again. "Well you thought wrong ."-Hlelo says dryly. Wow. "How did you two meet vele"-Ruby asks looking at me then at Hlelo. "We bumped into each other at Menlyn mall"-Hlelo answers. "What were you doing there?"-Ruby asks again. Really now. "I don't think I should explain myself to you Ruby"-He says firmly. She chuckles. By now the tension here for me has grown. The hate I'm receiving from these ladies is too thick! "So how long until you dump her just like you did to my sister?"-Ruby asks giving me a look of disgust. "Ruby...!"-Owen warns Huh? Sister? "I mean it's clear that's what you do to every girl you meet right? You fuck them and dump them right?" Ruby states again. Everyone had stopped eating by now. "That's enough! "-Owen says "we're leaving now!"-he says to her. He stands and pulls her with him. "No! She has to know what a bitch of a men Hlelo is!"-She says to Owen. I look at Hlelo and his facial expression is cold and angry. I wonder what he's thinking. "Ruby!"-Owen warns her once again. She looks at Owen before grabbing her purse from the ground and gives Hlelo and myself a cold look before clicking her tongue and walking away very quickly with Owen right behind her. Wow! "I think we should go too..."-Yamkela says "Yeah..."-Gugu agrees and they all stand up and take their belongings. "We'll see you okay?"-Yamkela says to me. I nod. She nods back and walks. It's just me and Hlelo now and this irritating music playing. I didn't even finish my food. I just lost my appetite. What a night! What do we do now? I stand up and he looks at me. He looks like he's panicking. "Where are you going?"-he asks "To the toilet relax."-I reply. I see him relax and nod. Wow this was definitely not how I expected this night to end at all but all I'm going to say is I'm not letting Hlelo go yet...


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