Chapter 5

Chapter 5

"Wait!"-I yell and he stops looking at me his eyes bloodshot red. The only thing audible for a few seconds of silence is both our heavy breathing. "Mr Thulo what the heck?"-I push him off me and sit up.

"Uhmm I...I..."

"You do not get to do that Mr Thulo what the heck."-I utter staring at him. He runs a hand past his face. 

"I...I'm sorry Azania"-He says. "It's just that I called Shabba earlier today before I came here and...and..."

Oh I see.

"And what did I say?"-I question him still recovering from his aggression. 

" said you'll come to visit me when you're off."

Sheesh no Shabba.

"I said that?"

"Yes and the sound of your voice just gave me the hardest boner of my life. I...I had to come here. "-he says and I swallow his words. This man really has it bad for his niece and if only a slap could end that then I would've used it to bring him back to reality already. 

"Why did you come here?"

"To see you Shabba to bury myself deep in your pussy and to fuck you senseless...God!"-He yells the last word and I see how his fists harden. 

"You want to fuck me? Hard until I become senseless?"

He nods and grabs ahold of my thigh. "You want to fuck your niece until she cums?"


"You want to give her chocolaty skin some goosebumps?"

"God yes!"-He breathes out already bringing his hand closer to my cunt. My heart is still beating fast.

"Then do it."-I give him permission and watch how the words turn him into another person once more. You'd swear this man is bewitched or something. 

He grabs both of my thighs and bends down getting closer to my cunt. His hot air as he breathes out hits me down there before he starts attacking my poor pussy. His tongue invading my clit and swimming through my folds... leaving them moist. "You like eating out your niece like that?"-My voice sounds cracky.

"Mhnn...Yes."-He humms.

So this is what the man really desires? To 'make love' to his relative. My mind is still trying to process all of this because this guy was absolutely not like this yesterday. 

"You taste so good Shabba."

"Mhmmm..."-I force out a moan. I'm trying to keep up here but my body just won't allow me to feel pleasure from this.

My destiny...

He kisses up moving to my belly button and the way to my breasts. 

"Uncle Thulo don't forget the condom."-I utter and he nods kissing my boobs.

After he feels satisfied with himself he gets off me and goes to the bedside table to take a condom out. He quickly pushes off his pants and he slides it on and looks at me. I wonder what the heck he's thinking right now.

He licks two of his fingers and rubs them on my clit then on my entrance. I see him positioning himself on my entrance and he mercilessly plunges in without any halting he roughly does as he pleased.

Thrusting in and out of me cursing and sweating. "Ahhh Shabba you feel so damn good."-He hisses and out of cooperation I let out a moan.

"You like that?"-he asks spreading my thighs even wider and I feel my cramp creeping in.

Straighten your leg...

"Shabba I asked you a question!"-Him.

Why the fuck is he yelling?

"Yes."-I lie. 

He gives it to me harder and harder until it starts to burn. "Argggg...yes. I'm gonna cum in my Shabba..."-He says and I watch as he has these spasms his orgasm clearly taking control of his entire body. 

Then he collapses on top of me. His heavy body nearly crushing me to death but I let him be. He's still in me. Gods of hoeville why would you send me a pervert like this one though?

I can't. 

He rolls off me. My pussy is pulsing and aching.

"Turn around."-He says rising and reaches for another condom. I heave out a tired sigh and do as he says making sure I keep a watchful eye on him for the condom situation. "Ah Shabba baby I'm sure you think I'm a freak right now."-He says spreading my pussy lips with his fingers.

I roll my eyes steadying myself with my hands. "No uncle...I don't."

Oh Yes He Is!

"You don't know how happy that makes me Shabba..."-He enters me slowly this time around and I hiss out of pain lowering my upper half. 

He starts thrusting in me slowly. He keeps me in place by holding my waist.

"Arhhhhhhh!"-I yell as he picks up his pace.

"Yes moan for your uncle."


Mr Thulo spanks me hard. Twice. I shudder. 

"I'm cumming again!"-he groans and halts completely. Shortly after I feel him pull out and he falls onto the bed. 


-Mr Thulo


Mr Thulo left a few minutes ago and I've just been cleaning up in this room before I leave and take a proper last shower before I sleep. All the used condoms go into some toilet paper then into a plastic bag. I'll take this with me to throw away.

I take my phone and walk out of here trying my best to bear the pain I was feeling right now. Opening the door I freeze.

Can this day just end already!

I try to walk past him but he stops me placing his hand under my chin and licks his lips. I smack his hands off me and try walking past him but he stops me once again.

"Tebo...I mean Tiger suka marn (get away)"

"I don't want to."-He says.

I nod. "Tiger I'm tired and I feel sticky. I'm not in the mood for this."-I state and attempt on moving past him thankfully he allows me to pass. I feel like he's staring at me or my butt or both...

In the shower I allow the water to wash over my body. It's a pity it can't wash all of my sins away cause I'm pretty sure my grandmother is turning in her grave right now. She was a great woman of prayer and just saw light in everyone...including me.

I step out of the shower and dry my body staring at my reflection on the bathroom mirror. I loved everything about my body but what I did with it...I chuckle putting on my pajamas and head straight to bed.


I'm still staring at the ceiling unable to sleep. I manage to hear someone walk by my room before it becomes a little quiet again.

'Ha Lord knows I'd love that very very much...but sadly I like my women with class not cheap.'-Tiger's words replay in my head and I just close my eyes but instead I see the face of a person who in my mind broke me...


I reach my hand underneath my bed and search for pills I haven't used in months. I feel the container and pull it out. I open it and take two out and quickly leap to the bathroom to drink these pills...


"Azania!"-a voice calls me out knocking on my door. "Azania!!"

Its Zama. I yawn sitting up before I hear her knock and call out again.

"Ngiyeza hau! (I'm coming)"-She stops her knocking. I step out of bed slipping my slippers on and make my way to the door to attend my friend. The moment I unlock and open the door she throws herself at me.

I frown.

"And then?"

"You made me panic I've been knocking phela."-Zama says and closes the door behind her. I sit back on the bed and she sits next to me.

"Deep sleep."-I mumble yawning.

"You're not jogging today?"

I eye Zama. "Doesn't look like it."

She nods. "I saved you some breakfast."

"Haibo kanti what time is it?"

"10h00 I think."

Well I'm sorry Xavier.

I lay back. I can't seem to think straight. "You okay?"

I let out a deep chuckle. "You ever wonder where you'd be if you weren't here?"-I ask feeling a lump form in my throat. 

I haven't cried for years and I'm not about to do that now.

"If I wasn't here at the palace?"

"Yeah."-I reply my voice too low.

"Well my mother always said I had the walk of a maybe something in that direction. Orrrrr maybe a lawyer."

I snort. "A lawyer mfazi?"

"Ya hau what's wrong with that? I have good lying skills moes."

"You do know it takes more than that to be a lawyer right?"-I ask her. 

"Kill joy alert a girl can dream mos."-She says laughing while I shake my head.

"Wena Do you ever wonder where you'd be if you weren't here?"-Zama asks. In the past 6 years of knowing this lady next to me this honestly feels like the first time we talk like this. It feels deep.

"Me? I'd be a painter I guess."

"Makes sense."-Zama. "Think you can paint me when you have time?"

"Like a portrait of you?"

"Duh! All this..."-She shows off her body "... has to be painted somewhere on your board thingies. "

"Board thingies she says...I'll paint you only if you buy the paint."-I say.

"Mfazi you can afford it nje moes. "

"I can also afford leaving this place...yet here we are."-I answer.


I sat on the couch watching TV. A show about some king who forced a girl into marriage. I'm surprised these hoes are watching with me without complaining. I noticed Hanna has these marks around her wrists like they were binded by something like a rope. Her pale white skin makes it very obvious. 

My phone vibrates from the insides of my pockets and I quickly take it out. 

An unsaved number.

I contemplate on whether I should answer or just let it ring and if it's serious they'll try again.

"Yello?"-Curse my curiosity. 

"Azania."-The voice on the other end replies. 


"Uhmm...who's this?"-I ask looking at the numbers to see if they rung a bell.

"Don't tell me you forgot my voice too."-the male voice says with a chuckle.

"Xavier?"-that name catches the attention of Zama instantly. 

"In the flesh."

I giggle trying to avoid my friend's questioning eyes.

"You sound so different on the phone."-me. 

"Ha I do?"

"Yes you do..."-me.

"Aye why didn't you jog today?"-He asks.

"Uhmm I wasn't feeling well."

"The cramp came back?"

"Yeah."-I lie. 

"Want to go grab some lunch? Uhmm I mean that's if you're hungry."

Tiger appears with Nomvelo in front of him as 'always'. She looks at me. Dressed in a red velvet jumpsuit and black fluffy boots. Braids tied in a bun.

"Ladies mantombazane."-he says watching Nomvelo make his way to the couch. 

They greet back...

"Azania you still there?"-Xavier asks me reminding me of the phone on my ear. 

"Uhuh..."-I might as well take his offer before this pig starts acting up again. "...You know what I am hungry."

"I'll be there in 5."-He says and I hang up.

Who switched off the TV?

"Nice of you to finally join us once again Azania."


"Halala? I'm here to address yesterday. Good. I'm impressed. But that doesn't mean there'll be slacking of any sort as you know. If you weren't at the strip club Thursday then make sure you go there today. No excuses. Other than that you'll be updated if there are clients who want to see you."-He says and no one responds. He's been working here for almost a year.

The sound of a hooter catches my attention and I stand.

"And where do you think you're going?"-Tiger.


"Kere uya waar? (Where are you going?)"-he repeats.

"I'm going out."-I respond and make my way out ignoring Tebogo flatly. 

Woah a Mercedes?

He's leaning on the car dressed in a pair of jeans and a grey poloneck. Uhmm...sheesh.

I keep on glancing back even though no one is following me. 

"Hey Spencer."

"Xander?"-I hit back and he laughs raising an eyebrow.

"Get in Spencer."-He says holding the door open for me.

So the whole world really think I can't open my own car doors?

He closed the door after I got in and I watched him walk around the car to his side. It smells like him in here. A scent thats foreign to my nostrils. He gets in as well and starts the engine. 

"So where are we going?"-I ask sitting back.

"I have no idea."

"Are you kidnapping me?"-I joke. 

"Do I look like a kidnapper?"-He asks.

"I don't know you tell me."

"I googled a place. Toulas Family  Restaurant and that's where I'll be taking you to."

I've seen that place a couple of times but never bothered to actually enter and have a meal there so this should be an experience.

We talked and I texted Zama telling her where I was headed to before we found a suitable parking space. 

We walk. I'm window shopping while he...wait what is he doing. When I turn to look at him he looks the other way. "You were staring."

"Was I?"-him. I chuckle shaking my head. 

After settling in on a table for two and having him order some greek special lunch I try thinking of ways to make this a bit more comfortable. 

"So mind telling me more about yourself ?"

"Gentlemen first."-he leans back on his chair folding his arms in front of his chest.

"Okay then. I'm Xavier King. A 28 year old software developer born in Cape Town but raised in Durban. Uhmm my parents are separated and I'm the second born out of three kids. I'm also the only boy given to my mother."-He says.

Our food arrives and he starts digging in. "Your turn."

"Well I'm Azania Mnguni. Can you say that?"

"Say what? Your surname?"



That's it. I laugh right there and then. 

"Whaattt? I tried didn't I?"-him. 

"Okay I'm sorry for laughing at you...anyway I'm 24 years old and I'm a-"

I pause rethinking my statement and he looks at me taking a bite out of his greek burger.

"...I'm a dancer."

Don't look at me like that...I dont think saying 'Hey I'm Azania and I'm a whore' would be ideal here. Besides what he doesn't know won't hurt him.

"Yeah that's about it."-I utter and bite my burger.

"That's it?"

"Pretty much."-I swallow. 

"You seem like a closed book Azania I wonder why. Heck it took me a day to get your name."

I put down the burger and wipe my hands with the provided serviette. 

"Maybe...maybe it's because I don't like the chapters in it."-I say trying to avoid his blue eyes. I truthfully didn't come here to lay all my cards on the table I came here to avoid Tiger?

My phone's screen lights up and it starts vibrating on the table. His name flashing on the screen immediately put me off.

"You can answer it."-Xavier.

"Ufunani? (What do you want?)"-I say casually.

"Hau? Is that how you talk to your boss now?"

"Tiger I'm bu-..."

"Nywe nywe nyee stop blabbing sfebe (Hoe). The SUV is already there to pick you up."

"For what?"-Me.

"You have a client. Nxa."

The line goes dead immediately after his last statement and I sigh heavily before standing up.

"Woah what's wrong?"-Xavier.

"I have to go."


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