Chapter 4

Chapter 4

I wake up feeling heavy and tired. I slept late just trying to finish up that painting and now I was regretting it dearly. I roll out of my single bed and stretch. My eyes quickly scan the room wondering where I placed my running gear from yesterday. 

Right. I make the bed quickly and change into my joggings running vest and takkies. My phone disappoints me by being a very at low 10% meaning I won't be able to take it with me for my jog.

I heave out a frustrated sigh.

It's Friday today.

Again it's quiet when I reach the lounge area. I make my out of here and jog all the way to the gate which these guards open. 

That guy is here already waiting for me as if he knew I would be jogging. 


"Morning jogging partner."-He greets me a smile dancing on his pink lips.

I frown. He's so white it's weird actually. 

"Morning Xander."

"Again it's's not that hard woman."

I roll my eyes thinking about it being past 6am and already I'm applying for a quarrel. 

"Fine let's go Xavier."-I put emphasis on his name before he claps his hands in acknowledgement. 


We start with our jogging. Down the streets of Fourways Lonehill we awkward silence. Usually my music would make this journey a bit exciting but right now it wasn't. It's only today that I actually pay attention to the houses around here. The closed gates. The people who were living their lives to the fullest. Some of them were preparing for a full day at work and were currently starting their cars. 

" sure you'll be able to make it all the way back to your place though?"-Xavier asks me as we stood at our turning point. 

See why you should never stop exercising once you start? Otherwise this happens. You run out of breath from over pushing yourself and right now that's what was happening to me. I looked up at an amused Xavier and he chuckles.

"You find this funny don't you?"-I breathe out wiping some of the sweat from my forehead. 

"Well miss you're the one who left me behind for some weird reason. But on a serious note though will you?"-He asks me. I shrug looking at the distance we had to tackle back to Palace. Curse trying to out jog a man who clearly does this for a living.

I don't get how yesterday went so smooth and today...mxm.

"Of course I can make it back."-I challenge myself and I start ahead leaving him behind once again. Adrenaline. My heart pumps faster as I force my feet to keep on going.


No man! He's running right past me with ease and as if things couldn't get any worse they do.

Muscle cramp. 

Right at my calf.

"Fuck!"-I curse coming right at a halt and reach for my aching calf.

"Woah Miss You okay?"-He's already rushing towards me. I let out a chuckle of pain. This can't be happening. I try moving it but the muscles pulls once again.

"Awww!"-The yell escapes my mouth.

"Woah calm down and straighten your leg."-He says.

I force my leg straight and... behold! It does become better.


I nod feeling a smile creep up on my lips.

No Azania!

"Think you can walk?"-He asks and I attempt on walking and well the pain comes right back.

He chuckles. "Get on."

Get on?

"Get on my back woman."-He says already bending in front of me.

"I'm not getting on your back Xavier. "

"I don't remember asking you and the faster we get that cramp some ice the better."-He says still facing forward. 

I roll my eyes and start getting on putting my hands on his hard soulders. He reaches for my thighs and holds them firmly by the sides of his waist. He stands upright and I instandly feel taller than before. 

"You drop me-..."

"Why would I drop you?"-He asks tightening his grip around my thighs. 

Okay maybe I won't fall after all.

He starts walking and I can't help but feel like the whole damn neighbourhood is staring at me.

Yes world Azania is on a white man's back!

And oddly enough she likes it.

"I get the feeling you're enjoying yourself back there."-Xavier says earning a chuckle from me.

"It's not everyday that you get a piggyback ride."-I confess and from a distance I see the palace.

We continue to walk and he makes an unsuspected turn. He opens the gate and instantly I frown scanning the yard. Beautiful garden but the grass was dying.

"Uhmm...what are we doing here?"-I ask as we reach the veranda. 

"We're here for ice."-he says putting me down gently. Is it weird that I completely forgot about the cramp until he put me down?

"I'll wait here."

When he returns with a whole ice pack I've scanned this whole place throughly. There's a doghouse here and no dog in sight.

"Can you try sitting?"-He asks. 

I succeed. 

He sits aswell and reaches for my leg. "So you have a dog?"-My leg is on his lap with the freezing ice pack underneath my calf.

"Yep but the one here belongs to my mother."

"Your mother? You keep your mother's dog with you?"-I ask.

"No woman...This is my mother's house."-He says chuckling and readjusting the ice pack. "Relax she's still resting."

"Oh."-I utter indeed calming down to those words as he continued to nurse my aching calf.

"You know miss I never got your name. "-He says looking up at me blue eyes piercing intensely. 

"Uhmm me? I'm Spencer."-I joke. 

The look he gives me after those words leave my mouth is priceless. Absolutely priceless and forever embroidered in my long term memory. 

I'm even laughing my lungs out to the point where I feel my muscle cramp pull a little diluting my laughter a bit. "Ouch...I'm kidding Xavier. My name is Azania."

He sighs chuckling slightly. "You scared me to death Spencer."

I snort.


I get back to the palace and almost everyone is awake. Zama Naomi Hanna Lahifa Celia are busy doing squats in front of the TV to some exercise DVD that Rendani bought years ago.

"Oh hey Azi!"-Zama greets me.

"One...Two...Three..."-The TV.

"Hey."-I greet walking to the kitchen to get myself a glass of water. 

I head on back to the lounge and sit down on the couch watching the ladies squat. 

"Join us."-Celia says.

"I'll pa-..."

"Yeah Azania join them."-I hear Tiger's voice say from behind the couch I'm seated on.

I keep quiet in my mind I feel like stabbing him out of existence. God! His perfume invades my nostrils. He evidently chuckles before I feel his presence moving away from me. 

"Okay switch off that crap and sit the fuck down."-he quacks and gains their attention. 

Hanna quickly reaches for the TV remote and switches the TV off. Everyone takes a seat. 

"Ya hoes ke Vrydag'a vandag (it's Friday today) which means I want to hear moans all the way to Pretoria tonight. "-He says after clearing his throat and unwrapping a piece of gum. He shoves it into his mouth and starts chewing away.

"Tonight I want each of you to take two customers in."

"Ah no Tiger."



"Yey tsek. You should all learn to shut up like Azania over here. We lost a lot of money yesterday because you hoes are lazy. Now this is the only way we can make up the money we lost yesterday."-Nqoba's lapdog says and I feel like rolling my eyes and walking out of here. 

"So any complaints? "-He asks. The whole room is quiet. "Thought as much. Now the first half of your clients will be here at around 20h00. The second round will be here at 23h00. "


"That will be all."-He states and winks at me before leaving the room. 

"I'm guessing he'll tell the others separately then. Mfazi we have some shopping to do."-Zama. 

"Yeah probably. Let's go shower and get out of here tuu."-I agree and she nods. 

After showering I pick out a pair of jeans black kneehigh boots and a fur coat. I quickly straight one of my weaves and put it on then focus on putting on some makeup.

I'm done after almost an hour of trying to better myself. I grab my phone and handbag then head out of my untidy room making sure that I lock my door behind me.

"You done?"-I ask as I enter Zama's room. It smells like weed in here.

"Almost. Sit."-I make my way to her couch and sit. 

Sheesh. You can't even see my own couch because of everything on it.

"Don't worry I'm almost done."-She reassures me again and I nod.

"I'll wait."

"Mfazi you never did tell what happened yesterday with you and Tebogo."-She says.

"Please don't spoil my mood...I beg you."-I taste the bitterness in my mouth. 

"Forgive my curious mind anyway I'm done. Lets go."-She says standing up and zipping her makeup bag. 

We leave heading to one of the SUV's here. The driver rushes to open the door for us and we step in. He also gets into his space and starts the engine followed by the radio.

"We're going to Fourways mall."-Zama.


19h00. I take my second shower for that evening. All the cleaning of the Boom-boom rooms was done immediately after we returned here. Everything was basically ready for tonight including my lingerie. At 19h34 I make my way downstairs to get myself something to drink. 

I find Nomvelo busy opening a bottle of champagne. I grab a glass from the table and wait for her to hand me the bottle.

Zinhle walks in.

"Hoe of the month how are you?"

Did she just ask me how I was?

The heck.

I choke on my spit unable to reply immediately to her sudden gesture. 

"You ready for tonight?"-her voice too peachy. 

"Why are you asking me questions that don't concern you?"

"So a girl can't conversate with another girl just to be friendly?"-Zinhle asks me with a raised eyebrow.

"We're not friends Zinhle. Which means I don't want to conversate with you under any circumstance."-I point out and take the bottle from Nomvelo who just seemed to take forever with the pouring of champagne. 

I left those two downstairs to continue their simple talks and headed upstairs to my own Boom-boom room. 

Room 3. 

I sat on the bed texting Zama who was also in her BBR. She was telling me how nervous she was about getting her client and the feeling was quite mutual. I didn't know what type of freak would be walking in next through that wooden door right ahead of me. I sip some more of this champagne in attempt of suppressing my fears. You can honestly never prepare yourself for the people you meet. 

A knock startles me and I immediately stand up putting my phone in my cabinet next to 'everything' you could possibly need during a session.

Another knock.

"I'm coming."-I utter as I fix myself and hold the doorknob. I open the door to be met by a fresh face. 

"Hi. This is room 3 right?"-he asks his voice not as deep as I would've expected.

I nod and make way for him to enter. He's jittery. 

"Drink?"-I ask. He turns to look at me and I swallow. That's a lot of dreadlocks for one man honestly. I feel like I'm in a hair competition with him.

"Yes."-I get him a drink.

Whiskey with some ice. 

"Uhmm so how exactly does this whole thing work?"-Mo'guy asks after sipping his whiskey awkwardly. 

I giggle softly motioning for him to sit on the bed.

"Well firstly my name is Azania."

"I'm Thabo."

"And to answer your question...well here you get live out any fantasy you'd like to. You ask me what you want me to do and I'll do it if it's humanly possible. And no kissing on the mouth. "-my voice sounds too seductive already. I watch him bite on his bottom lip and nods before finishing his drink.

"One more thing you only hit it with condoms here and there'll be no buts please."

Okay I think that's all I needed to say right now.

I take his empty glass putting it on the mini table next to the whiskey bottle. "Now Thabo what would you like Azania to do for you?"-I catwalk slowly to the cabinet and take out the open condom packet and some lube incase I don't seem to get it on.

"Come here."-he says.

I stand between his legs and look down at him. His cold hands cup my butt as he rubs on the cheeks until they feel warmer. I play with his dreadlocks individually waiting for whatever order he'll give me next.

"Can you show me what you're made of? I actually like a woman who takes charge."-he expressed.

"Oh? Is that so?"

"Mhmmm..."-His hands travel up my bare back until they reach the thin fabric of my lace bra. I feel him unhook it and slip it off allowing my breasts to breathe. I feel how my nipple harden under his watchful gaze.

"These are pretty...I love the piercings..."

"Suck them."-I order and instantly my one nipple dissappears into his warm mouth. I hiss as his tongue circles my rock hard nipple. 

He must've definitely done this before somewhere because I feel myself enjoying this. He relocates to the other one and does exactly the same yet it feels so different. 

I reach for his hand and bring it up to my mouth licking the fingers and leaving them moist. With one hand I shift my thong to the side and guide his fingers to my clit. He instinctively starts circling them there...

"Okay okay woah."-I mumble pushing his head away gently and look at him in the eye.

The lust I see in them gives me pleasure. He's panting.

We're getting somewhere now.

I remove his hands from my pussy.

My hands slid down his face to his shoulders and I push him back. He lays still. 

I run my hands on his hardening dick. The chinos he wore highlighted it perfectly. I undo his belt and unbutton the button of his pants. I pull them down along with his boxers with his assistance of course. 


His hard dick stood at attention and the precum oozed gracefully at the tip. I hold him in my hand and bring my lips forth. Licking the glistening precum in one go. Then I welcome him in my warm wet mouth and he instantly groans my eyes bore into his. I push him to back of my throat and watch as his eyes roll to the back of his skull. "Yes..."-He breathed out as I continued to pleasure his hard manhood. My fingers played with his balls while I just continued to imagine his dick as an ice lolly. My tongue swirls at the head once more before putting him back into my mouth. He flexes his hips up attempting to push himself deeper into my willing mouth. 




All this continues until I feel like my jaw was giving up on me. 

I reach for the packet of condoms and take one out. I open it with my teeth and throw the wrapper aside then roll the condom onto his hard dick. I then add some lube to avoid dryness. He doesn't seem to mind.

His eyes never left me even though mine left his a couple of times just to make sure I wasn't slacking.

I drop my lacy thong on the ground before getting on the bed and straddling him. I feel his dick poking my butt as I lean forward and hover over him. He grabs my one boob and squeezes hard enough to earn a moan from me. 

Whether I wanted to or not I took his cock into my pussy and he pushed it in shocking me.

"Fuck me Azania!"-he demands.


I start bounching on his dick the bed doing the same too. The feeling of fullness is unbelievable right now and somehow I find myself enjoying his dick.

"Ah!"-I moan sitting upright one hand on his stomach for balance. I pick up my pace.

Thabo squeezed both my boobs before I felt a spank on my ass. Making my eyes open wide to find him staring again.

"Say my name."-He hissed through gritted teeth.


"I can't hear you..."

"Ohhh! Thabooooo!"-I repeated as I felt myself approaching orgasm. Something I haven't felt in ages. 

I thrust my cunt towards the hard dick he was giving me my fingers rubbing furiously at my tender clit. "Cum with me Azania!"-He commanded replacing my hand with his.

"Ahh!"-I ground my pelvis against his hand still plunging the dick deep inside of me. I felt the walls of my pussy contract tightly as I started to cum. I released the hot fluid of my pussy all over as I shruddered with waves of pleasure my orgasm cresting. I moaned deeply as he slowed down his hand movement. 

Spent I climb off him and try keeping myself steady to avoid falling by holding onto the bed. My knees still felt wobbly.

"Wow...definitely worth every Randela. "-He breathed out a hand placed on top of his chest.

"I'm glad."-I say and start removing the full used condom off his now limp dick.

"I'll definitely be back."-He says buckling his pants again. 

"You're always welcome here Thabo wena just make an appointment. "-I invite. His face seems to beam up after I mention that.

"I will. Bye."-I walked him out.

Well that went smoother than I expected it to be honest and the guy was better than I expected. After freshening up again I change into my second lingerie piece for the evening. I hate how the sleep just wants to take me right now and then. Maybe a glass of whiskey will help.

Second knock of the night.

I heave out a sigh and leave my whiskey drink on the table. I open the door and nearly widen my eyes out of shock. He's sweaty and his eyes are darker than the last time I saw him.

"Ah Azania help me."-He rushed stepping in and kicking the door closed behind him. It locks automatically. 

I swallow his hands pushing me roughly onto the bed. Haibo wait! My panties get ripped and he quickly takes his top off.

"Mr Thulo wait..."


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