Chapter 3

Chapter 3

This idiot keeps the gun pointed my direction and a piece of me did feel a bit nervous. But wet doggy over here wouldn't shoot me. I doubt he would.

Which brings me to my next statement. 

"You are so funny you know that? I suggest you should go and audition for being a comedian."-I say looking around the room once again and everyone just looks terrified. I roll my eyes and turn to look at Tiger again.

"Why am I still alive?"-I ask him and I think I hear Zama chuckling silently next to me. 

"Azania."-he tries to warn me. 


If following him will make him feel more like a 'man' than I'll pity him and do that. 

I walk past him and head for the back door I can hear him behind me. He says something I can't make out. 

He closes the main houses' door behind him. "Wait wena."-He says forcefully grabbing my arm and pulls me back causing me to collide with his chest. 

He's surprisingly stronger than I thought he would be. "Entlek tsamaya wena sfebe. (Actually walk you hoe.)"-Tebogo pushes me forward and I near trip and fall. 


"Don't push me."

"Ai tsek. (Piss off.)"-again he pushes me forcefully until we reach his outdoor office. He open the door and once again I'm pushed in. The door is shut and locked. Oh this is honestly too much for me and I want out. 

I feel suffocated and the sinister look he has on his face isn't making things easier. 

"So you're saying I should be a comedian? I have a joke for you here aneh? You'll tell me if it's good or not."-Again the gun is out to play. I watch him attentively from the corner I hogged in here as he opens a shelf and takes out a bullet. Loading it in the gun.

"You ready for the joke?"-He clears his throat the space between us long gone. "So there was once a girl named Azania she was disrespectful. She had a stinking attitude up until one day when Tiger wadira the unbelievable."

He laughs. 

If he thinks that this joke of his is supposed to be funny than he should get a reality check.

He corked the gun and pressed the cold steel front on my forehead. Maybe just maybe did I shiver out of fear. 

"Look at Azania being a wet pussy right now...makes me wonder if your actual pussy is wet. Let Tiger feel. "-His breath smells like mint. "Why is it dry?"-He asks me his hand invading my womanhood. I bite on my tongue until it hurts. "Is Tiger not making you horny?"

"Fuck you."

"Ha Lord knows I'd love that very very much...but sadly I like my women with class not cheap."-He says removing the gun from my forehead and takes his hand out. 

I'm cheap? 

"Get out."-He orders me moving away. I swallow hard and gather my confused self and walk out of there. 

Outside I take a quick breather. Regretting my little decision. I open my eyes and the sun is sharp. I suck it up. Besides he's not the first man to harass me like this.

Walking back into the house feels like a task. Not only are all eyes fixed on me but It feels like they're all asking questions. "Is there some breakfast left?"-I ask looking at Rendani who nods.

I make my way to the and get myself some food. "You okay?"-Zama comes to stand next to me.

"Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?"-I feed myself some of the cold bacon.



"Talk to me. What happened in there?"

"Nothing...nothing happened."


The red and blue lights illuminate the club as the clock hit 20h00. I breathe in one more time taking in the sharp smell of cigars alcohol and ass. A smell I had gotten used to. I quickly go through my unplanned dance routine once again in my head.

Okay I got it.

And I hope Dj Spook gets my song right this time around cause I want this to go very smoothly.

A cold hand lands on my shoulder grabbing my attention. I turn to face him wondering what he'll say this time.

"You look gorgeous."-he manages to whisper loud enough in my ear. I frown thinking of the skimpy scratch that...skimpy fine fabric garments that im wearing where you could actually see literally everything.

" I'm about to go on stage."-I warn watching him as he takes out a cigar from the inside of his leather jacket.

He always kept one there along with his tailor made 'TG' lighter.

I watch him as he sets it alight in front of me the end burning off slowly. He puffs it out directly on my face.

"I know."- he says putting the cigar back into his mouth and repeating the whole process of blowing it out on my face. He wants my reaction and I won't give him that. 

"I just came here to tell you that you have a client directly after your little show here."

I can't keep in the sigh that I release at that moment in.

I'm emotionally tired. 

But I have to prepare my heart and soul for whoever I'm going to be with later tonight.

"Don't sigh like that we'll be making a whole R5 000 from just this one session. Don't fuck this up."-he says and turns to walk away leaving me shocked.

R5 000!


Some people are ridiculous.

"Ladies and Gentlemen put your sexy hands together for your next wallet-and-purse-emptier Aziii!!"-Dj Spook brings me out of my night dreaming yelling into the microphone.


I steady myself on these pitch black 6 inch red bottoms high heels as I walk onto the huge half circle stage. A stripping pole at the edge of the stage waited for me glistering brightly just as the lights went completely red. The Dream's song starts ahead. The lyrics telling me to completely lose myself from under the spotlight.

" yeah baby!"-a woman yells out throwing a R100 onto the stage.

Yes. She actually came to bad habits underground strip club. 

"Shake that ass."-a male.

" Yaaassss!!!"- a group of males yell out probably halfway drunk.

I grab the pole sliding down while paying attention to the lyrics of this song.

"Shawty get it (get it)

Do it big Do it good

Work it like a girl should

Work it good (work it good)

Bring it back (bring it back)

Tell the DJ bring it back

Let me touch it fuck it baby

Tell your man he ain’t getting it back

Shawty is so ratchet baby I’m so ratchet

You so bomb with that I got to have it

I got to have it like a 9 I got to blast it

So fine I got to grab it she on mine"- I hear The Dream sing his lyrics out.

Some good looking guy is seated at the far end of the stage sipping on his whiskey. Maybe he might give me a couple of notes.

I on all fours strutting like a cat towards him.

His focus is on me. I reach for his tie and gently pull him closer with it. Smelling his expensive Cologne...

He brings himself even closer than when I pulled him and whispers in my ear. "You are pretty I can't wait for later."

I nearly widen my eyes out of shock but try and keep my cool. He pins some money on my thong.

I get up feet steady as Big Sean sings further. "Azi!"-Some guy call out to me waving a few hundreds 

The rest of my dance routine goes down smoother than I thought it would. The stage floor is covered in hundreds and fifties.

A beautiful sight!

I walk off the stage knowing that Bobby - the one who usually collected my money from the stage after my performance- will clean up behind me. I have noticed him a couple of times when he'd sneak in an extra tip into his pants and act as if nothing happened.

"Monté give me something strong please."-I request sitting down on the bar chairs.

It's cold om my bare behind.

" you looked great up there."-he says before turning to get a clean glass and puts it in front of me.

"You were watching?"-I question watching him fill my glass 1/4 way full with whiskey.

"How could I not?"

"Thanks."-I utter downing the whiskey down in one go.

"You could've just asked me for a shot Missy."-he says with a friendly smile on his face. His brown eyes attentively on me. 

"Don't get smart with me Monté."-I say. His hands go up as a sign of defeat. "Refill me please."

"Don't look now but Tiger is coming this way."-Monté says and I roll my eyes before feeling his cold hand on my bare shoulder once again.

" Why are you keeping my client waiting?"-he blurts out the smell of tobacco and weed still evident in his breath.

"I'm just having a quick drink Tiger nothing major."

"Nothing major? Azania don't piss me off. Go."-he says and I raise an eyebrow to him.

He can't be serious!

He suddenly grabs me by my upper arm getting me off the high bar stool and I nearly fall since I'm wasn't well balanced on these high heels.

" I thought after today you would know that I won't take any bullshit from you especially when it comes to my money."-he says pulling me towards the passage area of this strip club handing me keys with the number 6 on it.

His money?

Besides the loud music playing you can hear the loud moaning of girls that are pretty much getting what they're being paid for.

But before we even reach the room he was taking me to he grabs me again and slams me across the wall and comes closer to me. "You mess this one up-..."

"Argh leave me alone marn! Yeses."-I push him away and find the room myself. He's acting as if I've never had a client before as if I've actually pleased and satisfied their asses.

A door opens and wasted looking girls come out laughing and mentioning things I have no care about. 

I struggle unlocking the door and mumble a curse word while at it. I never struggle with doors well at least I don't recall struggling with one.

"Let me help you."-a voice startles me and I turn my head to see who it was.

It's Mr 'I'll-see-you-later' carrying a bottle of Hennessey two glasses and a paper bag. "Mind holding these?"

Eventually the door gets unlocked and it's too stuffy in here. I hear the door shut while I attended to the aircon for some ventilation here.

"Azania sit."-he pats the empty space next to him.

I obey. Trying to get comfortable.

"You're prettier than what Tiger described. "-he comments and I don't know what to say. Instead I look down at my hands than at his.

A rings glistened on his left hand and I can't stop myself from asking. " you're married?"

"Argh forgot to remove this. I apologise."-he says removing the expensive looking ring from his finger and stuffs it into the inside pocket of his suit. 


"A drink?"

I nod and he stands walking off to the mini table in the far end of this room. "You know I'd appreciate you loosening up I don't bite."-him.

I hold in my chuckle thinking of how many people said that but when they got between my legs did something completely different.

"Here drink."-he hands my glass.

I down it.

I need all the courage I can get.

"So uhmm...I'd like you to try something on for me."-him.

He's quite a talker.

"Sure."-I encourage.

He reaches for the paper bag next to his feet and gives it to me. "I hope it fits."

"Thanks... Let me get to it then."-I say and stand up heading to the changing room in here. This place needs a clean.

A nurse outfit. Gosh.

And after trying it on and seeing half my butt on the mirror I walk out.

Sexy! I hear a voice yell within.


My mind just won't focus at all right now but I tell myself this will pass. 

"You like?"-I ask leaning on the door in one of my playboy poses.

I see him lick his lips and loosen his tie.

"Come let me have a closer look."-he puts down his glass.

I walk slowly to him a hand on my waist while the other rested on my exposed hip.

He stands up and looks at me eyes filled with pure lust as he licks his lips again leaving them moist. " I love it. "-his voice deep.

I smirk and get ahold of his tie. Pulling him closer to my face.

"Now..."- shit I don't know his name! "...what do you want to do with this slutty nurse?"

"I want to take her from behind."-he says.

"Condoms?"-I ask and wave of disappointment washes over him.


"No glove no love mister."-I state and his eyes beg me.

Im not risking my life like that. Not again.

"Fuck! I'll be back."-He says and I let go of his tie while he dashes off out of here.


I quickly rush over -minding my step- to the mini table and pour myself half a glass of the Hennessey. Two downs later the drink is gone and I contemplate on pouring a third.

But I fear that if I do these shoes will become my worst enemy.

The door shoots open once again scarying me. "Got 'em"-he says.

A whole packet in his hold.

This is going to be a long ass night.


Besides the fact that I smell like that man now or anything ranging from my whole body being covered in sweat I'm happy with the money I made today. 

I have enough money for a new tattoo and another piercing. I also did my hair and nails today which should've been a confidence booster. 

"A Rand for your thoughts?"-Zama startles me.

"Ha I'm just thinking about...politics."

She frowns.

"Liar. Anyway I thought you left already."

"Why would I leave you behind?"-I lie thinking of the past 3 hours I spent in that room faking orgasms.

"I would say that's so sweet if it was true but hey you clearly don't want to talk about it. "-she utters and I nod putting the nurse outfit into my backpack. "Anyway I made a killing today."

"You did?"-me.

" R4 050. I knew that sensual shit would make me tons."

"I don't even know what I'm going to do next..."

"Zama Azania."-TG calls us ending our conversation. Once again he takes out a something to smoke on from the inside of his pocket and sets it alight.

May the gods of hoeville give him lung cancer.

"Tiger."-Zama replies and I eye her.


"Excellent work today ladies especially you Azania. That man ended up adding another 4k to the money."

"What man?"-Zama asks.

" A cl-..."-Tiger starts off but I cut him short by saying "...I'll tell you on the way to the palace."


I've always preferred telling her myself of all my doings if she questioned. And right now I hated this fool in front of me with passion. 

Having him tell my story was going to anger me even more.

"Okay then I guess we can go."-She takes both our backpacks and hands me mine. Bobby makes his way to me and gives me my stage money.

"Thanks Bobz."-I roll the whole thick stash and put it in between my boobs.

Again I seem to forget it's winter and winter means that it's cold outside and that you should bring yourself something warm to wear. "Borrow me a coat."

"I only have an extra jersey...will it do?"-she digs it out of her bag before I even nod.

See my friend?

"You're the best."-I take it from her and put it on. The uber we requested is going to be here in 15 minutes acording to this UberApp. 

"So...the guy you were with."-Zama.

I sigh. 

"He was something else. He Wanted me to pretend like I was his niece some girl named Mmasechaba or in his own preferred nickname Shabba. He even made me wear a nurse outfit cause she's apparently one. "

"Shuu mfazi so you saved her from being raped?"

"Basically. He kept on saying he's always wanted her chocolate skin blah blah blah. It's a sad reality but what are you going to do?"-I shrug after saying that.

More cold wind blows causing my weave to blow into my face. I scoop the locks of hair and tame them behind my ear. 

"You guys waiting for an uber?"-Zinhle and Nomvelo appear from behind us. Nomvelo is busy on her phone. 


''Well we'll wait with you guys."-her.

Uhmm okay.

Our uber arrives and I couldn't be more thankful. Zama and I couldn't conversate because of these two. We get in and they force themself in our uber claiming that waiting for another one would be a drag.


I make sure my door is locked before I begin with my painting. I've had an image in my head ever since I was with Mr Thulo. 

Her face structured to mere perfection. 

Full lips and cheeks...bright eyes...smooth rich skin and a hint of pain. That's what I see when I stand back and look at my nearly finished work.

At the bottom instead of writing my name...I write hers.



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