Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Well there goes my life. 

"She's not supposed to back yet."-He says and scratches his bold head.

I feel like strangling him to death!

"What do you mean you lost the keys?!"-I ask struggling to sit on my butt.

"They were in my pockets now now but-..."-he starts but I cut him off.

"Go and distract her!"-I scold him still whispering.

I see him scratch his head once again before quickly going off to attend his wife whose supposed to away.

I keep dead quiet as I listen to their conversation and cringe when I remember that my handbag is downstairs. I hope she didn't see it!

Oh gosh I feel like crying!

"Agnes ufunani la? (What do you want here?)"-He asks closing the door behind him.

"I forgot a file here Sipho. Have you seen it?"-She asks her voice sweet and high. 

"What file?"

"My budgeting file baby. I won't be able do anything without it. "-I hear her answer.

"Oh...that one. Uhmm I think I saw it somewhere in our bedroom. "-He states.

"Let me go and check if...entlek (actually) what are you doing in the spare bedroom? "

I hear Baba stutter! You never stutter when you're bound to save your behind! 

"I...I was fixing the light bulb you told me I should fix."

"I told you to fix that ages ago and you decide to do that now? Anyway do you babe...I love you neh (okay)"-She says and he replies with an "I love you too."

They mumble something that I can't hear and I thank the gods of hoeville for really coming through for me in this time of need.

But then I heard it...

The words that made my heart stop for a minute. 

"Who's perfume am I smelling on you Sipho."

"I don't wear perfume so it uhmm one of the ladies at work."-He replies and there's a quarrel before the door shoots open. 


"What the heck is going on here?"-She asks calmly. Too calmly for my liking. 

I could probably lie my way out of this by saying he kidnapped me and cuffed me here against my will or honestly admit that I didn't know he was married. Either way I was embarrassed. Here I am laying on a bed bra cups underneath my boobs and my panties way across the room.

"Sipho! Yini lokhu? (What's this?)"-she asks him finally raising her voice.

"Agnes baby...I was just uhmm..."

"You were just what Sipho Yaz ungijwayela amasimba Sipho! (You're shutting on me Sipho!)"-That's when she actually bends and when she raises again I see a red kitten heel in her hold. "Amanyala (nonsense) Sipho!"-the shoe comes flying towards me as fast as lighting.

I duck. "Heeh!"-Agnes. She plunges at me. Baba tries to stop her but in my mind I already have my kung fu moves ready. 

"Agnes she didn't know I was married please calm down man."-baba Zwane says. 

Agnes stops fighting in his hold and out of nowhere slaps the guy right across the face.

"I hate you."-She says in her calm voice. She works herself out of his grip and storms off. This old hag is frozen on one spot until we both hear the sound of a door being closed.

Baba sighs before turning to look at me. He keeps on shaking his head as he walks towards the bed and sits at the edge. There's silence in the room. The only thing audible is my loud heartbeat beating against my now cold chest.

"Baba find the keys and set me free."

He turns to look my and runs his hand past his sweaty forehead. "You're going?"-he asks me earning my most dumbfounded look ever.

"Were you not present when your wife walked in on a half naked hoe cuffed to the bed? Please baba let's not fight. I'm not even in the mood anymore."-I answer.

"Does it even matter if you're not in the mood? I'm the one paying for your services aren't I?"

Well...I sigh rolling my eyes and keeping in all the words I wanted to say to this man in front of me. 

Rule number 1: The customer is always right.

"But you know what Baba will set you free..."


I step out of this huge house covered by the coat I came here wearing. Baba'Zwane was standing at the door just watching me leave and get into the SUV that brought me here. He promised to pay me my money cause at the end of the day he's the one who messed up. I just told him the next time he actually wants my services it better be at a hotel and no handcuffs!

The keys. They were in his pocket the whole time. It was just a matter of searching properly.

"Please switch on the radio."-I ask my driver. He does and I don't really care about which station we're on as long as this ride isn't quiet.

My phone pings in my handbag. A message from the bank. 

R20 000.

Hawu Baba!

I'm grinning ear to ear as I read the notification once more. 

Okay my eyes are definitely not deceiving me.


"Hau Azi you're back?"-Zama asks me jumping over the couch as catwalking towards me. She actually walks like that. 

"Yep and by some miracle in one piece."-I say making my way to the kitchen to get myself a bottle of water. 

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"I was nearly murdered by a red kitten heel."-I take a sip of water before hearing Zama burst out in laughter. 

"Now I really want to hear everything spill. "

I swallow to avoid chocking.

"It's not funny wena."-I utter and walk past her heading upstairs. "I honestly saw my life flashing past me. Imagine reading your own headlines as a ghost on Daily Sun newspaper: Prostitute cuffed and murdered with Agnes' red kitten heel. I don't think I'd rest in peace."-I tell as we climb up the stairs passing Nomvelo. Zama is at it again laughing her loud laugh. 

"Friend he cuffed you?"

"I repeat it's not funny."-I turn to look at her. She was holding a hand in front of her mouth and another on her stomach. 

"Mara mfazi just admit ke that it is kind of funny."

I chuckle unlocking my bedroom door "okay maybe a little bit."

She settles in on top of my bed while I remove my coat and hang it. "Aren't you supposed to be sending Peter into heaven right now?"-I ask searching for my pajamas. 

"He cancelled. Said something about a sudden family lunch."

I nod.


Zama left after we talked more silly stuff. We did however talk about going to the strip club tomorrow night cause she felt like dancing while I just felt like making more money. It was slowly becoming my not-so-secret habit and seeing my phone buzz with money notifications made my everything throb. 

I looked at the painting in front of me. Its a beautiful looking garden that looks like paradise. It's not complete but I love it so far. I put down my paintbrush as well as the red paint in my hold. I lift my canvas and go put it in a corner near my closet where I knew it wouldn't be bothered and it would dry in peace. 

I try cleaning as far as I can but end up leaving it and retreat for a quick shower. "What a waste of a clean pair of pajamas"-I mumbled to myself. 


My eyes shoot open from the bad dream I had. It's a dream I've had plenty of times that I just wish I could wipe completely from my memory. 

Frustrated I rub the sleep out of my eyes and sit up straight reaching for my phone. 


Perfect time for a morning jog. I quickly get out of bed and change into something comfort for jogging. I grab my phone and earphones unlock and lock my bedroom door and dash on downstairs while untangling the earphones.

No one is awake yet and I understood. Okay only the guards were wide awake standing outside. I don't greet simply because I knew they would ignore me. I put each earphone in my ear and jog to the gate listening to Eye of the Tiger on repeat. 

I make my way out of the gate and start jogging on the familiar road. 

"Risin' up back on the street Did my time took my chances Went the distance now I'm back on my feet. Just a man and his will to survive. So many times

now I'm back on my feet. Just a man and his will to survive. So many times it happens too fast. You trade your passion for glory. Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past..."-I sing the lyrics ignoring the fact that I probably sounded like trash.

Something touches my shoulder causing me pull one of the earphones out and turn to look back. Who's this? I think I panic a little thinking the worst.

"Woah I'm sorry to startle you it's just that I was calling and calling and not getting a response."-He tries to explain himself.

I step back a little since the space between us wasn't to my liking. "I'm not a kidnapper or anything like that."-he says putting his hands in the air trying to prove that he was probably unarmed.

"And you expect me to believe you?"-I question feeling my body reverse again. He on the other hand comes closer not too much though.

"I do actually don't you think I would've done something by now if I was indeed a kidnapper? "-Him.

I should be jogging. "Look uhmm..."

"Xavier the name is Xavier."-He says reaching his hand out for me to shake.

I'm not shaking his hands shem.

"Okay...Xavier if you don't mind I have to be jogging."-I remarked already turning around.

"Please. I'm new here and I just wanted to jog with someone who actually knows this place better than I do."


Eye of the Tiger continues to play in my one ear. 

"Fine let's go Xander."

"It's Xavier."-He corrects me earning a chuckle from me.

"Whatever let's go."

About 30 minutes later we stop in front of my gate. I'm sweaty and out of breath only because I haven't been doing this for a while now.

"You live here?"

I nod putting my hands on my waist. "Alone?"

Uhmm... "No of course not."

Okay this is starting to become a little awkward. I don't know this guy at all...or maybe he's trying to get some.

"I...I have to go."-I utter and dash past the opening gate. I can feel his eyes on me...

After taking a shower and changing into thick leggings and a jersey head downstairs. It's chaotic. 2 girls are preparing some breakfast while the others were just watching TV. Zinhle is sitting in a far corner on the long brown couch busy with her phone. Next to her is Celia Trish Amanda Naomi Hanna Lahifa -the only muslim girl here- and Nonthando. 

Some were focused on the TV screen in front of them while others concentrated on their phone. Today was just a day we got to be ourselves unless you got an order from yours truly Tebogo. He's usually all in your face by this time of the day.

"Come sit with me mfazi."-Zama signals to me.

"Where's Nomvelo?"-I ask and she shrugs.

"She's probably with Tiger dearest."-She responds causing me to roll my eyes. That sounds about right. 

"The audacity of that man! How many more days before our monthly meetings I think I'm ready to spill."

Zama playfully slaps my shoulder before yielding my malicious plan. "You shouldn't that's mean."

"Mean? Doesn't Rule 10: Thy shall not sleepeth with thy staffeth...ring a bell?"

"Okay Shakespeare."

Ah they both walk in. Nomvelo and Tebogo. He has his hand around her neck holding her close. He's at it again with the gum chewing and cheap fake chaines. "Ladies mantombazane."-Him.

"Tiger."-Some of the girls greet back.

"Go sit baby."-He says to Nomvelo kissing her on the lips.

She walks to the empty space on one of the couches and sits.



"İt's Azania to you boy."

He chuckle putting his hands in his pockets.

"Azania."-he mocks me with some attitude. "I hear you want to go with Zama to the club."

I don't answer only because this guy really gets on my nerves.

"Azania I'm talking to you."

"You heard right Tebogo."-Me.

"Ke Tiger wena sfebe (it's tiger you bitch)"

Sheesh did I hit a nerve.

"Entlek come to my office now."-him.

"I'm not going anywhere with you."-I say folding my arms in front of my chest.

"You like testing my patience nhe? I said go to my office now Azania."

"Haibo she said she's not going anywhere with you get that through your thick skull hau."-Zama says next to me. My eyes scan the room. Everyone's attention is on me and that idiot by the door.

"Zama you're forgetting I'm technically your boss right? So shut that mouth of yours."-He says and takes out a gun.

What the heck? 

"Azania to my office now."


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