Chapter 1

Chapter 1 ♡ ♡ ♡ "Is everyone here?"-He asked looking around Rusev and Mike standing firmly next to him. I find myself looking around as well and roll my eyes since this is honestly becoming a bore. We've been sitting for 15 minutes for all the girls to come together in this lounge but there are still a few lost asses who can't be punctual even for a meeting that happens once a month. "I swear..."-Zama started "...I'm going to stand up and leave if we wait here for another minute." I chuckle. "Me and you both." Then finally Jack brought out the 2 whores who've been standing in the way of progress. They're both pushed onto a couch. "Finally..."-I mumble to myself and focus back on Nqoba who clears his throat. "Now without wasting more precious time my dimes I'd like to adress a few things." He holds out his hand and Rusev puts a piece of paper there. "Firstly. Nomvelo I got a complaint from Mr to explain yourself?"-Nqoba says in his deep and sexy voice. I've honestly fantasised about him only because he was your typical tall dark and freaken handsome guy. "Uhmm...boss...I I..."-Nomvelo starts but Nqoba is having none of it. "Since when do you stutter Nomvelo?"-He asks her. Sheesh. "I don't stutter sir."-she answers him in a low voice. "Then answer me. Why did I receive a complaint from Mr Young?"-Nqoba asks her giving Rusev back the paper. This is probably the best time to mention that Tiger dearest was messing around with her when she clearly had to be with Mr Young. Tebogo or aka Tiger has been an absolute burden to us ladies. He's Nqoba's second in command and a complete waste of space. He's the type that would do whatever he wanted when Nqoba wasn't here and when he was he would be a wet dog the whole time. Just like he was right now. I eye him and he's not even blinking as he stared at Nomvelo who clearly had to lie to save all our asses. "I'm waiting for you answer Nomvelo."-Nqoba. "He didn't...he didn't want to follow the rules and regulations sir."-she lies blatantly. We all know the rules and regulations of this place only because it's the first thing you learn by heart when you get here. "Is that so? Which one?"-he grills her putting his hands inside the pockets of his tight pants. Oh I want to touch his beard so bad! I shift between Zama's legs and pull my knees up to my chest. She was on the couch while I was on a cushion on the floor. "The...the condom one."-Nomvelo says. I watch how Nqoba processes this news before clearing his throat for the second time today and nods. He looks at the piece of paper again and reads. "Zama good girl. " "Wayaz (You know it) boss."-she says and I roll my eyes. She's my only friend here. "Zinhle..."-Nqoba starts. She -Zinhle- is the biggest skank here. She makes the most money out of all of us. " did good baby girl. 20%"-Nqoba finishes off and I hear her squeal out of excitement. Okay that concludes today's meeting then. I was already halfway on the rise when Nqoba asked me "And then? Who said I was done talking?" I pout. "Uhmm force of habit sir" "Sit down Azania."-Him. Oh I like how my name just rolls off this tongue! I obey him and sit back down on the cushion. Zama chuckles along with the 15 other girls in here. "Now before Ms Mnguni rudely interrupted me I was going to announce our highest profit maker this whole month. She'll be getting 40% extra on her monthly pay." Well I'll be gobsmacked. Who in the name of all that's holy made more money than Mrs hoe-of-the-year? We're all looking around and everyone is just as shocked. "Ms Mnguni well done."-he says. Sheesh. Me? What do you do at a time like this? Rejoice for being at everyone's service? "That's impossible! "-Zinhle. "Oh yes it is possible."-Zama. I don't really care about anything other than the fact that I can do my hair and nails in peace now. --- "How's your schedule looking like?"-Zama asks me as she put a few pieces of chicken breast onto a hot pan and allowed it to sizzle. "My schedule? I have don't a client today. I'm just going to be lazing around nje in this place. I'll probably even hog the remote. "-I reply getting onto the counter and sit. "You?" She shrugs. "Mr regular degular is probably coming tonight..." "Peter?" "Yep."-she says and attends to her already cooked spaghettiadding what she'd call her special sauce. She is my personal cook too and believe me when I say she's good. My grandmother did try and teach me how to cook but it was never in my interest to learn how to do that. "Should we go spicy with today's meal?"-Zama asks a smirk on her face. I nod licking my lips already thinking of the sweet and succulent food I'm about to eat. "You should stop doing that when you see Nqoba."-Zama. "Stop doing what?"-I ask watching her turn the meat to the other side. "Licking your lips like he's a piece of meat." "But he is a piece of meat."-I justify. She chuckles. "A married piece of meat." "And when has that ever stopped anyone in here?" She looks at me before focusing back on her pots. "Azania..."- she warns and I roll my eyes. "Relax I won't touch him unless he touches me first."-I say and we both share a mischievous laugh. Tiger walks into the kitchen looking like his normal self.  Leather jacket jeans golf tshirt carvella's and a bucket hat. Today he's even added 2 tacky looking gold chains as if the gold teeth weren't enough. "Ladies mantombazane."-He greets and only Zama replies to him while I take my phone out to distract myself. "Azania nawe ngiyakubulisa (I'm greeting you too)" My eyes dart to him as I mumble a "Hi." "I forgot how rude you can get."-he says folding his arms in front of his chest chewing gum like there was no tomorrow. "You came all the way to the kitchen to tell me how rude I am?"-I ask and he lifts an eyebrow before spitting out his gum into his hand and tossing it into the dustbin. "No pussy-of-the-month. I'm here to tell you that Mr Sipho Zwane is requesting your presence today at 20h00 sharp."-Tiger says and I want to scream. Not when I honestly thought I wasn't going anywhere today and not with that man. Bless his soul but...I... "Is that an excuse I hear coming along?"-he asks moving forward. "Hau? Zama did my subconscious say something right now?"-I ask sarcastically my eyes still glued to Tebogo. "Nope."-Zama. "Okay good. I'll get a driver ready for you too then."-Tebogo says and winks at me before turning to leave. "Yaz (you know) I can't wait until the actual boss finds out what that idiot does when he isn't around. " "Chommie! Same..!"-Zama stated and turned to me "...mind your head." She took out 2 plates and started dishing up for us. "Shall we go and stuff our faces in your room?"-she asks me and I nod getting off the counter. We both head to the second floor where our rooms were. This place was honestly huge and if you were a newbie to this area you'd swear it was a hotel. The 3 storey building consisted of individual rooms for each girl here and boom-boom rooms where all the nasty bits were done. The boom-boom rooms were at the top floor our bedrooms in the middle floor and the lounge kitchen sitting room with huge TV as well as a fireplace was at the bottom. We shared the bottom meaning if you find the remote unattended then it's yours. It's funny to know that we still fight for it because not everyone around here enjoys watching Generations or Isidingo. "On second thought maybe we should go eat in my room."-Zama said when I walked into my room. "What's wrong with my room?"-I ask sitting on my bed. "Everything. How much paint does one person need?"-She asks me putting her food on the bed and brings a chair closer. "A lot thanks for even reminding me that I need to stock up."-I reply. She removes a painting that I had been working on since last week. A red rose. I have no idea why I painted it but it's there. I paint what I feel and paint to release all my worries and troubles. It's become a coping mechanism because in this industry you do tend to lose yourself. Sometimes to drugs and even more drugs. "This is actually good."-She says putting it with my other paintings. "Don't forget me when you become rich."-She says and chuckles sitting next to me. "Imagine...a painting prostitute."-I joke. "Ha friend wena (you) just don't forget me."-She says and we finish our meal over a stupid conversation. She leaves with our plates and I get a chance to tidy up in here. I throw away all the empty paint containers and open my window letting some fresh air in. At 18h00 I go and take my shower. I don't bother shaving since I did that yesterday. I step out dry my body and lotion before going to my closet to search for something I can wear. I wonder ideally what Baba likes cause 5 days ago -when he came here for hookup night- was the first time I was with him. Hookup night is every Friday. It's a night where men with lots of cash come here know. I end up picking a lacey thong with a matching bra. I comb my weave and put on some make up. I take a knee high trenchcoat and put it on. I finish off my look with a pair of black red bottoms that match with the coat. I check the time before walking out of my room and lock it. I pass Zinhle Celia and Trish. "We can go."-I say to the driver of the SUV I'm in. He nods and drives on out of here. I'm nervous. But I comfort myself with the fact that he's no stranger and if anything was going to happen he'd feel the burn of my mighty pepper spray. The driver pulls up in front of a gate. My eyes swim to the house in front of us and I think my eyes go wide. The gate slides open and we drive in. This house is beautiful. My driver steps out and comes all the way around to my side. He opens my door and gives me space to get out. "Damn."-I mumble to myself and bite on my bottom lip before remembering that they were smothered in lipstick earlier. "Are you sure this is the right place?"-I ask him and like all the other drivers I've had in the past he nods. Sheesh! I flip my hair back before making my way to the front door. I hope there are no dogs here because dogs and I aren't really the best of friends. I swallow hard and reach my finger out to press the button. I listen attentively as it rings and seconds later the door swings open bringing Baba Zwane in to full view. "My diamond. Please come in."-He says and I put on the best smile on my face. His hand goes around my waist as he closes the door behind me. "You look ravishing my diamond that neck piece really brings out your eyes."-He says. I too was admiring this pearl necklace. "Come lets have a drink." I walk with him his hand still firmly on my waist as we make our way to an open plan lounge area. "Sit on down." I sit down throwing my one leg over the other and unbutton the two top buttons of my coat. He walks off to a glass table and pours us both a glass of bubbly. The bottle goes back into a bucket filled with ice. "Thank you Baba."-I acknowledge taking the bubbly from him and take a sip. "Mhnn..." "You like that?"-He asks and I nod talking another sip feeling the bubbles dance on my tongue. " live here?"-I blurt the question out. Why does that even matter? "Yes you like it?" "İt's a sight."-I utter and take another sip. "Just like you are."-He says and if I was interested in him in that way then I swear I would've been in blushingville right now. "Flattery will get you anywhere Baba." "I'm hoping it does."-He says. There's an awkward moment of silence. Both of us just downing the Moët like juice. "Refill?" "Yes please."-He gets up and takes the bottle. He refills my glass and his. "Why don't we uhmm...take this upstairs." I get up fixing my coat. He reaches for my hand and we walk heading towards the flight of wooden stairs. "You're into politics?"-I ask when I spot a picture of him and few known politicians. Julius being one of them. "I am a politician baby."-Him. He pushes open a door. It's a bedroom. A very spacious one. "You first my lady." I sit on his bed and check the time on my phone. 20h34. He removes his suit and throws it on the couch in here. The grey walls of this room make it feel cold. I put the glass of bubbly on the bedside table and focus on him. "I wonder what you have on underneath that coat." "Wanna see...?"-I question parting my legs a little just to tease. He swallows and licks his bottom lip. My hands start unbuttoning the unbuttoned buttons of my coat and reveal my half nakedness. He takes in a sharp breath. "I'm guessing you're pleased."-me. He nods. "Stand up I want to see more."-Baba commands. I'm smirking as I stand up and drop the coat on the floor. "Yoh...can you see what you're doing to me?"-he points to his crotch. No. "Mhmm yes." "Wait here."-Baba says and rushes off to what I assume is a closet. I on the other hand take a quick sip of my bubbly asking the gods of hoeville to be with me as I take this journey. He comes back holding a paperbag from adult world. Sheesh. His hand appears again after digging in the paperbag holding fluffy handcuffs. No! "Lie on the bed for me."-He says and I hesitate getting on. "Azania." I heave out a sigh and eventually get on. The idea of having his big self on me while I'm cuffed doesn't necessary sound clit-throbbing. In conclusion he's just not clit-throbbing at all. He's beside me. He takes my one arm and cuffs it to on one of the wooden poles of his headboard. He does the same with my other arm. I try moving my hands to see if they're really really locked and stop when I get my answer. He goes to stand at the edge of the bed. My eyes are on him. Watching and waiting in agony as to what he's going to do next. He holds both my ankles and pulls me until the cuffs press on my wrists. "Ouch...baba!" "Sorry Diamond."-he says. He hooks my thong and pull it down and forces my legs apart. Slow down old man... "You have any other piercings? "-He disturbs the silence looking at my bellybutton. "Yes..."-I answer feeling one of his thick fingers on the lips of my girl. "Let Baba see." "I'd show you if you didn't cuff me."-I say. I watch him lick on the fingers that were on my slit a moment ago. "Then tell baba where they are."-His hand goes back to my slit and with the wet fingers he rubs gently on my clit. Why am I liking this? "Nipples...they're on my nipples."-I reply quickly when his finger penetrates my entrance. "Wow."-He breathes out and reaches out to my bra. "Someone is starting to enjoy themselves. "-I hear him say. "Mhmm me I am." I suddenly feel his warm tongue on my clit and gasp for air. It flickers through my folds capturing me in a cage I didn't expect I'd get from Zwane. A cage of pleasure. My thighs press against his head as I let out a moan when his fingers start to plunge deeper and faster in me... I'm on the edge of losing myself when he halts with everything. My eyes shoot open and I look at him feeling like kicking him where the sun doesn't shine. "What the f-..." "Shhhh...I think my wife is home."-he whispers. Wife? Home? Shit? "Sipho! Sipho!"-I hear a female voice yell and it was getting closer. "Uncuff me!"-I whisper loud enough for him to hear. "I...I can't find the keys!"-He whispers back. Zimu...(Lord) This can't be happening!


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