Chapter 9

Falling asleep after that call was harder than I thought it would be. Every time I closed my eyes I'd see his blue daring eyes or just hear his voice. 


I hated myself for doing this to both myself and him but honestly who would want someone who's fucked more people that she can count? I don't think I would accept someone who opened their legs at every human that threw money at them. 


Is this what it feels like liking someone? It feels like I should pour out my whole heart to him but I can't. I've never been this weak and my wall has never been broken down by a mere man. Frustrated I pull the blankets off my body and reach for my gown. I put on my slippers and take my phone. I leave my room locking it and make my way to Zama's room.

When I get there I knock lightly. Her lights were still on and some Erykah Badu song was playing. I knocked again and that's when I heard her door unlocking and soon after it opened bringing a high looking Zama into view.

She chuckles and immediately I smell the weed coming from inside her room.

"Come in mfazi."-She said making some space for me to enter. I made my way to her couch a whole ashtray filled with weed laid on the armrest. 

"Can I spend the night here?"-I asked watching her dance to the song that played away. 

"Why? You have ghosts in your room?"-She asked giggling and reached for the blunt and lighter that was on the table. 

"No I just couldn't sleep."-she sets it alight and takes a pull before passing it on to me. 

"Ohh...alright."-Zama says continuing with her dancing. We shared two more blunts before I started feeling high.

"Mfazi I'm in love."-I blurt out chuckling with her. 

"In love? Wena?"-She laughs taking the blunt from me. My eyes feel irritated and I knew for sure they were red.

"Ya mfazi. I can't believe it."

"Mfazi my client today...shuuu I couldn't believe it."-Zama.

"What couldn't you believe?"

"He was soooooo hottttt I wanted him to stay. I think I was also in love with my client."-She says and we laugh. This weed was surely messing with both our minds.


"I swear my friend. Every single thing about him was on point. His face beard his butt and his dick."-She blurted while I puffed out the smoke I had in my mouth. 

"I don't want to hear about his dick please. "-I laugh. 

"But frie-..."

"Ha.a (no) eww."-me. 



I flap my eyes when they're open a couple of times before they adjusted to the light from outside. Zama is honestly the worst sleeper ever.

She literally crushed me into the corner her leg and hand on my body.

"Zama..."-she doesn't move. "Zama marn...vuka."

She actually inhales sharply and opens her eyes. "Yoh good morning to you too Ms Mnguni."

"Get off me we have a meeting to attend to."-I say.

Whuuu My breath!

"Is that really today?"

"Yep now move."-I say. She sighs frustrated and rolls off me and off the bed standing to stretch. I follow soonafter. 

We decide to take a shower together to save time. We lotion and I put my gown on before leaving her room heading to my own. "Boss lady is already here. Hurry. "-Hanna warns me as she made her way downstairs. 


After making my bed and putting on something comfortable I leave heading downstairs where I find almost everyone seated on the couches. It's just Zama Celia and the almighty Nomvelo that are shorting. 

Nqoba's wife looked freaken gorgeous. For a thick madame she surely can dress no doubt about that. She had on these skinny jeans pointy nosed stilettos and a striped jersey. 

Her bright red lip colour made her look like she was glowing.

Rusev stood next to her and they were talking about something I didn't necessarily pay attention to. 

Zama came in minutes later dressed in a dramatic coat and fluffy bright yellow boots. She smiled when she spotted me.

"You look colorful."-I admit when she comes to stand in front of me.

"You like?"-She asks grabbing a cushion from the couch and throws it between my legs on the ground.

"Nope."-I say laughing and she rolls her eyes making her way down to sit on the cushion.

"You are just jealous."

"That's your opinion."-I say.

"Is eveyone here yet?"-Mrs Zwane asks. I look around. 

"Only Nomvelo and Tiger are shorting."-Rendani says. 

Mrs Z nods and turns to Rusev. "Can you please go fetch them? I have places to be and people to see."

Rusev nods and makes his way towards the back where Tiger's office was. 

Minutes later they come walking in Rusev behind them. Nomvelo goes and sits next to Zinhle while Tiger sits on the chair he occupies on these meetings. Mrs Z clears her throat facing us her fingers entwined in front her chest. "Ladies and gentleman I greet you."

"Hey."-some of us say including myself.

"As you all can see Nqoba my husband couldn't make it here today because of important things that needed to be handled."-She says and I nod paying attention to whatever she'll say next. 

"Right...uhmm I don't actually know how these meetings work but you'll have to correct me where I'm wro-..."-Tiger interrupts her.

"Ya ya let me help you daarso mevrou. (...there mrs.)"-he says taking the papers from Rusev. 

He appears to read it before looking up at us. "Uhmm Zama ya blah blah Nomvelo well done...uhmm Zinhle good for you mogirl and the-..."

"Sorry bhuti (brother) what do you think you're doing?"-Mrs Z asks her arms now folded in front of her chest.

"I'm only helping Mrs-..."

"Tiger. Go sit down."

"But m-..."

"Go sit down Tiger."-She says taking the papers from him. I chuckle watching him rubbing his hands together before turning to go and sit down on his chair. 

"Now before I was rudely interrupted I was going to say that the numbers look good which means you dimes have been doing an amazing job and for that I'd like to applaud you. My husband has organised a day of pampering for you all that will take place tomorrow. "-Mrs Z stated and we cheered. A free day of pampering? What more can a person ask for really...?

"Uhmm...Mrs Z?"-Tiger calls out standing up from his chair. 

"What?"-Mrs Z.

"Uhmm I was thinking of something that I would've run through grootman today but seeing as that you're here I might as well tell you instead."-He says. Zama looks up at me giving me the exact look of confusion I had on my face. 

What is this pig up to?

"Khuluma ke (talk then) I'm listening. "-Mrs Z. 

Tiger clears his throat. "A vacation."

"A vacation?"-Mrs Z chuckles out. "I'm sorry what?"

"Luister (listen) Mrs Z. For years these girls have been literally working their asses off for the success of this business. I've seen them working and even on their worst days they continue to deliver and make this place what it is. Don't you think just like that day of pampering-what-what they would appreciate a trip to Dubai or something?"-He says and I'm stunned. This has to be the first time I've ever heard this guy have a piece of heart. It probably hurt saying those words I'm sure. Mrs Z nods as if really considering this. 

Yes I'd definitely love a vacation to somewhere like Dubai. To not be hoeing for a few well deserved day offs. 

"I agree mam."-Zinhle says. "I've been here long enough to confirm the fact that we haven't really had something like that. I'm not saying other businesses do that but our jobs...are risky as fuck. I may get infected as in yesterday. "

"Yeah this could be seen as a breather from all the clients and clubs and high heels and so forth."-Celia.

"Please Mrs Z."-Rendani. 

"Oh pleasseeee..."-Naomi.

I'm not begging for shit. 

"Okay okay I hear your point and it seems and sounds valid. I'll run the idea past my husband and inform Tiger here."-She says smiling and once again the ladies chear. Well Dubai watch out the queen of hoeville is coming there soon enough.


I watched how Zama lifted herself with the pole spreading her masterpiece pair of legs before rhythmically sliding down the pole and lands on her bare ass cheeks. The mini skirt she wore was doing her justice since the stage was flooded with Mandelas. She lay flat as her song came to a finish and the crowd went wild some still throwing money on the floor others clapped and looked thirsty. She stood up gracefully wearing the new pair of heels we ordered on Yizhouli which came three days ago. It's been 2 weeks and 3 days since that meeting and the confirmation of a trip that was going to take place in about two days time.

We were just collecting the last bits of cash so that we wouldn't be stranded the moment we land. 

Zama made her way to me while Phila went to get her rands from stage. "I'm done your turn."-She says a huge smile on her lips.

"You looked good but I'll look even better."-I yelled loud enough for her to hear me as a song started playing. 

"Why wasn't I told about this competition?"-Her.

I shrug. "Maybe because there isn't one I'm just trying to tell you I dance better."

"Well we'll see about that."

I hand her both my phone and hers before hearing Dj Spook utter the words that made me nervous. Phila came with Zama's bucket handing it to her. 

"Ladieeesssss and Gentlemeeennnn are you ready for Azaniiiaaaaa?"-He spoke and the crowd went wild. 

"Well that was an obvious yes now show some love for Azaniiiaaaaa!"

I made my way to stage as the lights went green. Bruno Mars' song starting to play on tbe speakers. There's just something about Gorilla that makes you want to take it all off...but I'm gonna refrain from that now. I grabbed the pole sinking to the floor and twerked. My eyes on the anticipating crowd. It looked fuller today. Maybe because some people got paid and were already spending their money on sin.

"...Banging on my chest BANG BANG! GORILLA...ohhhh oh oh..."-Bruno sang and I just moved my body to the song. This woman smoking a cigar pinned some money on my thong. I kissed her cheek. 

The song ends with me being tired but thankful for the colour on the stage. Phila walked past me going to pick up my money. Zama stood there at the backstage. 

"Okay maybe that was good."-She says and I can't help but roll my eyes. "Of course it was like duh."-I joke and we go sit on a bench. Tiger walks out with some chick I didn't know. 

Phila bought my money and we started counting. "R4510."-I said after all my counting. 

"Ha! I made R 4900! Eat that."-She says.

"Mxm you got lucky."-I say trying hard not to feel like a loser.

"Ag mara you're so dramatic mfazi. Come lets go make some more Randela's. "-Zama suggested and I agreed. We went to put away our phones in her locker along with the money we had with us. 

"Would you ladies like a drink?"-this man asked us sipping on his glass of Hennessy. Zama and I looked at each other before nodding. The other two men in this VIP section had a lady each on their laps. The ladies clearly determined to suck every cent from these businessmen if given a chance. 

He signaled for a waiter and drank again from his glass. "Now ladies tell me what you offer."

Well duh. We'll wash you're laundry.

"What do you mean?"-Zama asked. 

"I meant can you two fuck?"-He says taking a sip once again before Zama got up from the comfortable VIP seater. 

"Of course we can fuck...ask my neighbour whose in a coma right now for what I did to him."-She lies straddling the guy and fiddling with the top button of his Polo golf tshirt.

"Will she be joining you?"-He asks allowing Zama to sip his drink.

I nod getting up too. Zama moves straddling one leg while I straddle the other. "You want both of us?"

The waiter arrives. 

"Sir."-İt's Monté who looks uncomfortable. 

"Yes boy bring us your finest bottle of..."-The stranger whose lap we invaded said and halt for us to finish off his sentence. 

"Bubbly...finest bottle of bubbly."-Zama says not even looking at him.

"Yes I want both of you...how much?"-He says hand going onto my bare waist. 

Zama giggles. Trust her for being this sexy for a good rand.

"20k."-She gambles and he nods. 

"That's a price worth it."-He says and I swear I would've squealed if my eyes didn't raise and meet his...

Oh no.

The crowd of men he came in here with leave him behind while he remained completely frozen where he stood. One of the men came back and I assumed asked him what's up and he only brushed him off causing the man to walk away. The anger I see in him when he marches forward is one I've never seen before.

I try getting off this guy's lap but he held me tighter preventing my freedom from taking place. 

"Let me go."-I say and I feel Zama's eyes on me.

"Azi you okay?"-Zama asks and the moment she does he was standing on the side of the couch. 

"Excuse me..."-He says. 

"Xavier what are yo-..."

"What's going on here?!"-He asked and I swear it felt like he was shouting at me like a kid. 

"Yey! Get you own girls!"-this pest I was sitting on interrupted. 

He ignores him flatly. "Azania what the fuck is going on here?"- he asked again. 

I'm quiet. This is not how I wanted him to find out especially not in this position. 


He suddenly grabs my arm and pulls me away from this man. "Ouch! Xavier what the fuck! You're hurting me..."-I whined as he continued to pull me towards the exit/entrance of this club. "Azania!"-Zama yelled.

What's wrong with this guy. Instead of slowing down he picks me up throwing me over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes.

"Yey! Wena mlungu ngibeke phantsi! (You white person put me down!)"-I commanded hitting his back but nothing. The cold air hit my exposed body giving me goosebumps. 

"I don't know what the fuck you just said but I-..."

"Xavier put me the hell down."-I demand and we come to a halt before he puts me down. I shiver and put my hands on my upper arms crossed. 

There's silence. Both of us just looking at each other. He was filled with anger while I was just embarrassed. I've been caught in the act and I didn't know what to do now. 

He takes off his jacket and puts it over my shoulders it was still warmed by his own heat...

"Get in the car."-He said unlocking and opening the door.

"What? I'm not getting into no dam-..."

"Get in the fucking car Azania."-He said firmly and only then did I get in sighing before he angrily shut the door. 

He switched on the engine and drove out of here. The silence in here is so thick I couldn't take it anymore. I reached for the radio and attempted to switch it on but my hand was slapped away. "What the fuck!"

"Don't 'what the fuck' me Azania don't!"-He says and as a car passed by giving light I got to see how he tightened his grip on the steering wheel. 

"What was the meaning of that anyway? You grinding on a man's lap?"

"Dont start Xavier."

"Dont start what Azania? What the utter fuck do you expect me to do the moment I see you in a fucking strip club doing whatever you were doing?"

I expect you to stop whatever you were expecting and go to another strip club. In fact what was he doing there? Satisfying a need?

"Don't yell at me Xavier. Don't."

"I..."-He pauses and sighs. "...I'm sorry but I'm just trying to make sense of what I saw. You're an exotic dancer?"-He sounds calmer but still had this hint of anger in him. 

"No..."-My voice is too low as I turn and look out the window "...I'm not an exotic dancer Xavier. I'm much more than that."

"I'm not following Azania."-Xavier. 

Why is this so hard? I sigh pulling the jacket closer to my body cause somehow even with all this heat in here I still felt cold. 

"I'll understand if you want nothing to do with me after this but just spare my soul and drop me off at the palace."-I play with my fingers and look at him. "I...I'm...I'm a Whore a slut a prostitute. You name it..."

Silence engulfs us just as I expected. Now I just waited for my bitchy self to be dumped off at the palace no questions asked...

My eyes half open when I felt some coolness hit my body. I'm lifted out of the car and I closed my eyes again as I felt motion. The cold stopped and I felt us being in a house. He climbed up some stairs still holding me in place. A door is opened and I wonder immediately when he got my keys. My sleep overpowered me again as I felt the soft comfortable bed underneath my back.

Oh...not my room.

And minutes later I'm warmer underneath the covers...

His covers...


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