Chapter 8

İt's a Friday and I woke up feeling terrible. Both from the banging headache from this obvious hangover and this approaching flu attack. 

One of the clients I had yesterday had flu and now you've guessed it...

I know I've told myself before that I'll never get that drunk but yesterday I needed encouragement. I remember making the same vow a few months ago but look at me now. 

My loud phone rings from underneath my pillow and the loudness makes me want to throw it against the wall breaking it into a thousand small pieces. I dig it out. It's not my alarm instead it's a call. 

From him.

I heaved out a sigh before lowering the volume causing it to go to vibrating mode. I've been ignoring him for a solid 2 weeks and a few days. I'm saving his ass from a liar and a hoe even though he doesn't seem to get it.

It stops vibrating and again I sigh smelling my awful alcohol breath. Eww.

I also haven't been jogging for that long...

I shut my eyes thinking of today. I have a house call and it's some people I didn't know of. But I knew it was a couple which means they'll be paying in double the money from the original fee. 

The annoying vibrating sound comes again but it's shorter this time around. A message.

I roll off my bed and sit on the edge. My elbows on my thighs and my fingertips on the sides of my forehead. I massaged slowly eager to aid this hangover. My eyes still shut. I remember instantly that the monthly meeting is tomorrow and we'll probably be addressed by the wife again I don't know. But we'll see.

I head to the bathroom and brushed my teeth looking at my reflection in front of the mirror. I looked horrible. My eyes had bags and my face didn't look as vibrant as I would've wished.. but nothing a little bit of makeup can't fix. I spit out the toothpaste before rinsing my mouth and heading towards the shower. Patiently I waited until the water became hot before stepping in allowing the water to ease down my skin.

I made a mental note to order two pairs of shoes from Yizhouli.

"You look terrible."-Zama said as I came into the kitchen where I found her preparing breakfast for the whole house presumably. 

"I feel terrible."-I said and searched in the medical aid cabinet for some painkillers. You'd swear I was drinking alone judging by the way Zama acted but truth was we all got wasted. She just rarely got hungover and I envied her for that. 

"I could always whip up my miracle working hangover concoction."-Zama suggests a bright smile pasted on her lips. 

"No thank you Dr Xulu. Ngiright (I'm alright) with these painkillers."-I say and make my way to the tap after getting a glass for the water. 

Zama is giggling and it's so darn loud to be honest but I let her be cause if I said something it would also be loud. 

I down the two things I held hoping the pills would make this better. "I'll somaar make your eggs spicy."

I nod and sit on a high chair laying my head on the counter. "So why you not jogging anymore?"-Zama.

I shrug. "It wasn't my cup of tea."

"Hau? Jiki jiki (All of a sudden) it's not?"-Zama asks removing the sausages that were in the pan. "Azi you've been jogging on and off for years and now it's suddenly not your cup of tea?"

"Ya hau. Why do I have t-..."

"Is it that guy?"-She interrupted me causing me to shut up.

"No."-I say dryly trying very hard not to sound interested in this topic even though deep down I wanted to tell the world something about...I don't what exactly. 


I take my phone and go to my messages. Vodacom promotions. Sigh. I go to WhatsApp and his name pops up at the very top with 2 unread messages. 


I press on it after a lot of contemplating. I'm blaming this on my headache. 

*Hey can you please answer my calls. I'm sorry if I crossed the line Azania. Just talk to me.*-The first message read. 

"How spicy shou..."

Today's message: *I called you to tell you I'm le-...*

"Azania!"-Zama calls me making me flinch and grabbing my attention almost immediately. I lift my head facing her.

"Ha.a (no) you're making noise."

"I've been calling you."-Zama.

"For ini?"

"Heban I want to know how spicy you want your eggs."

"Really now? Make them spicy enough to cure this hangover. "-I reply and get up once again to get myself some more water.

"Morning guys."-Rendani greeted us as she walked into the kitchen dressed in a gown. 



Rendani giggles. "Don't start."

"Sorry girl I couldn't stop myself. You good?"-Zama.

"I'm alright. You?"-Rendani replies freely. She's so bubbly honestly. 

"I'm good."-Zama.

"What about you Azania?"-She asks me as I gulped down the cool water in one go.

"Me? I have a headache so you can guess how I feel right now."-I say and put the glass in the sink.

"Shame girl. You'll get better."-Rendani. 

I nod and lift the phone to my face to finish off reading that message. 

*I called you to tell you I'm leaving. Again I'm sorry. This is me backing off. Hope you keep safe.*-I finished reading the message and again I felt some type of way.

I exit WhatsApp and sighed heavily feeling like getting myself another glass of water but I didn't. 

"Your food."-Zama says handing me my plate full of food. I take it thanking her. I shove the phone deep into the back pocket of my sweatpants.

We make our way to the sitting room where all the girls sat lazily. I find a space next go Lahifa and sit. "There's food in the kitchen."-Zama announced sitting down on the one sitter.

Some of them go.

Some of them stay.

I eat and clear my whole plate of goodness then go rinse it.


After refreshing and trying to look better for a little confidence I left the room dressed in a polloneck jersey skinny jeans kneehigh heel boots. I find Tiger sitting on a couch busy with a laptop. Some of the girls are already at their BBR and some like myself are on house call. He looks up and smirks closing his laptop instantly. 

"I'm ready to go."-I say making my way to the door. I don't need to talk to this guy not today. 

"Woah ema pele (wait)"-He says grabbing my upper arm. I frown removing it forcefully.

"Don't touch me."

"I'm not fighting Azania."-He says putting his hands up in defeat heck he even backs up a little.  

I raise an eyebrow.

"What do you want?"-I ask folding my hands in front of my chest.

"Eish sheba (look) I want you to join me for lunch if uba (become) free."

I snort not believe my ears. 


What the heck?

"Ini? (What?)"

He keeps quiet rubbing his hands together. "You heard me."

"I did indeed."-I say chuckling and look him in the eye. "But unfortunately... just like you I don't do cheap."-I say opening the door and attempt on leaving but I'm pulled back.

"Hey! Are you calling me cheap?"-He says angrily. Completely different from the man I saw minutes ago. 

"Tsek Tiger! Let me go!"

He grips tighter only angering me even more. 

The hand he's holding had my handbag and with the other I took out my Peper spray and spray toward his face. He yells letting me go and I leave him there.


"Sfebe!"-He roared from inside.

"Argh whatever!"-I yelled back. I got to the SUV before the driver and got in. He came seconds later and we drove out. 

The location -the same one this driver had- led all the way to somewhere around Fourways. About 45 minutes away.

The car comes to a complete halt in front of a green painted gate. The house in front looked normal if I could say so. A guy opened it and we drove on in parking in front of it. The driver comes to open the door and I step out.

The guy who went to open the gate came to my side. He's cute.

"Azania right?"-he asks his voice not too deep.

I nod. 

"Follow me."-him. I follow him as we walk to the entrance. He walked in first and I followed in closing the door behind me.

"Babe! She here."-He called out and motioned for me to sit down and take in my environment. A warm and reasonably furnished place. I sat on the couch brown leather couch and tried relaxing.

"Would you like anything to drink?"-He asks.

"Just some water is okay."


I shove the whole Mr blue eyes file to the back of my mind.

He returns holding my water. "Thanks."-I say taking it from him. He goes to sit on the couch across me.

The sound of heels clicking alerts me of a presence approaching.

 Her perfume vivid.

"Hello."-she greets looking young. She sits next to Dano.


"I'm Tamia and this is my girlfriend Dano."-She says.


"Girlfriend?"-I ask my voice sounding too high for my liking. 

He chuckles effortlessly before nodding. "I'm a butch baby girl."

"Oh you had me fooled honestly. "-I say feeling a bit shy now. Nonetheless I kept a poker face.

"Well uhmm...I guess I could inform you that we've always wanted a third. For experience of course."-Tamia says and I nod.

"I'm guessing I'm the third."-I say and they laugh making me laugh as well.

"Yes yes. I just want to confirm with you that is this okay with you or...?"-Tamia.

"I'm fine trust me."-I say. 

There was no turning back honestly. 

Yes the NO factor could come out whenever it needed to but for now it would seem out of proportion. 

"Great then I guess we can get right to it then."-Tamia said and stood up along with Dano. He...or she took my hand and we made our way to their bedroom. The lights were dimmed inside. It smelt of lavender and was perfectly warm. A comforting area.

"You can put your bag over there."-Tamia pointed to a couch in the far corner. When I turned back to these two Tamia had already taken off the top she had been wearing exposing her perky tits. 


There was a totally different atmosphere here. Just us women. 

Dano was nowhere to be seen until I spotted him by a closet. Tamia came to me and when she was close enough held onto my waist lifting up my jersey exposing my flesh to her cold-ish hands. She giggled. "You have such soft skin...may I see more of it?"-Her words pondered in the room and I could only reply by nodding. 

The jersey lifted and I helped her pull it off completely exposing my bra less breasts. "Dano they're perfect. "-she announced cupping them into her hands. "May I?"-Tamia.

She likes exploring I see. 

"Go ahead."-I blurted and soon enough I felt her tongue make contact with my bare nipple. Bringing it to immediate attention. My head tilted back as I allowed myself some pleasure. This was making me hot and the way her tongue manoeuvred on both my boobs made me feel like she definitely knew what she was doing. I put a hand behind her head and pushed her closer to my ladies. She devoured even more and my eyes shut as I felt her gently nibbling on my right nipple. I felt someone pulling on the button of my jeans and when I opened my eyes they landed on a naked Dano. She had no boobs whatsoever but she did have this cute smirk on her face. 

"Dano baby wanna suck her titties too?"-Tamia asked taking a breather. 

"Sure baby may I Azania baby?"-She asked me and I breathed out a yes. Tamia moved from where she stood and Dano came into view. She cupped my boobs as well and gently blew some cool air on them before fully sucking on them. I could feel Tamia pull down my jeans and the gstring I wore up until they got to my knees. I felt her fingers trace on my pussy lips causing me to twitch a little and her to giggle. Dano traced kisses all the way up to my neck. She left wet trails all over...

Tamia separated my pussy lips coming into direct contact with my clitoris. Her finger pressin on it made me moan involuntarily. 

Her fingers spread my wetness over my whole slit before I felt her penetrate me with one finger stroking twice before inserting a second one. Her fingers exploring my honey pot to her will and to my liking. I bit on my lower lip before closing my eyes again pleasure and arousal becoming evident in me. I felt two more fingers on my moist clit massaging at a medium pace causing my breathing to hitch and pick up pace. 

"Mhmmm..."-I moaned my knees getting weaker. 

"You wanna cum?"-Dano whispers into my ear and I nod continuously. "Then cum."

"Ahhh..."-I moaning letting go of the pressure that had built up in me. I held onto shoulders. The two hands didn't stop until my orgasm came down. 

"Our third liked it."-Tamia.


"How about some more fun?"-Tamia suggested and helped me out of my boots and jeans. 

We made our way to the bed. I'm told to sit. 

Dano brings out a strap on Dildo and 5 condoms.


I watch him put it on and just by how the thickness stared at me made me nervous. He hands me a condom and holds out the dildo for me. 


I roll it on and smile at my great condom-putting-on skills 

"Lie back."-He says and I do. He grabs my legs and spreads them wide. I feel him rub himself on my entrance before attempting slowly. I flinch and Tamia brushed my forehead. "Relax."

Dano tried again and it still hurt but I sucked it up feeling the fullness and stretched feeling my pussy was having. He began thrusting...at a pace I could adjust to. "Eat my girlfriend out Azania."-Dano. I turned to look at her seeing her fiddle with her own slit.


"Come here Tamia."-I utter and waited as she came and settled on my face. Darkness but I didn't worry since I knew exactly where to start licking. Dano started pounding faster reminding me of his presence. 

I licked on the soft folds of Tamia pussy. Tasting her juices. I firmed up my tongue and attempted to fuck her hole with it. She moaned in such a sexy way that made me want to continue but again Dano made his presence know. He pressed a thumb or finger on my clit and I moaned. 

"Fuck!"-I cursed and bought Tamia to my face with her luscious thighs. She panted and grinded on my face clearly getting some pleasure from that too. 

I felt the powerful orgasm approaching and I wasn't ready till it hit me making my insides turn and sing out. Nothing but bliss numbing me and the woman on my face. We came simultaneously. She quivered yelling my name.

Dano pulled out...


I sigh. This has been the longest minute of my life honestly. 

"Maybe there's a boyfriend in the picture..."-He says and I pull my blanket over my head.

"There is no boyfriend."-I say my voice low.

"Then what is it? Why have you been pushing me away?"

"Nothing it's just that I..."-Words fail me and yet again silence engulfs us.

"I like you Azania maybe you didn't notice that."-He says and I swallow the spit in my mouth.

"No...you can't..."-me.

"I can't like you? Why not? Is it the colour of my skin that prohibites me from liking you or something?"-He asks and I take in a deep breath.

"I'm not what you want... Trust me."-I say biting hard on the insides of my cheeks.

"You are what I need Azania..."-His voice is soft and I shut my eyes shaking my head. 

"No Xavier."-I warn feeling my heart tremble.

What the heck.

He sighs before I hear the words "Bye then Spencer."-From him and the line goes dead...


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