Chapter 7

"Iza la. (Come here.)"

I gladly went to him. 


Oblivious of any evil or any hurt. 

I trusted him dearly and wholeheartedly. 

He lifted me up put me on his lap my feet now far from the ground. "Umuhle Azi wami. (You're beautiful my Azi)"-He whispered into my ear and I didn't find it alarming one bit...

He kisses my chubby cheeks causing me to giggle. 

She came into view looking utterly shocked.

"Wenzani Victor?! (what are you doing Victor?!)"-Her voice yelled out and he quickly removed his hand from between my thighs and what She'd refer to as girly bits...

He put me down immediately...

He throws something at her and she looks down holding her head. 


"Phuma la Londiwe! (Get out of here Londiwe!)"-He roared angrily and she immediately left me with him.

"Nxa! Amasimba (shit)''-He clicked his tongue and that's when I became scared...hoping he wasn't angry at me cause when he was angry he'd hit me.


I opened my eyes and looked directly at the ceiling as I familiarised myself with my surroundings. I was still in my room and my phone was ringing from underneath my pillow. 

My alarm.

I search for the phone until I feel the hardness under my fingertips.

After switching it off I sit up yawn and stretch. It's funny how quick the days went by since I last saw Baba Zwane at that expensive hotel.

A day after I heard that news report thingy about the Mazibuko's in the car Nqoba's wife -Gugu Z- came here to inform us that his friend is going through some things. 

Tragic things. 

Believe me it was awkward listening to her since all these years Nqoba has Adressed us personally.

Anyway I get out of bed and change as fast as I could to my running gear. Minutes later I'm out of the gates of this palace. 

Why is he smiling and why the heck is it so contagious? 

"Morning Azania."-He greets still beaming like nobody's business.

"I know you have perfect teeth Xavier but please..."

"You want me to frown when you clearly excite me?"-He says and I nearly look down. 

Those words have meant something completely different in my whole 'career' and now finding someone who used it differently was definitely an experience and refreshing. 

Actually Xavier was refreshing.

"Lets start."-I order and we begin with a little bit of warm up exercises and stretching. I haven't gotten another leg cramp since that faithful day. Xavier is the one who suggested we do all this stretching at whatever. We jog ahead ignoring the cold wind that blew our way since we were bound to get warmer. 

Nothing felt as good as this. 

"Sooo... wanna join me for a bit of Playstation later today? "

"Playstation?"-I ask still keeping my breathing in place. 

"Yeah I mean that's if you want to."-He says and halts.

We've been running for a while now.

"So you wouldn't hate me if I said no?"-I ask my hands firmly on my waist as I came to a halt as well. 

"I would."-He says straight faced and I couldn't help but chuckle.

"Let's go back."-I say and don't even wait for him to respond. The journey back is filled with even more thought. I hope he's not talking about FIFA cause one I don't like soccer and two I don't know how to play it...not to say I knew how to play any of the other games but hey who needs to know that.

Surprisingly the journey back was shorter than when we were going forward. "You're getting pretty fast young lady."-He says the moment we stopped in front of the gates of the palace. 

"Well I have competition now which means I have to up my game."-I mumble and stretch. 

"So my answer..."-He pushes causing me to roll my eyes and sigh.

"You're not going to give up are you?"-I question.

"And why would I? I'll see at 10h00 woman..."-He says and starts jogging away. "...and no excuses!"-He adds on yelling. 

Well that's just great. 

I make my way inside and spot Zama by the door smirking.

"What's with you?"-I ask as soon as I get in front of her. 

"Oh nothing... Who was that?"-She asks.


"Spill missy."-Zama.

"It was just a guy."-I reply simply trying to get past her but she's standing firmly by the door frame. "Move Mfazi."

"I'm not moving until you tell me who that was."-the grin on her face gets wider than before.

I heave out a tired sigh. I'm in need of a shower not an interrogation.

Her eyes widen and I know she's not about to move until I give her something tangible even though there isn't. 

"His name is Xavier now move."-Me.

"Xavier? Okay I haven't fucked him yet."

"Ewww you keep tabs?"

"Maybe...anyway what's his deal?"-She asks.

"Can we do this inside?"-Me. 

She nods and moves aside allowing me in. 

"Ngiphendule ke (Answer me then.)"-we walk up the stairs passing Zinhle and Celia.

"We just jog together that's it."-I answer dryly. 

"Just jog? Like he hasn't asked for a blowjob or anything else that all these men usual want?"


A part of me feels like if he knew maybe thats where we would've headed to. 

"How's that possible?"-She asks as I unlocked my bedroom door.

"I didn't tell him I was a hoe."

"Azania!"-she exclaims.


"Why not?!"-her eyes go wide.

I sit on the bed thinking of the best reason I could give this friend of mine. 

"Because..."-I shrug. 

I have nothing.

"Rule 5: any romantic relationships between Dimes and their client is prohibited at all times."-She states and I chuckle. 

"But he's not even close to being my client."


"He's not my client Zama. Like I said we just jog together."

"Mhnn."-She agrees still looking at me suspiciously with an eyebrow raised.

"Take your painting and leave I have to shower."-I tell her already getting up heading to the bathroom. 

"Where is it?"-She asks. 

"On the couch!"

"You're done! Ahhhh! I look so beautiful!"

"Get out of my room Zama!"-I yell turning the shower tap on. 

"Argh byeee!"

After my shower I step out and dry my body standing in front of the mirror. It's time I change these nipple rings and put on new ones. I put on a gstring after lotioning and step out of the bathroom still struggling with removing the ball of the earing .


"Mhnn I wouldn't mind helping you with those."-His voice startles me. He's seated gracefully on my bed.

I instantly remember the fact that I didn't lock which is probably why he's in here. 

The nerve!

"Tiger phuma la (get out of here.)"-I say as calm as possible. 

His eyes are on my body and I hate how he's looking at me. "Tiger!"

"Huh?"-he snaps out of whatever thought he was in.

"Phuma marn  fok!"-I yell.

"Relax marn Azania..."-He says not even moving a muscle. He reaches for the inside of his leather jacket and takes out a cigar and his TG lighter. 

I sigh as I watch him burn the end of the cigar to life and instantly he inhales it in. Trust him to always want to push my buttons when I don't need him to. He puffs out moments later  fok!"-I yell.

"Relax marn Azania..."-He says not even moving a muscle. He reaches for the inside of his leather jacket and takes out a cigar and his TG lighter. 

I sigh as I watch him burn the end of the cigar to life and instantly he inhales it in. Trust him to always want to push my buttons when I don't need him to. He puffs out moments later a whole cloud of smoke dissolving in front of me. "...give a man a chance to speak since you made things clear last time by nearly breaking my God given blessing of a dick."

I give him a bored look before heading to my drawer in search of a matching bra. I hear him hiss and stops himself by putting the cigar in his mouth again.

"Say whatever you want to say and leave Tiger. "-I slip the bra on.

"I want you at the club tonight. No excuses."-He says and puffs.

"My phone works perfectly fine you know that right? A text would've worked wonders."-I tell him and he smirks. 

"So much better when I say it face to face Azi."

"It's Azania now fuck off. Out of my room!"

He chuckles and gets up. "You...you..."-He doesn't finish and walks out. 

I lock the door right after he leaves how dare he come into my room like that nxa. I pick out something decent after successfully changing the nipple earrings. 

A pair of jeans and a baggy white tshirt. I match the tshirt with my white all star kicks. I comb my short hair and put on my weave. I finish off my look with an olive bomber jacket.

I quickly try tidying up in my room while allowing some of that cold fresh air in. The cigar smell leaves my room along with that pests' smell. I stack my now dry paintings with the other. I put all my paints and brushes in a paper bag. My room looks better than it did before.

*Tell me you made something to eat.*-I text Xavier before making my way downstairs.

*I did.*-He texts back seconds later. 

*Okay I'm on my way. Meet me?*-I text him.

"Well house I'm out."-I stated not spotting Zama in the lounge assuming she probably went to a client. No one asks questions. Again I find myself walking towards the gate. My phone pings. Xavier.

*I'm already out.*

*Same.*-I replied. I spot him walking so swiftly down the road. The way his jeans fit him was unbelievably...sexy. 

"Azania!!"-He yelled out and I look behind me on purpose.

"I see you!"

"I can see you too!!"-I yell back.

"I know!"-He starts jogging to me. 

Doesn't he get tired?


"You look even more beautiful close by."-He says with his million dollar smile. I do?

"Come I don't you want you to catch a cold."-He says clasping his warm hand into mine and pulls me with him.

Why in the name of everything that's holy am I blushing? 

Many men have told me that I'm beautiful but this...sheesh.

"You first Spenc."-He says and holds the door open. I walk into the warm house. The beautiful woody floor cream white couches and open living area was breathtaking. There was a fireplace in the far corner which is where all this warmth came from.

"Is your mom around?"-I ask. 

"Nope she went to see my older sis."


I see a cat lazing in front of the couch. "Uhmm..."

"That's Phantom."-He says bending down to pick the fluffy white cat up. "Wanna touch her?"

"Her? It's a girl?"-I ask my hand already petting the adorable cat. He nods. The softness of her fur is unbelievable. 

"Anyway before this cat steals my shine..."-he chuckles putting Phantom down and she walks off. "...mind fething the food from the kitchen while I prepare things on this side."-Xavier says.

"The kitchen?"

"Search Azania."-He says pushing me gently. 

'You want me to get lost in here?"-I ask my eyes searching this place. I see the dining area well equipped with a huge dinner table and a breathtaking centrepiece. This woman must indeed have taste.

Even the small lights that were on gave this place the elegance it had...but this wasn't the kitchen. 

Oh there it is and even it was just as beautiful. 


I take the platter of triangle thingies with cheese and mince. It smelt mouthwatering and I'm tempted to steal some and just pop it into my mouth. 

When I walk back to the lounge with the platter I find him done with connecting I assume. "What is this?"-Me.

"What is what?"-He asks looking up at me then to what's in my hands. "Oh those woman are nachos."

I put it on the coffee table which he pulls closer to the two seater couch. 

Minutes later I kinda have the game underway...or at least that's what I think. 

I lose again. 

"You suck at this no lie."-he says and I heave out a sigh reaching out for a nacho.

"That's because you are cheating."-I utter putting the whole thing in my mouth. 

"I don't cheat."-he says.

I chuckle and swallow. 

"Then we shall go again."

"I like your determination woman."-he says and also stuffs his face. "Let's do this."-him.

The Mortal Kombat game starts ahead and I pick my player.

And I'm on my feet the moment my player wins. "Aha! In your face! Who's the winner now? Meeee!"-I gloat jumping all around the lounge. 

"You got lucky."

"You think? Wanna go again?"-I ask making my way back to the couch.

"You are so competitive. Come."-he pats the space I vacated seconds ago.

I win 3 more times before I start gloating again. Why does winning feel so darn good. I put the controller on the space I was on. "Well looks like I'm damn lucky today."

"Looks like it I guess I'll accept defeat."-He says also getting up putting his controller next to mine. He sticks his hand out. I shake it probably longer than I should've. 

He pulled me closer placing his fingers under my chin and made me look up at him. I swallow looking at his blue eyes...

"Congratulations."-He whispers and his lips claim mine in what felt like a slow savouring kiss...

I'm kissing him back letting go of his hand and placing them around his neck pulling him even closer to me. He picks me up and there's motion. He puts me on a hard surface and fiddles with the button of my jeans. I lift myself up allowing him to pull them down...

I snap out of my wild imagination and break the kiss panting. I can't believe I just allowed this kiss to happen. I can't believe I just imagined him lifting me up.

Sheesh No!

"I...I have to go."-I utter and make my way to the door and officially walk out. 



I make my way to a man who's been eyeing me since I started my dance routine to the very end. He's biting on his bottom lip.

"Hello there..."-I greet sitting across him my hands on the cold table.

"Azania."-He says and takes a sip of his whiskey. "How much is a lap dance?"

"Depends."-I say reaching for his drink. I take it and sip. My throat burns.

"On what exactly?"-Him. He sits back. I get up and go around the mini table. "On what you want Azi to do for you during this lap dance."-I whisper into his ear and strandle him on the couch. He lets out a deep chuckle. "Does it mean you'll be removing this bra too for a couple of notes?"

"Why don't we find out?"-I suggest pushing him back down again. "Can't I have a kiss."


He nods and reaches inside his jacket. He opens his wallet and takes out a R100 note. "Will this do?"

I give him a look. "Do you think I'm worth R100?"

"No..."-He takes out a whole R500 and I smirk. 

"Now you're talking."-I take the notes and roll them up gently and hook them to my gstring. I reach for the black bra straps and expose my tits. 

He groans and touches them. I allow him. My eyes wonder past him and calm down immediately after confirming that it wasn't who I thought it was. Xavier.

This random stranger slaps my butt cheeks to life. "That lap dance Azi..."-he requests. 


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