Chapter 6

I felt like an ass leaving Xavier alone at the restaurant. I'm basically rushing out of here just to get away from this place. I didn't want to explain myself to Xavier and the way I left surely left a lot of red flags back there.

I spot one of the drivers that stood next to the black SUV that was clearly here to fetch me. To say I was ecstatic would have been a plain lie right now. 

He opens the door when he spots me and I get in. He shuts the door and goes to his seat. He switches on the engine and reverses out of here. I think I'm sulking at the back seat. 

I spot him walking out on the exit and he looks around for something. I feel like he's searching for me...

When we get to the palace I get out without even allowing this guy to open the door for me. 

I opened the front door and on the freaken couch was Nomvelo and Tiger.

And by the look of things they were shagging and I clearly disturbed their session.

"Sies marn."-I say and that's when they clearly notice my presence. I shut the door. Nomvelo jumps off Tiger and covers her naked body.

What the heck were they thinking fucking in public and why do it on the couches we basically chill on?

"You came faster than I thought you would Nomz go change I'll take you to the club okay."-Tiger says getting up from the couch himself. 

"Okay baby T."-Nomvelo says.

"Good girl."-Tiger.

Oh gosh he's just as naked as she was and he comes walking towards me. Ewwww.

I move away. 

"Who's this client that is so urgent that it couldn't wait until I got back here?"-I ask already calculating the distance to the stairs from here. 

"Me Azania...see I'm even ready for you."-He says licking his lips and points to his obvious boner.

"You called me here for your needs? Kanti what was Nomvelo doing here not so long ago?"

"She was just istarter you're the main and the dessert."-He says now too close to me that I smell his cologne and a bit of Nomvelo's. 

He better be joking.

He runs his finger along my  jawline making me shiver. What the heck is this supposed to be exactly? I look him dead in the eye feeling some type of way. Tebogo isn't that bad on the eye but this isn't what I need in my life right now. I already hate him dearly for what he did to me and now he wants to take things further?

"Uhmm..."-I clear my throat before saying more. "...where is everyone else?"

"Sent them away."


''Yes Azania. Just wanted me and you to have some time alone."-He says his voice low and husky. 

This guy clearly doesn't know Azania. He doesn't know how great I am at pretending. 

"Sooo..."-I grab his hard dick in my hand and he releases a sharp breath of air. "What do you want Azania to do?"-I whisper after bringing my lips close to his ear.

He groans when I start moving my hand up and down his reasonable size. I feel the veins and the smoothness of his dick. 

"I...I..."-He mumbles and I squeeze hard on the member in my hand. "Udirang?(what are you doing?)"

"Are you sure you want to be my client? "-I ask and he hisses when I roughly pull on his dick.

"Azania woah! Ah!"-Tiger.

I feel like laughing right now but I contain myself and keep a straight face. "What's wrong Tiger? Don't you like it like Azania likes it?"-I joke.

"I was kidding Azania. Ahhh you're hurting meeee!"-I stop twisting his dick and look at him dead in the eye as he tried regaining his dignity...or in this case his dick-nity.

"You were saying?"

"I was kidding jeez girl. Your client isn't me."

I let him go and he seemingly relaxes. "Baba Zwane will be here to fetch you."-He breathes out and I nod bringing my lips closer to his cheek and peck it. 

I get to my room and immediately lock the door then throw myself on the bed. 

I heave out a sigh. 

What just happened downstairs?

I dig my phone out of the pocket of my jeans and turn it on. I should probably apologise to Xavier for just abandoning him the way I did. I don't even know why the heck it feels like I should apologise since we're just jogging partners and nothing more.

Yes just friends. 

I go to my call logs and quickly go to his numbers and save them. After about 10 minutes of contemplating whether I should dial his number I find the phone next to my ear. It rings and the moment I think of hanging up he answers.


"Spencer."-He answers clearly not as angry as I expected. 

"Hey Xander"-Me. I heave out a sigh and sit up. "Look I'm sorry about earlier I didn't mean to abandon you the-..."

"Spencer it's okay. You don't have to explain yourself to me."


"I..."-I halt realising that I don't really know what to say next. This call is basically over.

"So...what are you doing?"-He asks me. 

Okay I guess it's not over.

"Me? I'm just laying on my bed you?"

"I'm busy feeding Phantom."


"My mother's cat."-He replies after chuckling. 

"So your mother has a cat and a dog?"

"Yep"-He says so simply. "They get along quite well trust me."

"I'll take your word for it."-I say and there's silence.

I start imagining both the cat and the dog on the same couch. What an awkward thought. 

"You liking the weather?"-he asks.

"We're seriously going to talk about the weather now?"

"Yes Spencer why not?"

"Well then I guess I do. It's nice and cool."

"You like winter?"-He asks causing me to roll my eyes with a stupid grin on my face. 

"I actually prefer spring."


"Yes...there's nothing as beautiful as seeing the fresh new flowers bloom and blossom under the not too hot sun. The green leaves and the full succulent grass...wait am I answering your question?"-I ask feeling like I completely off ramped that question. 

Wait was there even a question that was asked or was I just blabbing for no reason? 

He laughs gently before speaking. "You shouldn't have stopped I enjoy listening to you speak."

Now that's a first.

"You do?"



I clear my throat.

"I'll see you tomorrow."-I utter and wait for his response. 

"Great laters Azania."

"Bye Xavier."-I say and hang up.

What the fuck Azania!

I quickly go and rinse my hands and face before drying with a towel. I remove the jeans and jacket I was wearing then head to my lingerie drawer. A black number I haven't worn for some time now catches my attention. I take it and throw it on the bed then start applying some makeup on my face. 

After about 30 minutes I finally feel satisfied and pick out my blonde bob wig with black roots. 

I finish off my look with black red bottoms. I take my handbag and phone and walk on out of here. Locking my room. 

It takes me a few seconds to get back to the lounge and find Nomvelo lazing on the couch they were using as a bed minutes ago. I guess she's waiting for Tiger. 

She looks at me and then back to the phone in her hand. I go get myself a bottle of water and go sit in the lounge.

"You okay?"-My mouth blurts out.


"No the person next to you. Of course I'm talking to you."-I say and she frowns.

"Why do you care?"

"I actually don't but seeing as to the fact that we all live here I felt like asking."

"Oh. I'm okay."-She responds and goes back to paying attention to her phone. 

I nod and get up heading out. The SUV is already ready and waiting with a driver holding my door open. I roll my eyes and get in.

The drive to wherever we're headed to is occupied with the sound of the radio. Metro FM to be specific. 

"He must be ecstatic I mean I would be."-Mo speaks away.

"Who wouldn't He didn't even walk out with one trophy but two."-Ray says and I nod. 

Some people are lucky out here.

"And did you see the wife? What's her name again?"-Mo.

"Uhmm...Khanyisile Mazibuko."-Ray.

"She looked stunning in her custom made dress hey."-Mo says.

"I agree...a pregnant goddess."-Ray.

"Anyway congratulations to the Mazibuko's and many other entrepreneurs who made a change in the...."


Almost an hour later we park in front of a fancy looking hotel.

Halala Baba!

The driver gets out and my door is opened once again. I'm helped out gracefully. He hands me a piece of paper and when I unfold it I'm met with the number '51' and the words 'you'll find me there.'

I nod and fold the paper once again store it into my coat's pocket and start making my way to the entrance. I walk further in taking in the fine furniture of this reception hall. Fancy people everywhere.

Gold and red coloured couches white floors chandeliers and exotic indoor plants filled this elegant looking place. I make my way to the receptionists I see in front of me. A slim lady looks up and smiles. 

"Uhmm Hi."

"Good day mam how may I help you today?"-She asks me. Her smile is creepy but nothing I can't handle.

"I'm here to see someone how may I help you today?"-She asks me. Her smile is creepy but nothing I can't handle.

"I'm here to see someone in room..."-I quickly take out the paper again making sure of my facts. "...room 51 Mr Zwane. "

She types something on her computer and then looks back up at me. "Ah yes. Your Ms Mnguni correct?"-She asks. 

I nod. 

"Alright I'd like you to sign here."-She puts a piece of paper in front of me. 

What's this?

"It's for security measures mam."-She answers my unasked question. 


After scanning the piece of paper I sign on the dotted line and she signals for someone to come to her.

"Eddy please accompany Ms Mnguni to room 51."-She says to the young gentleman who stood next to me dressed in a black suit with neat hair.

"Of course please follow me."

We make our way to an elevator and he presses a botton before it closes. 

The elevator music plays away. I look at myself on the mirror to see if I looked acceptable before the elevator pinged and the doors opened. 

He walks out first and again I follow behind him. The sound of my heels too loud for my liking.

"We're here."-He says and bows. Uhmm I should probably tip him. I give him a R100 note and he thanks me before leaving. 


I knock.


Then I hear a "Give me a sec!"

Seconds later the door opens to a Baba Zwane looking casual today. Bright yellow golf tshirt with a faded pair of jeans. His head freshly shaved. 

Again halala Baba!

"Please come in."-He says and makes way for me. 

I'm in.

This place looks bigger than what I expected it to be. "Uhmm...please sit."-He's nervous. 

I sit. 


I nod. 

He hands me a glass and starts pouring me some bubbly. "Thank you."

He sits next to me.

"About last time I didn't mean to embarrass you like that."

"It's in the past. As long as this hotel is Agnes free then I'm okay honestly. "-I can't believe I still remember her name. 

He laughs lowly his belly moving along. "Trust me it's Agnes free."

I smile and take a sip of my bubbly. 

"So does this mean I can cuff you ?"-I nearly choke because of the bubbly. 

"Hell no."

Again he chuckles and gets up. "I'll be back."

I sit listening to the classical-bull that played. This guy must be loaded indeed. I wonder what Agnes is thinking right now or what lie this man told in order to be here.

He comes back holding a tray of goodies. Mini quiches Ferrero Rocher's and fruit skewers. "Thought you might be hungry."

Well old man you did interrupt my lunch.

He picks one quiche up and puts it centimetres away from my lips.  "Open wide my diamond."

He feeds me two of them...

"Don't you think we should eat after the deed?"

"Good idea."-he puts the tray aside and helps me up.

We walk to a ridiculously huge bedroom. His hands firmly on the sides of my waist. 

"You smell lovely."-He told me.

Why doesn't this man find pleasure in his wife though? 

"I know."

"How do you do that?"

"Do what?"

"This...phela I keep coming back for more."-He concluded and I shrugged.

"Coat off please."-he addressed still behind me. My fingers start swimming through the huge buttons of my coat bit by bit leaving me exposed. 

"A little help."-I request unnecessarily. 

"Of course. "-He pulls the coat of my shoulders and leaves me in the black number. 

"Jesu."-he exclaimed causing me to chuckle deeply. 

I turn around and find him biting on his upper lip. He occupies the space between us and pastes his warm his hands on my butt. "I have condoms in my drawer. Ndi ready (I'm ready.)"

Sheesh. Baba.

He smacks my butt cheeks simultaneously earning a squeal from me. "I want you on the bed now my diamond. "-Baba says.

I walk towards the bed agitated. 

What does this man want kanti?

I climb on the bed on all fours. Keeping my heels on. Baba pulls a chair that was at a corner until it's centered in front of the bed. He sits.

"Take off that bra."-He requests. I stay on my knees and reach behind my back unhooking it and free my titties instantly. 

He's drooling.

"Okay okay...now I want you to lie back."-Zwane. 

I move back taking two pillows and stack them up. I lie on them.

"Argh get rid of those sexy undies."-Him.

I hook my fingers on the sides of the thong and lift my butt a little sliding them off...past my hips...my thighs...my knees and officially off.

"Good now spread them legs for Baba."-he breathes out. 

I sit up speading my legs for him my knees bent. 

"Now I want to watch you pleasure yourself. Can you do that for Baba?"

I nod.

"Say it."

"Yes Baba I can."-I utter and allow my hands to start traveling on the insides of my thighs...all the way till I reach the plump lips of my pussy. 

I pull on both my nipples bringing them to attention. I wet both my index fingers with my saliva and continue to play with my wanting ladies. I moaned softly at the pleasure I was giving myself. 

"Play with it."

Two of my fingers start circling at my wet entrance spreading the wetness over my clit. 

Oh yes. 

I slip the two fingers in my wet cunt and allow myself to shiver under my own touch. My eyes shut as I start moving my fingers in and out...

Blue eyes...

"Yess diamond..."-Baba Zwane hisses.

I forgot he was here for a minute. 

I use my other hand to continue teasing on my clit. The pleasure continues to build up and my wetness floods. "Ahhhh."-I yell as I feel this intense pleasure forcing itself through my whole body. My heart beats at its own pace as well as my breathing.

I shut my legs and let go.



Blue eyes...

I lay still for a while trying to claim myself once again. There's pressure on the bed before I feel my legs being spread again. When I open my eyes he's completely naked slipping on his condom and hovers over me. He groans seconds later as if...oh wait I guess he is in. He lays on me lightly. 

"Diamond you feel so good."

Okay he's in... and he's grinding up and down on me. 

I'm not complaining though since the base of his mini self stimulated my clitoris willingly. 

I let out a moan. Honestly he's not that bad.

"Im...I'm cumming."-He groans next to my ear minutes later and his words push me and urge my next mini orgasm.

"Agggg..."-he groans louder and holds me closer to him.

He rolls off me and the bed.

I watch his naked self walk out of the room and heave out a sigh forcing myself up. My mind drifts off...

The opening of the door startles me. 

"Sorry diamond. Went to fetch this."-He flashes a whole stack of money...



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