Chapter 9

I don’t know what time we went to sleep or even how we went to sleep but I am woken up by hunger and I check my phone it’s something to three in the afternoon.

I drag myself to the kitchen and my head is aching and heavy.

I have so many missed calls and it’s from the same number from last night also one from my mom.

I decide to call her first while warming the wings and a slice of pizza from last night.

“My Akhah” she answers

My mom though!

“Mama how are you? I miss you” I say sulking

“I miss you too baby I hope you’re done packing hey” she says

I take a very huge bite on the pizza

“Not really mama” I say in between my chews

“Sies! Akha chewing and speaking?” she says and I can hear the disgust on her face

I laugh and almost choke at that I finish chewing then reply

“Sorry mama”

“And what do you mean by not really?”

“Let’s just say last night was a rough night with Nita and Zoe and I’m only waking up now”

“Well say goodbye to that because you’re going to be living with your husband from now on”

“Yeah Yeah” I say rolling my eyes

“Don’t roll your big eyes at me little girly” she says

How did she see me?

“I got them from you” I say giggling

“I know! Anyway prepare yourself and make sure you don’t miss your flight I love you” she says

“I love you too mama”

I hang up and head straight to the bathroom to take a shower these girls are still sleeping wow!

I decide not to wake them up and I put on my grey sweatpants and a sport bra with socks then decide to take out my outfit for tomorrow before I start packing.

While at that I remember I had to return Phiwo’s calls and I dial his number while walking out because I don’t want to wake up my girls.

It rings and goes unanswered I try for what seem like a number of times and it still not answered. Finally I give up wondering why I even bothered.

I go back to packing and around 17:00 Zoe wakes up which causes Nita to wake up also.

“Finally!” I say as I continue with what I’m doing.

“How long have you been up” Nita asks as she reaches for her phone

“Ouch my head” Zoe says trying to sit up

I laugh a little

“The noise Akha” says Nita in almost a whisper while touching her forehead

“A while I’ve even started packing” I say heading to the bathroom and I take pain tablets for them.

“You’re a star” Nita says heading out making a phone call I take it to Zimele

Zoe comes with two bottles of water gulping on them as though her life depends on it

“Hungover?” I ask giggling while packing my last suitcase.

I have packed three already gosh! I have so many clothes

“The struggle” she says getting under the covers again

“How come are you so fresh” she says

“Experience babey!” I say throwing a pillow at her and laughing

Nita comes back also drinking water

“I am not doing this ever again!” she says sitting down

“Ya’ll are just cry babys” I say

“Spoken to hubby?”

“Nope I got so many missed calls from him when I tried returning them he didn’t answer. He’s probably mad at me” I say closing the last suitcase

“More like livid” she says seeming to think hard about it

“Done!” I say throwing myself on the bed

“You two need to shower eat then you’ll be fresh”

Zoe groans under the covers and I wake up and pull them away from her

“No!” she cries out

“Nokwakha?” Nita calls me with so much concern

“Phiwo is mad wherever he is and trust me he will avenge himself brace yourself” she says with a very serious face

Now I’m worried I’m not scared of Phiwo but Nita makes me.

“What do…” I am disturbed by my phone ringing and it’s his number

“Speak of the devil” I say heading out and answering the call


“Done packing?” he asks without greeting

“I’m good thanks Phiwo and you?” I say rolling my eyes

“I don’t give shit how you feeling are you done packing or no?” he says shouting

“Why are you barking at me?”

This guy though!

He chuckles

“I’m barking Nokwakha?” he says as he chuckles again

I roll my eyes

“You know what don’t answer that. I am changing your flight to 07:30 PM tonight you better not miss that flight Nokwakha or else” he says still shouting

What the fuck is wrong with this guy?

“Are you crazy?” I ask

“Oh you’ll see crazy when you don’t get your ass on that plane tonight”

“But we agreed on me coming tomorrow” I was now saying trying so hard not to cry

“Yeah until you decided to be stupid and go out drinking with men all night” at that he ends the call


I stand there for while trying to figure out what just happened I look at the time and it’s 17:45 which means I must check in at 18:40 latest

This guy only gave me an hour to get ready really????

I rush to the bedroom and tell my girls

“I knew it that’s why he’s been ignoring you the whole day” says Nita

So is this how our lives going to be like?

“Fire with fire?” I ask changing my clothes to my outfit

“More like fire with volcano babe Phiwo is ruthless” she says holding my face making sure I understand


I finish getting dressed. I am wearing knee high black leather boots blue jeans and a black tank top tucked in with a black belt. My hair is tied in a neat bun with nicely laid out edges. I keep make nude with no lipstick at all and finish my look with a rose-gold fossil watch and very big rose-gold earrings.

“You look fresh” Nita says hugging me

“Wish I was excited about this with Phiwo already going all war on me like this” I say grabbing my bags and heading out

We get to the airport and it’s already boarding time and I don’t get to send some time with my girls but at least I’m seeing them month end because we’re coming down for the holidays. Nita and Zoe are going back to the house they will leave tomorrow after cleaning and sorting everything else I will take keys when we come down.

I sit there thinking about how rude Phiwo and then I decide on texting my mother telling her about the changes. She replies making this whole a joke telling me that it means Phiwo couldn’t wait for me to move in.

If only she knew!

Next I know we’re in the sky then landed. I love flights they are fast like that I think to myself.

08:50 PM I’m in JHB I claim my luggage and decide to call Phiwo while at it. I have so much luggage I’m even embarrassed.

One of the employees offers to help and gets another trolley for then I got to wait for Phiwo by the departures waiting area. I try calling him again still no answer.

I decide to pass time by calling everyone at home to tell I have landed safely but I tell none of them that Phiwo is not answering.

After 30 minutes I call Phiwo again and I’m starting to get pissed.

Finally he answers sounding like he sleeping

“Sho” he says

“I’ve arrived can you come and pick me up?” I say trying not to sound irritated

“Okay” he says dropping the call

Oookay! That’s wasn’t so hard I think to myself

Two hours passed and Phiwo still hasn’t arrived. Two hours turn to eight still no Phiwo I’ve been calling him and no answer. I have bought two cups of coffee and an energy drink to keep me awake.

It is now almost half past five in the morning and I can’t help but cry. I’m thinking to myself how can he do this to me?

He knows I don’t know anyone here and I don’t know where he stays so there was no way I could call a cab to his place.

On top of that he knows I don’t have enough money to book myself into a hotel because my parents stopped giving me allowance after we got married and he hasn’t sent it since it’s not month end yet. I sit there debating with myself if I should my family or my friends but I stop myself.

I don’t want them feeling sorry for me I am not a charity case.

I am left with R100 in my name and if Phiwo doesn’t fetch me today I am officially a street kid

I look at the watch and 07:25 in the morning and the airport is buzzing again I feel tears rolling down my face again and I try so hard to fight them but they don’t stop.

My phones rings and it’s my mother I don’t answer it she can’t hear me like this.

I take out my earphones and play music on my phone it calms me down.

After some time of having lost myself to the music forgetting the moment a man stands in-front of me with black Adidas stan smith sneakers black and white three stripes track-pants and a black t/shirt and a gold Rolex watch and I just know its him.

Filling my presence with a Michael Kors cologne he is with that Lwazi guy from the wedding. He is wearing white Karrueche sneakers grey nike track-pants with a white t/shirt and also wearing an expensive watch. He is drinking coffee.

I count to 10 quickly and ask for composure from the one above I look at my watch slowly without looking at them and its 08:13 in the morning.

I breathe out and stand up to look at him straight in his eyes.

He has a smirk in his face and Lwazi is busy sipping his coffee like nobody business.

I let out side smile

“What car are you driving?” I ask

He frowns looking confused at my question

“Porche…” I don’t let him finish

“Registration?” I ask again

Lwazi chuckles being confused by my questions

He says the registration

“Entrance?” me again

“Three” he says even more confused than ever

“That’s my luggage” I point out to the two trolleys and start walking

“Dude she is going to hate me for the rest of my life” Lwazi whispers but I can still hear them

“Shut up” that’s Phiwo

I keep on walking and I find the car. I wait and he unlocks the car from afar and I get in at the back and get with nothing on my phone.

Lwazi takes some of my other bags to the other car I guess it his. I don’t say anything still they shoulder bump and he gets in the car and drives off.

After 10 minutes or so we arrive at Waterfall estate and it’s breathtaking. What does this guy do again?

Beats me still

Lwazi arrives after us offloading my bags I’m standing there like I’m watching if they dare break my bags.

“Damn! What’s in here woman?” he says taking out my last suitcase and they both laugh

I just stare at him coldly and he stops laughing and clears his throat in embarrassment.

“I.. I think I should go” he says getting inside his car I start walking towards the front door

 I hear him whispering again “I told you she’s going to hate me for the rest of my life”

“Just go man!” Phiwo says giggling

I almost laugh too but I control myself

I wait by the door and he comes and punches in code. I walk inside and I am drawn to the huge portrait of a bitten red apple with a black and white effect in front of me.

I’m going to love it here I say to myself.

Phiwo is busy bringing in my luggage from the outside I make my way to the kitchen that has a white marble counter and gas stove.

The house is an open space you can see the kitchen from the lounge from the lounge you can see the patio with a braai area a bar pool Jacuzzi and a beautiful landscape. The pool has a beautiful view of trees and almost like at the end of it you will fall over.

I make my way back to the kitchen with all white design and a fridge that has wooden doors. I notice another beautiful art piece at the end of the staircase before turning right to what seem like a bedroom walkway.

I go up the stairs yes I am giving myself a house tour. It is my house after all I stop and admire the piece for a while then I turn right. The view from up here to the open floor downstairs is magical you can everything from up her.

First room on the left is a gym wow an indoor gym! I knew I was going to love it here.

The room next to it is what I take to be his study it has brown shiny furniture and neatly stacked book shelved behind the desk and a glass whisky table. I close it and move on.

The straight ahead Is what I take to be a guest room it is very clean and has white bedding and huge fluffy pillows.

I open another room on my right and it seems like another guest room because it is decorated just like the other one. The last room that has the same view as glass door to the patio is bigger than the rest grey in color with a walk in closet. Also has them most beautiful view to the forest and to the rising of the sun. There are no blinds or curtains which makes imagine the beauty of it when it rains.

All of the rooms have en suite bathrooms and I take this is the room Phiwo is using.

“Given yourself a tour I see” Phiwo startles me as he brings me to reality

I turn to look at him and walk away

I take my bags from the hallway to one of the guestrooms

He is just looking at me leaning against the wall while I’m doing this.

“Silent treatment huh?” he says

I take the last bag and close the door leaving him standing.

Was he talking to me? I’m sure he wasn’t I think to myself as I took off my clothes to get into the shower.

As I walk into the warm water I realize how drowsy I am and I make a mental note to call my mom and friends after this.

I get out and wrap myself with one of the towels then I start to lotion myself after putting my phone on the charger.

I finish and put on my lace underwear and get in under the covers off to sleep I go.

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