Chapter 8

 I wake up the following day and I think to myself I need to start forgetting about all of this seriously.

I text Zoe asking her if she’ll come over tonight so we can study tomorrow is Monday and we can go to campus together and she says yes.

In the meanwhile I decide to make lasagna green salad and potato salad. My phone beeps and Zoe telling she’ll bring lots of clothes because she’s planning to stay until we start writing.

I agree because that’s means no more boredom for me.

Zoe arrives an hour later and I buzz her through.

“I still can’t get over how beautiful this place is” she says scanning around the open lounge

I roll my big eyes

“You’re so dramatic you say that every time you are here” I say making my way to hug her

“Did you just roll your big eyes on me” she says squezzing my bone

“Ouch!” I say moving away from her

“Serves you right” she sticks out her tongue

“What does your hubby do for a living again?”


“He is not my hubby and I don’t know” I say pouting shamefully

She laughs

“All legal I hope”

I just shrug

“Hungry?” I say pulling her to the kitchen

I’m ignoring the thought of him doing anything illegal I don’t even want to think about it.

But why would he do illegal stuff when his family has so many legit businesses? That would be pure stupidity

“Starving” she says

“I made lasagna your favourite” I start dishing up

We eat while chatting and her telling me about Sizwe he boyfriend they are your Romeo and Juliet.

That kind of love that everyone wishes for they have their ups and downs of course but they just make this love thing seem so easy.

We finished eating washed the dishes and went to unpack her clothes.

“How long are you staying again?” I ask as we finish unpacking the last bunch

“Until we finish writing”

“So you keep on saying” I say throwing myself on the bed

After we pre-read the following day’s topic showered and went to sleep.

Two months was over and we just finished writing our last paper. I’m sitting outside thinking about how hard Auditing was and that I still have so much packing to. I am moving to JHB the day after tomorrow yes my in-laws wanted to me to leave as in today.

While waiting for Zoe I decide to call Nita to ask if she can come over and spend my last days in Durban together

“Sister Sister” she answered joyfully

“Hey Sis are you good?”

“I’m great now how was the paper?”

Gosh! Did she?

“Baaad! But that’s not why I’m calling” I say

“What’s up?”

“I was thinking you should come over for the next two nights and spend some time before I move to JHB plus Zimele is not at home anyways” I say

“Now we’re talking I’ll bring wine I’m coming right away” she says

“Okay cool love you”

“Love you too” she says hanging up

That was easy

Zoe comes out after what seems like forever and we head straight to the car

“Dude what was that?” she says in disbelief

“Hard right?” I say with a huge sigh

“Moving on love you”

“Love you too” she says hanging up

That was easy

Zoe comes out after what seems like forever and we head straight to the car

“Dude what was that?” she says in disbelief

“Hard right?” I say with a huge sigh

“Moving on I invited Nita over and we having our special time the three of us before going to JHB”

“Do you really have to go so soon? I mean It’s not like Phiwo wants you there” she says sounding rather sad


“I know but what can I do?”

“Make the most of the time we’ve got?” she says trying so hard to lift her spirit

“Now we’re talking” I put on my Kwesta CD and play the Nomayini song

We stop by the liquor store and bought two bottles of gin and four bottles of tonic water after that bought snacks pizza and hot-wings because no one was going to be cooking.

We arrive at the house and Nita is already there setting up the hookah pipe.

The woman even got weed can you believe?

“It’s about to go down” she screams as we walk in

Damn right!

“I’ll put on the music” I say making my way to the lounge

Me and being a dj!  I swear I should have been one not this accounting shit I’m studying auditing even proved it to me today.

I decide to play Drake- up all night and the girls lose it Zoe is already mixing the drinks and Nita pulling on the Hookah so damn hard

“There you go” Zoe handing us our drinks

“To us” Nita raising her glass

“To us” we cheer

After four glasses and so much of smoking the three piped hookah we are drunk twerking and laughing ourselves off.

My phone rings and we hear it because the music stops since we’re playing the music via aux.

I check the screen and I don’t know the number I decide to answer it and Nita plays her phone.


“What took you so long to answer your damn phone?” a man voice on the other side

“And who is this?” I ask ignoring the rudeness of this guy plus I’m really sloshed right now I’m on my fifth glass of gin mind you.

“New is this she asks are you fucken drunk Nokwakha?”

Then it hits me it’s Phiwo

Nita and Zoe are still playing music and twerking

Cardi B ft City girls-twerk is on blast

“What do you want Phiwo?”


“You’re supposed to be coming to JHB but you’re in clubs drunk are you serious?”

Gosh! This guy

“And why is all of that making you angry because I’m the one who is drunk and also I’m the one who is coming to JHB” I ask this while rolling my eyes

I walk out to the patio

“Oh okay so basically you are saying I’m being forward? Alright” he says sarcastically

“Exactly now I have some drinking and dancing to get back to”

“I’m not…”

I drop the call and go back to my girls Phiwo has the nerve hey.

And where did he get my number from?

“That was long” says Nita who is lost for breath from the butt shaking

“Who was it?”

I take the gin bottle and take a shot

“Dearest Hubby” I say frowning from the bitterness off the gin in my mouth

“What he wants?” she says also taking a shot and frown

“To annoy me anyway lets go back to our fun” I say pulling the hookah so hard

They laugh

“You know what we need?” Nita says reaching for her back pocket

“What?” we ask anxiously

“This” she says flashing a joint in our face

“Yes!” we head to the patio and she lights it

“I haven’t had this in ages” I say taking the J from her

“Me too” says Zoe

We smoke and within minutes we start tripping Zoe talks about how whack Sizwe is in bed and she wants to leave him but she doesn’t want to hurt him because he is sweet.

She starts crying and we all also cry and it’s just a mess because I thought they were perfect.

After that we picked ourselves up after what seems like forever and went skinny dipping in the pool that was much better and we kept making fun of how I’m in an arranged marriage in the 21st century.

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