Chapter 7

I wake up and the first thing that comes to my mind was this woman’s words after three days like really?  I can’t help wonder how much will I have to keep up with in this marriage.

I haven’t spoken to Phiwo ever since he left but who am I fooling I don’t even have his numbers.

I get out of bed and head straight to the shower. When I come back I check my phone and there’s a text from Nita asking me to call her back and a couple of missed calls.

I do just that “Babes” she answers

“Hey what’s up?”

“Let’s do lunch up for it?”

“Actually let’s meet anytime from now I miss you” I say

“Great tell me when you’re done” she says hanging up

I really need to get out of this house most importantly offload the studying tension I’m going through.

I am trying to catch up on the work I’ve missed but it’s too much Zoe is also helping and sometimes comes and sleeps over.

I make the bed and get dressed. I put on little make up and I wear grey bodycon midi dress black sneakers and an oversized black jacket.

I’m ready to go!

I text Anita and head out of the house.

We meet at J-Coles because I feel like some Mojito.

I get there first and I get us a table. Minutes later she walks in I wave at her and she looks gorgeous as always with white sneakers boyfriend jean black lacy bodysuit and shades as a final touch.

I realize I forgot my ring when I see hers on her finger.

Is there a need for it anyways?

“You look gorgeous” she says as we hug each

“I mean look at you” I say

This girl must be kidding me did she look at herself properly?

We sit down and we are ready to order our drinks

“I needed to get out of that house; it’s too lonely without Zimele”

I wish I felt that way too.

“I can imagine”

“It will get better Akha” she says

“When? I feel like he hates me” and tears roll down as I say this

“You know we haven’t spoken ever since he left?” I add sniffling

I said I was going to stop crying over this and accept things as they are but look at me.

I feel so hopeless right know and I don’t like it

“It’s only been a couple of days Akha and he doesn’t hate you” she says wiping my tears

“He does on the night of our wedding he left me and came back with a girl the following day”

“Wait what?” she says loudly

“On the next day he leaves for Johannesburg and doesn’t tell me anything I’ve been receiving calls from a girl telling me I should stay away from him and that he will never love me”

I can’t stop crying

“Akha!” she says leaning over to wipe my tears

“I don’t know what to say”

“I mean Nita

I haven’t even gotten a chance settle into my own house properly and already I’m receiving threats” I say sniffing to the small pieces of tissue left.

We are both crying now I think it was a bad idea meeting in public.

“I know everything is difficult for now but I don’t think you marrying Phiwo was a mistake Akha it may not seem like it now but I have this strong feeling that you two are meant to be” she says

Is she hearing herself?

“As for this girl calling she is bitter because you have taken Phiwo away from her”.

Phiwo is not even mine though

“Do you know her?”

“No I don’t” she says

 “I wouldn’t even if I wanted to” she adds

“What does that mean?”

“Let just say he has never allowed himself to be with one person more reason why there will be women calling you and saying all of these things because they are shocked how did you do it”

I knew he was a fuckboy

“Well we all know I didn’t do anything” I say wiping my eyes

We are interrupted by the waiter; we order our food and drinks and go back to conversation

“But like I said it will get better with time” she says smiling

I hope so I really do.

We chat for hours and hours telling me how hard marriages are even hers and Zimele’s. As we finish eating she receives a call from Zimele telling her he has arrived.

We are left with no choice but to leave I really don’t want to though.

We say our goodbye and she leaves first I sit for a good 30 minutes by myself because I’m dreading going to that cold house.

After sometime I realize I have to face my demons and I leave. As I am driving I find myself thinking of my mother and I end up planning on visiting her this weekend.

I’m tired and full I decide to take a nap for now.

I’m woken up by the cold because I didn’t put a blanket over me before I slept. I check the time it’s close to 2AM I get up and go to the bathroom to grab some sleeping pills I had saw when I first came here. I drink one and I go back to sleep anything to forget.

I wonder how many women have slept in this bed. I stop myself from continuing with the thought.

How did I get here? 19 years old and already drinking sleeping pills in order for me to sleep and forget about my loveless marriage

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