Chapter 6

I decide to take a shower I wear one of his tops and I get into bed. I check my phone before sleeping and there are lots of congratulations messages but I don’t respond.

A few minutes later I receive a text from Nita wishing me the best on my first night with my hubby if only she knew I don’t know where the fuck he is right now.

I wonder what the sleeping arrangement is.

Off to sleep I go.

I am woken up by a bell on the door and it’s Menzi bringing my bags. I had forgotten I had no clothes here.

“Mrs Xulu” he says with a huge smile on his face.

So early in the morning really!

“Oh please Menzi… thank you for bringing these” I say as I point him to the lounge.

“I thought Phiwo was going to fetch them”

Oh there is that person in my life

“He is still sleeping that one and I doubt will be waking up any soon” I say walking away

First day of marriage and I’m already a lying wife!

“Okay Sis I can’t stay long dad and I are going to Cape Town today” he says hugging me

“Okay travel safe tell dad I’ll call him later”

We break the hug and he leaves.

I notice this man is not back yet and it’s 10 o’clock in the morning.

And what time did Menzi leave Escort if he is here at this time? Talk about getting rid of me.

I go to the bedroom with the suitcases I make the bed and take a shower and I decide to unpack my clothes.

Yerr! They are a lot!

I’m not even sure we will be staying here but I can’t leave now. I am two months away from my final exams.

I wonder how this will work

I take a break and make myself some berry smoothie. I hear a car from the outside and it his car.


This guy can’t be serious the day after our wedding? Not after leaving me alone the whole night without an explanation.

He walks in with a woman

“This is the wife” he says

“Aww she is cute!” she says and they both giggle.

They walk out of the kitchen and go to the guest room.

I can’t believe what just happened maybe I’m dreaming yeah I’m dreaming.

My heart is beating so fast I’m pacing up and down the kitchen.

I can’t breathe!

I grab a glass and pour some water. Calm down Nokwakha calm down.

How could he do this to me? How heartless can he be? I make my way to the bedroom and I just sit there on the floor and all I’m thinking to myself is why me.

I stare into nothing for a long time and I realize tears have been rolling down my face. I get up and go to the bathroom and I wash my face.

I’m not crying because I love him but because of the amount of disrespect he has for me.

Kwakha you are big girl and you can handle this I say this to myself staring at a mirror.

It’s not like you love him anyways.

I go back to unpacking and within two hours I am done. I remember that I had planned on making a smoothie so I go back to the kitchen and make it.

Everything is still there as I had left it and I see them walking out of the guestroom. They are laughing and playing he seems so happy with her. They have called a cab she gets in and the cab drives off.

He comes back and says something but I switch the blender on so that I don’t hear. He looks at me for a while and walks away.

He can’t be talking to me not after this no!

The sad thing about all of this is the amount of joy he seemed to have with this woman it’s something I can never give to him. What makes me feel better about this whole thing is she is not prettier than me.

Yeah I know that’s so insecure of me but wouldn’t you consider such facts too?

I take my smoothie with me to the bedroom; I think I’ll be spending the whole day in there.

As I walk in I hear a shower running and why does he have to shower here?

Minutes later he walks out wrapped in a towel I just continue with Insta on my phone.

“I see you are wearing your clothes did your fetch them?” he asks reaching for a lotion

This guy needs to stop talking to me or I will lose it.

I don’t reply.

“Woman I’m talking to you” he says as he stops what he is doing.

You know what? I can’t do this; I get up and go to the lounge to watch TV.

As I am going through every channel on TV simply because I don’t want to watch it I receive a call from Nita saying they are by the gate.

Couldn’t they have picked a better time?

As I get up to open the gate for them he walks out of the bedroom.

“Zemele says they are at the gate” he says grabbing the gate remote first.

Since he has opened

he walks out of the bedroom.

“Zemele says they are at the gate” he says grabbing the gate remote first.

Since he has opened I go back to whatever I was doing or rather not doing.

 “Hey Hey!” a loud voice from the door says

“Nita! Oh I missed you during the last couple hours” I say hugging her

“Girl not as much as I did”

“She’s been nagging me the whole morning wanting to come here” says Zimele making his way to Phiwokwakhe

“Bafo” he says while shoulder bumping.

“Bafo I’m glad you came” he says as he goes to Nita hugging her.

Oh he’s affectionate?

“I hope you’ve been good to my Akha Phiwo otherwise…” she says giving him a warning look

He laughs and does not respond.  They decide to go the kitchen and grab some beer. Nita and I go to the bedroom.

“Wow! I never get used to how gorgeous this house is” she says looking around the room

“I know right I am also in love”

“So did you do it?” she asks playing with her eyebrows

“Do what?”

I know exactly what she’s talking about but let me just pretend.

“You know…”

This girl though

“No we didn’t not yet”. I say to her

“At least you are saying not yet” she says pulling me by my arm

Did I say yet? I meant never!

We find them standing in the kitchen laughing and drinking beer. We decide on drinking juice.

“We should have a braai by our place” says Zimele

“That’s a great idea babe this weekend will be great actually” Nita says looking at me

“I don’t mind I have nothing to do anyways” I say

“I’ll be in JHB by then” Phiwo says

His mood has changed all of the sudden which seems to happen all the time when I’m around.

“When are you guys going to Johannesburg again?” Nita again

Johannesburg? Who is going to Johannesburg?

“Tomorrow night” Phiwo replies

I’m lost

“I’m not going to Johannesburg” I look at Phiwo questionably

“I think we should go babe” says Zimele taking his car keys

They bid goodbye not that I care anymore because I’m still confused by the Johannesburg thing

We are left alone.

“You are going to Johannesburg?”

“Yes” he says making his way to the bedroom

And I follow him

“When?” I ask

“Tomorrow” he says taking out a small bag and starts packing

“And you didn’t tell me?”

Why am I shocked though?

“I don’t have to tell you anything Nokwakha” he says with a very harsh and cold tone

That’s hurts honestly

“I’m your wife Phiwo and I have a life here”

He laughs and walks out of the room

I am left standing there like a fool how did I get here? I know this man doesn’t love me but can he at least try being nice? All I’m asking for is for him to tell me what’s going on.

I follow him I need answers

“Phiwokwakhe I am not going to JHB not until next year at least I have a course to finish” I say firmly

“Well you should have thought about that before forcing yourself into this sham of a marriage” he says walking out on me again

I find myself crying again today because of him and it’s only been hours since our wedding.

It can really hurt when a stranger hates you for no reason.

He walks back in and he’s on the phone I hear him saying “Okay sharp Bafo” and hangs up

This is not life.

He takes his car keys and walk out he leaves without saying anything.

I need to get used to this life the way things have started there is no way of things changing for the better.

I don’t know what I’ll do all by myself in this house maybe I should watch a movie.  As I’m about to settle on the couch my phone rings.


No answer


Again no reply


They hang up

I look at the number and I don’t recognize it. I decide to call back to find out who it is.

“Why are you calling me?” the woman on the other side says

“Because you called me first and did not say anything. So what did you want?” I say

“You to stay away from my man” she says with an attitude in her voice

“Excuse me?” I’m shocked really

“You heard me stay away from Phiwo he is mine”


“I don’t have time for this really the day you know what you want from me please call me because now you’re really being pathetic” I say and drop the call

She calls back and I ignore it.

Again for about 10 times after that and I still ignore it.

Now I am walking up and down not sure whether I should call Phiwo and tell him about this.

Will he care? Highly unlikely so I ignore the thought.

After that I receive a text

He doesn’t love you! Do yourself a favor and leave him because he will never love you. I have his heart sweetheart.

Her words don’t hurt me because it’s something I already know.

After all of that I decide to go and sleep there is no point of staying up after all this drama

Before I sleep I decide to call dad and ask him to speak to Phiwo on my behalf to make him understand that I can’t go to Johannesburg to live with him this year.

He agreed with the help of his dad and left alone with the condition that I will stay in his place and drive to campus.

I was just happy I get to finish my 2nd year in peace then worry about this marriage thing next year.

I will transfer to a varsity in JHB and finish my degree that side.

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