Chapter 4

I am woken up by the laughter coming from downstairs. I remember that I have a new baby; I get out of bed grab my car keys and run to the garage.

Everyone is shocked as to what’s going on with me.

And there it is! I can’t believe it’s mine.

“It’s dope isn’t?” says Menzi behind me

“Too much and I still don’t believe it’s mine”

“It’s yours Akha believe it” he says patting me and walking away.

I did not realize the registration is personalized to ‘Akha ZN’ it really is mine.

I go back to the house where everyone else is and I join in for breakfast.

“Good Morning everyone” I say giving my dad a hug

“I guess the car is more important than us now” he says

“It’s my new baby it needs more love” I say settling on the table

They laugh loudly

I decide to have muesli and plain yogurt and a black strong cup of coffee.

Menzi and my dad leave while I’m eating after a strange phone call received by Menzi.

I choose to ignore these things; I finish eating and head upstairs to my room.

I start by making my bed and then I go to the shower.

When I come back I notice there’s a text on my phone and it’s from Anita.

“Hey Akha its Anita What are you doing today? Can we have lunch? Tell me if you can love Nita”.

Why not? I respond to her text and say we can meet at 12:00. I finish dressing up.

I tell Lihle but she says no so I let her be. I think she’s pregnant this one with her moods and all.

I decide to wear black high waist denim with a grey cropped top. I put an oversized denim shirt and black sneakers. I put on some make up and let down my hair with a final touch of yellow shades.

YES I love black.

I tell Mama where I’m going and drive off in my baby S.

As I drive in she is already parked so she gets out of her car. Wow! A Mercedes Benz AMG E53?

This girl is hot!

We hug each other and decide to eat at Spur. We walk in and we ask the waiter for a seat at a corner we sit down and he takes our order.

“Loving the new ride?” she says excitedly

“Very much even though my height is a bit of an issue” yes I am short like that.

“You’ll get used to it” she pauses looking at the menu

“And where is Lihle?”

“She said she’s not feeling well she’ll join next time” I say fixing my eyes at the menu.

Lies Lies Lies!

“Phiwo is also not that tall luckily”

Where did that come from? I had totally forgotten about him. Mind you this is the man I’m getting married to.

“Have you spoken to him?”

 “Nope!” I say

“Why not?”

Yes why haven’t we spoken again?

“It has never crossed my mind”

“Do you want to talk to him?” she says with a Colgate smile

This girl!

“I don’t know Nita” I say looking at the very same page on the menu with the hope it will change.

The truth is this is the part of my life I don’t want to deal with or face.

“How do you feel about all of this Akha?”

That question again.

“How is one supposed to feel about marrying a complete stranger at the age of 19?” I sound very rude right now.

But do you blame me?

“I get you and trust me it will work out. I know Phiwo is a difficult person but I think you can handle him” she says holding my hand.

Handle him? He needs handling?

“Difficult?” I ask as I put the menu down.

We are disturbed by the waiter bringing our drinks; we both opted for white wine.

Yes I drink!

“What do you mean by difficult Anita?”

“I mean stubborn here and there that’s all” she says taking a huge gulp of her wine.

I don’t believe her.

I really think there is more to this man than she is letting on.

“I can’t wait for us to be a family; it will be nice having someone my age around”

She’s changing the subject but I do get where she is coming from.

“Me too” I smile a little

“Don’t be nervous I know three weeks Is around the corner but we are all here for you” she says winking at me.


“Who is getting married in three weeks Nita?”


silly!” She laughs so loud thinking it was supposed to be a joke.

No! First I’m sold off to a man I don’t love let alone know and on top of that my wedding is being planned without my consent? What kind of life is this?

I decide to ignore this one

 “Was it like this for you too?” I ask hoping she would say yes.

“No for me and Zimele it was love but our relationship was a secret for 2 years because my family hated him” she stops

I really hoped she would say yes it really would have been comforting.

“Until the day I decided to choose him and I haven’t seen them ever since it’s been 6 years”

I can tell she is still hurting from all of this.

“So you left home when you were 18?”


“Do you ever regret it?” I ask not sure where I’m heading with this question.

“No Zimele and his family have become my family” she says with a smile.

Her saying that somehow makes me feel a little better about my situation.

“You will see when you are one of us there is so much love in this family but your man will have to be taught the kind of love you want him to give. This on its own will come with great sacrifice he is sort of the black sheep of the family” she says once again caressing my hand.

Why is talking like this? I don’t like the way she is saying these stuff.

“I mean that’s why he’s living in Johannesburg” she adds

What does she mean by “my man will have to be taught the kind of love I want him to give”?

Black sheep of the family? And what sacrifices could those be?

Lord please be with me

The waiter brings our food and we start digging in. Somehow we manage to move from the conversation and talk about everything positive about life.

I learn that she is from Escourt born into a Mkhize family of royalty and she studied Medicine at UKZN and she met Zimele when she was 15 at boarding school.

We realize we are tipsy now and it’s already something to seven Zimele had called a million times. During those calls there was a lot of blushing and plenty of I love and miss you’s. They sound pretty in love.

There was definitely no doubt why Zimele fell for Nita she is perfectly beautiful inside out at that. She is one of those lady’s that smell of money from a mile away with her long black hair. Hers is straight unlike my Afro she darker in complexion with a body so intact you can tell God took his time with this one.

I think she is a size 32 taller than me of course with just the right sized butt but what stands out is her smile gorgeous I tell you. However with all of that her energy is everything.

We decide to leave and make our way to our cars we hug each other and I go to my car and drive off first.

As I am driving home a flash of conversation comes but I decide to dismiss it. I am choosing to not think about it. I really like her and I think we’ll make great friends.

I arrive home and go straight to bed.

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