Chapter 2

I doze off while thinking about everything I wake up and it’s around 20:30. I am so hungry so I decide to go downstairs to fix myself something to eat.

I find mom in the kitchen washing dishes.

She didn’t even wake me up when she came back.

“Oh Akha” she says walking towards me

“Mama” I say hugging her

“Why didn’t you wake me up when you came back?” I sat kissing her cheeks

“I thought you might be tired baby” she says grabbing my cheeks

“Aah! Your hands are cold Mama” I say pulling away

We laugh

 “I see you two are having fun” my dad says walking in.

Oh Zimele you handsome father of mine. I get why my mom is so in love with him.

He is tall with a well-built body hoarse voice and nicely shaved beard. His left leg is a bit bowed and when he smiles the room brightens up. Light skinned and very arrogant. He knows he is the ish and he will make you acknowledge it by the way he talks laughs and walks across the room.

He goes straight to mom and plants a kiss on her lips the love that they share though.

I let out a smile that’s what I always do when they start their PDA.

“I’ll dish up” says Lihle taking out the plates.

“I’ll set up the table” I say taking out the cutlery.

Honestly I don’t want to set up the table. I just wanted to get out of that room my parents can act like teenagers sometimes.

I finish setting up the table and we sit down to eat.

“This is delicious” I say

“I know you love Veggies” says my mom

“And now we all have to turn into rabbits” says my dad

They all burst into laughter

“Anything for my daughter” my mom says nudging him

We finish eating; my brother offers to do the dishes.

Wow! A lot has changed in this house.

My brother is also domesticated now?

As they finish doing that I hear a knock on the door.

I go and open and four men walk in I notice that one of them is Bab’Xulu.

He is my father’s best friend.

They are all well dressed in black tuxedos except for him.

“Nokwakha” the older man says with a huge smile on his face.

I let out a smile

“Ah! Gxabhashe! My dad says making his way towards us.

My dad says this with lots of excitement.

“Sothole!” he says as they hug it out.

I walk back to the kitchen where Ma and Lihle are.

Lihle is giving me a weird smile that I can’t make out what it could mean.

“What are they doing here?” I ask in almost a whisper

“Nokwakha!” I’m being called by my dad.

Why though? I rush out to them.

“Yes dad”

Please don’t tell me to make tea and biscuits. Please Oh Please don’t I say my silent prayer.

I’m lazy? What else?

“Sit down” I sit as confused as expected

“Nokwakha you know Bab’ Xulu is my old friend from back in the days

you know Bab’ Xulu is my old friend from back in the days” he says.

Bab’Xulu is also one of the profound business men from a place called Bulwer which is less than 2 hours away from here.

I wonder what made them drive all the way here at this time of the night.

“I’m not sure if you still remember his son Zimele Xulu” he says pointing at a young man.

Not really but I can tell he is the same age as Menzi.

I nod anyways

I am still confused as to what is going on here why am I introduced to these people?

“Now Nokwakha my child; our families go a long way back back before you were even born”.

Why is he telling me this? I already know all of that.

Rolls eyes

“That is why we have decided that it is best for our children to get married in order for us to keep the alliance” my father says.

Okay but still what does this have to do with me?

 “But Menzi is already married?” that’s my head shooting straight to my mouth

My dad chuckles

“Akha you are the one getting married to the Xulu’s” my dad saying as if there’s nothing wrong with what he just said.

I laugh a little

“Impossible” I say in denial and they all nod letting out smiles

I look at this Zimele and he is not even my type! Don’t get me wrong he is handsome but not my type.

My heart starts pounding so damn fast that I fail to even gasp at the air filled up in the room

Worse part is he has a ring on his left hand and it could only mean one thing he is already MARRIED!

I shake my head endlessly waiting for someone to say the word joking but no.

And reality kicks in it sinks deep within and I feel my tears building up

Oh Lord what did I do to deserve this? 19 and being sold off to a married man.

“I’m sorry excuse me” I say standing up and I go straight to my room and lock myself in.

So this is the reason why I was brought back home?  I am literally pacing up and down.

I do this a lot when I’m mad or in shock I could walk up and down the room the whole night.

Does my father ever think of my feelings? How could mama allow him to do this to me?

Who gets married at 19 to a married man for that matter? I mean I’m only doing my 2nd year at Varsity.

What madness is this?

Can I just die please?

There’s a knock on my door that disturbs me from my mind which is two seconds away from insanity

“Go away!” I shout

“Open please!” It’s Lihle

“I said go away!” I say louder

She can die for all I care. Only now she wants to talk? I know she already knew about this.

I need to sleep as in this moment and I drink my Allergex pills. A couple of minutes I’m drowsy and gone.

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