Chapter 10

I wake up after what feels like five minutes and I remember I said I was going to make calls I take my phone from the charger.

Wow! Its 7PM in the evening and it’s a Friday night.

Why am I saying that? It’s not like I go out on Fridays.

My stomach is telling me I’m hungry I mean haven’t eaten for the last 24 hours.

I open my suitcase and take out something to wear so that I can go downstairs to look for something to eat good my midi black bodycon dress pops up. I then open the shoe suitcase and take out my pink fluffy Fendi slippers and I have white nail-polish on. I put on my ankle chain then take my phone and head downstairs.

It’s quiet in here I guess Phiwo is not in.

I call Nita but she doesn’t pick up then I dial Zoe who picks up after what seems like forever.

“Friend!” she answers

“What happened to answering calls on the 1st ring” I say

“Sizwe happened” she says trying to catch her breath

“Oh flip let me not disturb” I say hanging up

I thought he’s whack? I think to myself laughing a little opening the big two wooden doors.

Good! It’s a fridge now where is the cutlery?

Cutlery cutlery I think to myself opening the shelves

“Middle shelve” he says out of nowhere

I roll my eyes before turning around

“Plates?” I ask faking a smile opening my already big eyes

“What do you want to make?” he asks

Food duh!!!

“Sandwich” I say rolling my eyes again

“Don’t roll your eyes it’s rude and your already big eyes make it more offensive” he says taking out a plate croissants lettuce cucumber cheese tomato and a chicken patty.

I roll them again

“Really?” he says handing me a knife and a glass

“I can’t help it” I say as I warm up the patty

He chuckles

“When did you fry this?” I ask

“While you were sleeping”

I just nod

It is awkwardly quiet until my mom calls.

Why is he still here?

“Mama” I say answering putting a stop on the microwave

“Baby how are you?” she says in almost relief

“I’m good and you?” I say as I start making the sandwich

“I’m good too baby arrived safely last night?”

“Yes I arrived safely mama”

I say thinking about last night

“Then why didn’t you call Akha?”

“I was too tired I just arrived and slept” I say lying

“But you could have called still” she say shouting

“I’m sorry mama I thought you’d be asleep by then and all I wanted was to curl up and sleep”

If only she knew I didn’t sleep at all and I was stranded all night

“Okay then where is Phiwo?”

“Who is that?”

“Akha!” she says

“I’m kidding he is here” I say giggling

I hand him the phone and they speak for what seems like forever and ends the call.

He gives it back and I just look at his hand then him

“What?” he asks

“That was my call” I say snatching it from him

“Whatever” he says as the intercom disturbs and he goes to it buzzing in whoever that is.

Three guys walk in making noise with two ladies and one of them is none the other than Lwazi. I can’t help but roll my eyes and get up from the bar chair to wash the dishes I was using.

The one lady who is wearing leopard knee high boots lets out a smile and greets me also looking shocked I am here.

“Oh hello” she says walking towards me extending her hand

“Hi” I say coldly shaking it

“I’m Zandi and this is Lethu” she says pointing at the beautiful yellow-bone with a denim bomber jacket

“Nice to meet you” I say taking my phone and going up stairs leaving them shocked at what just happened

“Sweetheart aren’t you going to tell us your name at least?” one guy shouts as I cat walk up the stairs

“Nope” I shout also without looking back

I hear chuckles

I get in my room and I start unpacking bags this is going to be a long night.

I can hear them talking and laughing loud

And then I hear a knock on my door

“Come In” I shout

“Hey” a familiar face says standing by the door with a colgate smile

I know this face I think to myself

She comes in after some time

“Azah right?” I say standing up from my messy floor

“You have a great memory hun” she says hugging

“How can I forget such a beautiful face?” we giggle

“Says the queen of beauty” she says rolling her eyes


“Look at those eyes they gorgeous” she adds

“Stop” I say nudging while we laugh

“Anyways how are you?” she asks

“I’m good just tired and this unpacking is too much” I say

“I can imagine I would have come yesterday to welcome you but I was CPT I had work just came back two hours ago” she says with a sigh

That explains why they did that

“Who did what?” she asks

Did I say that out loud?

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you” I say starting to laugh

“What?” she also starts laughing

I think I’m going to love this girl

I would have come yesterday to welcome you but I was CPT I had work just came back two hours ago” she says with a sigh

That explains why they did that

“Who did what?” she asks

Did I say that out loud?

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you” I say starting to laugh

“What?” she also starts laughing

I think I’m going to love this girl she laughs with me before she even hears the joke

“Lwazi and Phiwo”

“Oh god!” she laughs even harder

“They only fetched me at the airport this morning” I say my smile fading away a little

I’m still hurt by this

“You lie”

“All truth” I say

“You mean you stayed there the whole night?” she asks

I nod

“Come here that is so mean of them. I’m going down right now to give them a piece of mind” she says breaking the hug

“No leave it” I say very fast

“But why? What if something happened to you Akha?”

Wow she knows my name? Of course she knows your Nokwakha

“You know me and Phiwo are complicated right?”

I say shamefully and she nods in sadness

“So going at him won’t make him care instead will show my hurt and scars” I say with almost tears coming out

“Okay I get it but still I’m mad at Lwazi and I will go at him” she says me hugging again

“That you can do”

“You know what? Let go downstairs get some wine then come back up here and help you with the unpacking” she says

“Now you’re talking but won’t your friends mind?”

Me snatching you away and all?

“I came here for you darling not them” she says taking off her heels and pulling by my hand

We walk down laughing and everyone is shocked

You’d swear we’ve known each other for ages.

I watch her waltz in my kitchen getting the glasses and the wine because of course she knows this place better than I.

She sits across me because we decide to sit here for a while then everyone joins

“Oh the party has moved?” she says sarcastically as Lwazi pecks on her cheek

I just laugh and roll my eyes

“Really?” Phiwo again sitting across me

“Please don’t start” I say sipping my wine looking away

“How did you get her to be so welcoming Azah?” the other guy asks

They all laugh and I keep a straight face

“Well there’s me… and then there is you” she says giggling flapping her long eye lashes

We all laugh this time

“You still haven’t told us your name though” the Lethu girl says with a humbling voice

Maybe if she had been the one to speak first earlier on I would’ve been nice

“Nokwakha” I say smiling faintly

“Akha for short” Azah adds

“That a beautiful name I’m Lwazi” he says handing out his hand

I roll my eyes

“We have a marble roller I see” they all laugh

“Did you just call my eyes marbles?” I ask also giggling

He shrugs

“Ladies roll their eyes when your stupid faces start being foolish” Azah says in her defense or let me say our defense

“I need to go” I say getting up

“Yeah we need to go” Azah gets up too

“Ladies you can join us if you want” she says looking at Zandi and Lethu


I don’t like Zandi and I don’t know why.

There is just an off vibe about her

“So you not going to ask our names?” another guys says who light skinned with tattoos on his neck

I put my glass back on the counter

“Okay what are you names?” I ask very politely

Phiwo shakes his head and looks at me with a smirk

“This is Khaya” Zandi is speaking oh my god can somebody tell her to shut the hell up?

She says pointing at the one with tattoos all the to his neck

“and this Msakhe Lethu’s boyfriend” she says pointing the other one with bowed legs also like Lwazi

“and that is Lwazi you already know of course” Lwazi flashes a huge smile

Oh God this guy! I think to my self

“Last but not least that’s Phiwo” she says giggling

I look at her questionable

“Why are introducing Phiwo?” Lethu asks

Thank you

“Because she doesn’t know him duh!” she pauses to drink her gin and tonic

We keep staring at her

“Phiwo was forced into this sham of a marriage with a stranger we all know that” she says continuing giggling and sipping her drink

I look at Phiwo in awe so that what he’s telling everyone?

“That’s is so unnecessary” Lethu says looking annoyed

I am still looking a Phiwo who does not seem to notice anything wrong with what Zandi just said

“Just so you know Akha was also forced into this marriage ain’t nothing to feel Phiwo sorry for” Azah says

I grab my phone and sip on my glass of wine

“Petty I see” I say while flashing a smile to Zandi

She looks at me confused by my response

“You and I are going to get along just fine darling” I say as I start walking away

Now I know why I don’t like you!

“Well just so you know I don’t like you hey” she says shouting

I turn very slowly

“And we don’t care about that do we now?” I turn and walk up the stairs

I hear chuckles and throat clearings

I know how girls like Zandi operate they are dirty pigs who play In the mud. She wanted me to react to that and that would’ve made me a pig like her dirty and in the mud.

I don’t react I act period!

What shocks me the most is Phiwo why is he so ruthless gosh!!!

My thought are disturbed by a knock I guess it’s Azah

She comes in with Lethu and they apologize for what happened downstairs then they start helping me unpack. They told me not to mind Zandi she is just bitter and Azah told me the same thing happened with her when Lwazi introduced her to his friends with a girl named Thando.

I told them my hurt was coming more from Phiwo he is supposed to be my husband protect me and not do these things he is doing but then again I married his parents not him.

They ended up leaving around 03:00 in the morning and I was done unpacking I don’t know how times Lwazi came up to steal kisses from Azah along with Msakhe those people love their women and once again that’s something I will never get to experience.

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