Chapter 1

I swear my drives back to my apartment are the best simply because this means I am done with four hours of lecture consecutively. Yeah that’s how hectic everything is.

 I live 15 minutes away from Varsity I don’t stay on campus because well …I can afford not to.

I’m kidding!

Main reason I don’t like sharing my space. I only have one friend Zoe we’ve been friends since our first year but she stays on campus. I really don’t like to have many people in my life I feel like I lose control when more than two people are in my circle.

It still shocks me that my parents allowed me to come to Durban and study. My parents are very traditional and don’t really see the importance of education more especially because my father is wealthy.

They still believe that a woman’s place is in the kitchen won’t lie my mom seems to enjoy that life.

I was born in Escourt specifically Wembezi KwaZulu-Natal by the most beautiful woman there could ever be. My mother is the most humble soul quiet but volatile. I guess that why she and my father are in-love she compliments him.

According to my mother though they weren’t always in-love like this. It was an arranged marriage and she always says “Nokwakha me and your dad walked through hell to get to this heaven you see”.

Well I’m just glad they sorted themselves out before bringing us in the picture.

By “us” I mean my brother and I Menziwokuhle. It’s just the two of us with 7 years difference but I swear Menzi pretends like he is my father sometimes.

They named me Nokwakha because apparently things only started working out for them 2 days after I was born.

In two days I’ll be turning 19 and I will not be at home.

Funny enough I don’t miss home.

My phone rings.


“Friend what are you up to?” its Zoe sounding very excited.

“I’m driving what’s up?”

Not sure I want an answer to that

“I was thinking we should start celebrating your day from today”

That will not be a bad Idea it’s Friday anyways.

“That sounds great; we won’t be able to celebrate on Sunday anyways” I say

“Okay I’m on my way there”. She says hanging up

Zoe is from Umlazi so she knows quite a few people from her childhood around here. So I know the celebration will be at most between 5 people and it will last for the whole weekend.

I finally arrive after hectic traffic.

I park my car and head straight to my apartment.

I am shocked to what I walk into.

My father and brother!

What are they doing here? How did they get in?

No! The right question is why didn’t they tell me they were coming?

“Nokwakha” he says

I am still standing by the door.

“Baba” I respond after sometime

My brother doesn’t say anything he just stands there.

“I have come to take you home” he says standing up.


“Take me home?” I ask walking towards him.

“Yes Akha home

home you can start packing up” he says walking out with a cigarette in his mouth.

Can somebody please tell me what’s going on?

I look at the direction of my brother giving the “you better start explaining” look

“Just do as he says Sis” he comes towards giving me a hug.

“Are you going to help me at least?”

I make my way to the bedroom and bring out two of my largest suitcases we start packing.

More like throwing stuff in.

After sometime Zoe walks in with three of her friends.

I say “her friends” because well I know them through her.

One thing you should know about me is that being my friend’s friend doesn’t make you MY friend.

I sound arrogant right now I know! But in reality I’m not.

“Why are you packing?” she asks in a very loud voice

I take a huge breath.

“I’m going home” I say in defeat

“What do you mean you’re going home?”

“My dad is here to take me home Zoleka” I say irritated

That’s Zoe’s full name

“What about school?”

I had not thought about that at all and I doubt they did.

“I don’t know” I say shrugging

“What do you mean you don’t know Akha?” she says raising her voice

“She means just that” Menzi says out of nowhere in a rather intimidating tone

Zoe keeps quiet I think she got the message.

“Akha ask your friends to stay until Zweli comes he is the one who will be staying here until everything is sorted” my dad says as he takes one of the suitcases.

I think they heard you!

Zweli is one of my cousins from my maternal side or should I say my dad’s lapdog I think to myself as I roll my eyes.

A habit I cannot seem to stop doing which has also gotten me into trouble for a number of times.

I finish packing and Menzi takes the other bag to their car while I take the other one to my car

 It has been quiet in this room with everyone watching me packing.

“I’m sorry guys I wish I had an explanation but I don’t. A guy will come here and take the keys can you please stay until then?” I say making my way towards Zoe.

I really don’t have an explanation and I don’t have the energy to fight with my brother and father.

I give Zoe a tight hug.

“I will call you” I say breaking the hug.

I bid my goodbye to the rest of the girls and I leave without looking back.

I take my car and Menzi is driving with dad I asked to be alone.

I could have easily said no but the only thing I can think is it might be important and that is why they are taking me home. What I don’t get is why I had to pack all of my clothes though.

Nothing good is going to come out of this.

I put my music on and lose myself in the moment

After 2.5 hours we arrive and I am tired.

I get out of the car and Gosh! I was not ready to come back to this place.

Menzi takes out my bags from the cars and we go inside.

“Welcome back home sis” says Lihle making her way to me

Lihle is my sister in-law she is 24 years old but seems younger with her slim body.

“Hey I didn’t know you’d be here” I say as we hug

Lihle and I are not that close I also don’t know why.

“Menzi told me they were going to fetch you so I decided to come and welcome you”


“Where is Ma?” I ask scanning around

“She went to town but should be on her way back now” she says

“Okay” I say making my way to my bedroom

I throw myself on the bed and face the ceiling I think I missed this place just didn’t realize how much.

I decide to take a shower after that I call Zoe and once again I still don’t have an explanation but I promise her I’ll come back.

My father is a business man focused mainly on farming. With that came the wealth and the connections he has he is very powerful I must say and what he says goes and there is really no point in trying to defy him both in business and in life generally.

You can come to Escort and ask anyone about Zimele Langa and they will tell you not to ever mess with him.

You must just know if he says do something then you don’t do it and you get away with it it’s simply because he let you. That is why I didn’t protest when he told me to pack with no explanation.

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