Insert9 MY BLEEDING HEART Later that day. I realised crying was not helping me anymore I convinced my self that I needed answers I felt tired of living a miserable life so I stood up from where I was and went straight to mom and Zolile. I looked at them and saw something on mom's face something like she was beaten could Zolile be abusing my mother? I went and touched her face. Me: what is this? I asked out of so much anger I was breathing fire I am tired of being a stranger in my own life. Mom: Its nothing why did you run away? You want to get yourself killed Me: killed? Killed by who? My own mother? If killing me is what you want then why don't you just do it? I'm a very sensitive person so as hard as I try to hold back my tears I just couldn't. Zolile : you dare talk to her like that again I'll... I interrupted him before he could finish what he wanted to say. Me: what? Huh! You will get me arrested too? Why did you get my friends arrested? What portion did you feed my mother? I wanted to punch him in the face this man has awaken a part of me I didn't know I had in me he has turned me into a wild animal. He looked at my mother with scary eyes this man has got serious trust issues I tell you. He reprimanded my mother so hard . Zolile : hey you stand up and put this brat of yours in order I'm tired I want to sleep. I will not have any child speaking to me like i will not answer to you. Mom was practically shivering this man has changed my mother she looked very fragile. What could Zolile have against my mother? Mom: Miranda please just go to your room. Her voice was breaking like she wanted to cry. What's in the world is going on here? Me : I am not going anywhere until you and this man tell me what's going on mom do you want me to sleep with this man? I looked straight into her eyes waiting for an answer. Mom: what? Are you crazy Miranda Miracle Adams? When mom is angry she calls me with my full name. She continued and asked Zolile. Mom: Zolile What is she talking about? Zolile : Fucken Bitch you think I'd want to sleep with you? What do you have that your mother doesn't? You have been giving me headache since you got here I'm tired of this. Mom got angry and slapped me Tears rolled down her face. Mom : I didn't raise you like this Miranda did you have to lie just for your own benefit. Is this guy really denying that he was sexually harassing me and threatening to have me and my mother killed. Mom :Miranda why are you doing this? This time I was seriously out of words and shocked my own mother does not believe me. Me: Zolile be a man enough and admit you wanted to sleep with me tell my mother how you threaten to kill both of us if I don't give you what you want. Zolile : your child is crazy I told you it wouldn't be a good idea to stay with her look at what she is doing right now. My own mother did not believe me she chose to believe Zolile's lies over me. She pretended to laugh

she chose to believe Zolile's lies over me. She pretended to laugh while she came to me she grabbed me and started pulling me with my hair she took me to my room with so much anger and disappointment she looked at me and shook her head. Mom: I am so disappointed in you Miranda i know you hate Zolile but to accuse him of this that's so low. I saw tears rolling down my mother's face. She made me so angry. How could she choose to believe someone she just met over me I was shaking out of anger. This women is not my mother. Me: What the hell did you do with my mother women! She took the keys and locked me in my room she shouted " Go to sleep I'll open this door when your senses are back to place. That Zolile guy was enjoying every bit of this he was even whistling like nothing happened. I moved around my room looking for something to open the door with then i paused for a second I thought of all the things that happened to me in one night could this be my punishment for not looking for my father. I screamed and banged the door then sat down and cried I kept on saying "My life is a curse." look at what i did to Jason he was arrested because of me everything i touch gets broken in the end. I felt asleep on the floor until i heard someone trying to unlock my door I stood up and rubbed my eyes. Me: Mom is that you? the door opened wide I saw Zolile his in underwear I looked at him and screamed he grabbed my hand and covered my mouth with his other hand. Zolile : Shut up you think your mother will help you. she in on this too so just shut up baby girl and give me what I want. make me a happy man baby. I have never been so scared like this my entire life I will not let Zolile break my virginity never. I remembered that knife i had in my bra thank God its was still there the basted let go of my hand to remove his underwear I stabbed him on his shoulder and started running to the door I quickly ran to mom's room I wanted to look at her in the face so she could tell me why she sold me. Guess what I found there?


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