Insert8 MY BLEEDING HEART Jason ordered his bodyguards to carry me to the car He stood there waiting for the other guy to return from chasing that trash of a man unfortunately he couldn't catch him so he came back empty handed they all got into the car with anger and disappointment. Jason was busy saying "Dammit! He got away that fool" He kept on saying that and then He took my hand and said... Jason: You are safe now stop crying Miranda. I got closer to him I needed a shoulder to cry on and he offered to comfort me I hugged him so hard I didn't want to let go I felt like I could conquer the whole world with him around I kept on replaying what almost happened if Jason hadn't arrive where would I be? Tears took over I owe Jason my life. Me: Thank you so much. Jason : Please don't mention it. The driver and his bodyguard were minding their own business while Jason and I sat on the back seats of the car He looked at my eyes with his teary eyes and said "you've got beautiful eyes" I felt something I never felt before in my life. Jason came closer to me and kissed my forehead. Jason : I'm sorry for what you have experienced Today I'm sorry I arrived late I promise it's won't happen again. Me: Its okay! I had no words to say except for the fact that I was grateful for all that he has done for me. Jason couldn't stop looking at me. Jason : We are almost there don't be shy I hope you will tell me the reason you ran away from home If you don't mind. Jason is a real humbled guy but this was getting very serious and very tricky in a very short moment of time. I was starting to feel very uncomfortable I wanted to go back home I don't know Jason that well to go with him. Me: Please I'm sorry for wasting your time Please take me home. I was so confused didn't know whats wrong and what's right. Jason :Are you sure that's what you Miranda? He didn't look disappointed at all but he was rather concerned about me. Me:Please if you don't mind take me home I want to talk to my mother about something please stop the car.! Jason ordered that the driver stop the car immediately. He looked at me with a smile and said "I'll do anything for you Miranda if going back home is what you want then I'll take you home. I just nodded yes with my head

then I'll take you home. I just nodded yes with my head there was nothing i could do I trusted no one at this moment everyone I trusted turned to be evil including my mother Jason seemed real but i just couldn't risk it the driver reversed the car and drove on Jason's orders ofcouse . I was still puzzled by Jason's life He looked as if he owns the world he is living a dream but i was too scared to ask him about who he really was. We were reaching home now so i had to direct them home. Jason : So when will I see you so that we can talk I seriously need to talk to you. Me: I'll make time for you Im still so confused and scared from what happened I need some answers from my mom. The driver interrupted us. Drive : Excuse me are we heading the right way? Me: oh sorry please stop on that red sign over there. Jason :Please take care of yourself If you need me just call me or should i come with you? I quickly refused for him to come with me i couldn't let Jason in on my secret. Me: No thanks you have done a lot already . I stepped out of the car and Jason did too. Before we even knew it Jason's car was surrounded by the police with guns out demanding that we raise our hands Zolile came out of his compound shouting... Zolile :Arrest them those are the scums that kidnapped my baby. What is this guy talking about. Mom ran to me like she really cared she hugged me and i pushed her away. Me: What are you talking about? They helped me and brought me home. (I shouted) Zolile : Shut up Miranda stop protecting these people Arrest them. Oh i forgot to tell you Zolile is a station commender so that's why he ordered them to arrest Jason. They arrested them. I cried so hard and shouted that guy helped me please leave him alone. Jason: its okay Miranda my father will take care of this. I watched someone I loved deeply being dragged into a police van with tears rolling down my face. Why is Zolile doing this?


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