Insert6 MY BLEEDING HEART Mom came back i was still shocked and wondering what i should do what if i tell her the truth and then Zolile kills me and mom. I don't want to die Im still very young. My eyes turned red i couldn't stop crying. I have to tell mom I came out of my room very prepared to tell mom everything but be hold what i heard shocked me Mom and Zolile where busy talking i couldn't hear them very well so i went closer to them and hid my self to listen very well. Mom: You don't have to threaten her if you let me handle this like i said i would everything will be going as planned. Mom was fuming with anger she turned red all over her body like she was scared someone might hear her. I was so angry what does she mean when she says everything will be going as planned? Zolile : If you don't put her in order then ill be forced to do this the hard way You should remember why you here. Zolile talked as if he owned mom as if we owed him something. I was so confused. What the hell is going on here? I stood there and listened to everything they kept on talking i was so hurt could mom possibly sell me to this scum of a man? I went back to my room

tears were rolling down my face. I wanted to run away and never come back but where will i go? I took a phone and dialled Thembi's number her phone kept ringing but there was no answer. My second option was Jason i just wanted to walk away and leave everything behind. Leave mom and his evil fiancee. I dialled Jason's number and its also rang but no one picked it up this is getting really stressing really fast where is my father when i need him the most in my life? I wish heaven could open up for me to get in i heard a knock on my door. I panicked took a knife and hid it in my bra! I went to the door and opened guess who was there? My mom. Mom: Baby girl i need to talk to you. She was wearing that beautiful smile that makes everyone surrender everything. Mom: you okay baby? Me: No mom I'm not okay i want to go back home and now! I was shaking and fuming with anger. Mom: Home where Miranda This is home you should stop behaving like a child( umdala) now. Me: Oh so now that i have grown i should... Tears got better of me I just stormed out of the room without finishing what i wanted to say. My life just turned sour what the hell is going on with my life? I ran like a mad person couldn't look back Where would I go now? Daddy I need you. I was so confused what is mom really planning with my life?

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