Insert5 MY BLEEDING HEART Days went by and i was getting used to my new school its was not bad at all not like i imagined. I happened to like it there. Mom was now settled at work and their wedding preparations we coming along just fine. Everytime i saw my my step-dad i felt so dirty so uncomfortable by the things he does when mom is not around. My mother never noticed anything she loved Zolile so much to think he could hurt her. I felt the need of knowing my real father i felt like mom owes me an explanation and have to tell me the whereabouts of him. I don't know what happened between them and its none of my business I just need my father now more than ever. My phone was ringing. I picked it up and answered its was Jason Me: Hello Jason: Hello my princess. Me: How are you Jason? Long time. I was so happy that's when i realised i was falling for Jason i had a smile on my face through the entire conversation . I've never been in love before so if this is what it feels like then i want more of it. I heard a knock on my bedroom's door as i was talking to Jason. Its was mom. Mom: Miranda I'm going out. I'll see you when i come back what should i get you at the shops? I didn't even open the door to see mom i guess I was too ashamed to look at her after the whole Zolile saga. I just shouted from my room . Me: I need sanitaries mom. Mom: okay stay indoors since it Saturday i dont want you getting lost or kidnapped. My mom is super over protective of me only if she could protect me from her evil fiancee. She left i realised Jason was still on the line. Me: I'm sorry about that i guess you heard everything. I laughed a little. Jason : its okay so can I take you out tomorrow? I so want to meet Jason and see him again those eyes that made my knees shake. So why not? Me: yeah sure you will pick me up I'll send you my directions. We talked and laughed. Jason and I had some sort of connection like we are meant for each other. But I still had thoughts in my mind about his life

why does he have bodyguards? What could he really be? Could he be the president son or the kings son. I longed to see him again just to be in his presence. A knock on my door disturbed my thoughts I stood up and asked. Me: who is it? Zolile : its me... What does he want now i opened the door I looked at him and frowned Me: what do you want now? Zolile : look Miranda i know that you want me too look at what you wearing right now you way turning me on I need you. He came closer to me I wanted to cry. Mom is not even around i looked at things I could use to defend my self if he tries anything. Me: Please uncle Zolile leave! Zolile: leave and go where? Have you forgotten that this is my house I tried to be polite with you you are ungrateful. You little tramp your mother doesn't satisfy me in bed so you should help her fill the gap. Me: What? You must be out of your mind. I started crying because I could see how serious this guy is. How can he be this cruel and selfish? Zolile : I'm going to leave just like you want me to but if you tell your mom about this. I'll kill you. He showed me a gun in his jacket. I wanted to faint i was shocked and shaking. I couldn't answer anything he was busy saying to me. Zolile : I want you to think about my offer allow me to love you and care for you as my woman or have it the hard way. I can't believe the nerves of this guy where does he come from thinking he can talk to me the way he wants. Me: What do you mean when you say ill have it the hard way? Zolile : Just do as I say or you will find yourself in the street. I looked at him as he walked away feeling so confused and troubled. Where is my father when i need him the most???


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