Insert4 MY BLEEDING HEART. A Week went by. So today is my first day at school I'm hoping people will like me and enjoy my company just like Thembi did! Thembi laughed at every joke I made she was one of those friends you'd die for but hey! I'm sick and tired of being angry at mom one thing i realised is that Zolile loves my mother and she is happy so I had to swallow my pride and give their relationship a chance. I jumped out of bed and started getting ready for school I took my toiletries and went to the bathroom took a bath and when i finished. I went to the kitchen for breakfast I found Zolile there. Me: Hello Malume (uncle ) Zolile: Hello sunshine please if your mom is not around you call me Zolile. He gave me such a awkward smile Me: please my name is Miranda not sunshine where is mom? I was feeling so uncomfortable now. Zolile : its her first day at work so she asked if i can drive you to school. I must say you are very beautiful and you have features that your mother doesn't have I didn't know Sarah has got such a beautiful daughter. He came closer to me... I was so shaking. I took my bag is this guy for real? I felt so dirty how can he do this to mom i wanted get out of his presence and just run away and never look back i was so disgusted. Me: Excuse me sir did i hear you well when you said i have features that my mother doesn't have? You disrespecting my mother? I was so angry and getting really late for school. How did mom manage to get our lives in this mess so quickly. Zolile : Calm down Princess who said I was hitting on you? Its was just a joke

you need lighten up you too serious for you age. Come let me take you to school. Ladies first. I just looked at him and frowned I know he wasn't kidding. I walked as he followed me from behind he was even whistling i know he was checking me out. He quickly ran to the car before I even got there so that he can open the door for me I sat on the passenger sit. I was so disgusted we drove to school on our way he kept looking at my laps. I tried covering with my school bag i felt so guilty for wearing a skirt. At least we reached our destination. I walked out of his car feeling so guilty. I thought maybe its was something i said or did that made Zolile think he can do that to me...I needed to focus. How am I going to tell mom? She'll think I'm just a jealous daughter. "Mother will never believe me" I said it out loud. I heard a voice behind me so i turned and looked back # Girl : You must be new here never seen you before and why are you talking to your self? Me: wow i must be really stressed did i really say that loud? I smiled I tried to bring my self back to the real world. #Girl: I'm yolisa. Me: Im Miranda nice to meet you Yolisa. I felt a little bit relieved that now i have someone who will show me around. We went to the assembly together as she kept on showing me the teachers and who i shouldn't associate my self with she is a very talkative girl after assembly we were shown to our classes. Yolisa: which grade are you in? Me: Grade 11. We went our separate ways. I couldn't really concentrate i was thinking about what Zolile did and ways to tell mom or rather warn her about him. Our maths teacher was busy teaching and suddenly everyone's hand was up except for mine. He choose me to answer his question. I guess he noticed i wasn't concentrating. Me: im sorry sir what was your question? Teacher: whats your name little girl? He looked so angry. Me: Im Miranda Teacher: answer my question. I wasn't concentrating at all so i had to be honest. Me: sir I am sorry i wasn't concentrating. The whole class laughed at me I felt so stupid and useless I wanted to cry. But I'm a big girl. Well done Miranda what a great way to start a new school... I was so embarrassed!!!!

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