Insert3 MY BLEEDING HEART Him: my name is Jason. what's yours? I smiled and said I'm Miranda. Goodbye Jason. mom looked at me as I walked out of the bus with a huge smile all over my face I guess I was in love I felt so crazy for falling for a stranger. Mom: And the smile? Me: Nothing mom I just don't have a reason to be sad anymore I've made peace with this whole situation where to from here? Mom: Thank you Nana for understanding we should take a mini taxi that will take us to this address I promise you will like it there. I looked at mom and smiled I felt like a different person in a different province. Me: here is a taxi mom. I couldn't wait to get into our new home on our way I couldn't stop thinking about Jason and his sexy brown eyes. and his amazing curly hair. before I knew it our taxi stopped in front of a very beautiful house I thought maybe we were lost I mean I know mom will never afford such a beautiful and huge house but mom knew exactly where she was going. Me : mom is this our new home? wow its amazing. mom just smiled and hold my hand so tight. Mom: I'm glad you like it let's get in. I looked at mom and smiled but something puzzled me this place looked like there are people who stay here there was a car packed in front of a garage. Me: Mom are you sure we not lost? mom just looked at me and said nothing. As we were approaching the door someone opened the door and excitedly jumped on mom and hugged her so tight they hugged and looked at each other. Me: Aah Hello! what's going on here? who's this guy? and what's he doing in our house? I looked at mom as I was awaiting explanation. Him: You must be Miranda I heard a lot about can we all calm down and get inside. Me: well someone better tell me what's going on. we went to the sitting room I must admit the house is beyond beautiful but I was feeling very uncomfortable in this house I wanted someone to talk and tell me everything. I wanted that guy to leave Me and my mom in peace I mean it has always been me and mom. Me: Mom who's this guy? Mom: Nana I'm sorry for not being honest with you This is Zolile I'm sorry I didn't tell you but Zolile is the love of my life

I'm sorry I didn't tell you but Zolile is the love of my life we are engaged that is why we had to move. Me: you are what?( I shouted) so I left everything and everyone I loved behind for this? I felt so betrayed and used mom never said anything about Having a man in her life and I just couldn't handle it. Mom: Am I suppose to share every detail of my love life with you? mom couldn't care less as long as she was happy. Me: No mom but this is too much. That poor guy just sat there and said nothing he kept looking at me and my mom as we argued I was fuming with anger. Mom once had a man in her life after my dad but it ended badly the bastard cheated so she promised it will always be me her and nobody else. Mom: come down Miranda let me take you to your room. so she has been here before she even knows my room I laughed a little and stood up and looked at a man who practically ruined my life. So now I have to call him dad. Me: sies! I followed mom as she showed me my room the room was perfect some of my stuff were already in my room still packed in boxes so I had to unpack mom still wanted to explain but I was not in the mood. Me: please mom you can go now I want to sleep. Mom: Miranda... Me: please mom don't make me say things I'll regret. she stood up and said have a good night. I looked at her and closed my bedroom door. my phone was ringing I took it and immediately answered Me: hello Jason: Hello beautiful. Me: who's this? I didn't want him to know I was waiting for his call I was so happy that he really called. Jason: ouch! I'm hurt you forgot me. Me: I'm just pulling your leg how can I forget you I'm still traumatized by your bodyguards .( I laughed) Jason : listen I need to see you again I can't take you out of my mind. Me: your guards? Jason: What about them? oh don't mind them. we both agreed that its was too early to meet plus I don't even know this place but we promise that we will keep in touch and Jason offered to take me on a tour and show me how beautiful Cape Town is as long as I'm ready...

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