Insert2 MY BLEEDING HEART. I slept like a baby until I heard mom calling my name and said I should wake up it was time to go. It felt like a dream I woke up everything we owned was neatly packed inside a very huge truck I couldn't believe we were really leaving I quickly rushed to the bathroom took a bath and brushed my teeth I went outside and saw my best friend Thembi I ran to her with excitement. Me: you came? Thembi: I couldn't let you go without saying goodbye I bought you this take care of it it is a symbol of our friendship I love you Miranda. She gave me a necklace exactly as hers written friends forever I looked at her and hugged her so tight. Thembi: come on now stop crying you'll mess up you make up your mom is waiting for you. I looked at her trying to regain my strength from hers Thembi is strong and fierce unlike me. Me: I love you Thembi please take good care of your self goodbye. Dawn! I hated goodbyes I couldn't face her I just turned and walked away mom had better have a good reason for separating us in such a horrible way or I'll never forgive her. Our neighbour Mam Mavis took us to the bus station with her car. I couldn't say a word mom tried talking to me I just looked at her with so much anger but then I realized me being angry doesn't help so I ended up talking to her. Me: So where are you going to work at? And what the name of my new school? Have you applied for me yet? Mom looked at me I guess she was surprised by all the questions I asked at once. Mom: Relax Miranda I've got it all covered now i wanna take a nap don't wake me up. I was left confused how can mom be so calm in this situation. I wanted to blast out and cry. I noticed this handsome guy looking at me

how can mom be so calm in this situation. I wanted to blast out and cry. I noticed this handsome guy looking at me I tried to ignore him but he kept on starring he was surrounded by some man wearing black suit white shirts and black ties with wires in their ears. " Is he some kind of God? " I said to my self I took out my phone and logged on Facebook my friend Thembi was online I started chatting with her. This guy stood up and came to me dawn! He is so handsome he looked at me and stretched his hand towards me I stretched mine too I looked deep inside his eyes as he kissed my hand like a true gentleman. He looked a little older than me though. Him: I'm sorry for staring miss your beauty caught my attention. You are really beautiful. I smiled and quickly frowned I couldn't have him thinking I'm an easy target now. Me: Thank you. And I looked at my phone I'm a bit shy so I tried by all means to ignore him Him: is that your mother? He asked Me: yes Him: can you come join me on my seat there is an empty seat there I would like to know you better. I looked around people were staring at us like we are some kind of celebrities I wanted to talk to him so badly but those guys scared the hell out of me. So i had to ask. Me: why are those guys following you around? Him: They are my body guards... Between us I hate being followed around but its my father's order now can we go sit there? My heart wanted to join him I even forgot we were inside a bus but what if mom wakes up and see me with this guy. Me: no I can't my mom won't like that. Him: But she is sleeping anyways its fine. Can you give your number Me: okay give me you phone. One of his body guards handed me his phone I wrote my number I felt like a princess for a moment. I even forgot that I was sad earlier moving won't be a bad idea after all. This guy is so dawn hot. He's got brown eyes and curly hair I doubt if he is completely black but hey who knows. Dawn I felt inlove I gave him his phone back. Him: I'll call you beautiful. Me: You better. Man did I really say that? He left and his goon's followed him mom was still sleeping I kept on looking at that mystery guy what could he be really ? Why does he have body guards? Questions filled my head. Mom woke up to some noise someone was busy shouting Mosselbay! Mosselbay! Asehleni zihlobo. Mom stood up and said let's go baby girl. Me: Ses'fikile? Mom: yes Nana asambe. I stood up took my handbag mom was already outside the bus I waved goodbye to my mystery guy... As I was about to exit the bus he said...

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