INSERT1 MY BLEEDING HEART It january and school's are about to reopen and since we are moving to another province I had to change schools I hated the fact that we had to move but I had no choice when mom makes up her mind nothing and nobody can change it. I was so angry at her I couldn't speak to her. what if the kids there won't like me? What if the schools are horrible? I had a lot of questions on my mind but I couldn't be angry at my mom forever so I had to go to moms room where she was busy packing and getting ready move. mom:Are you okay nunu? she asked... I looked at her with so much anger and pain in my eyes. Me: No mom I'm not okay I still don't understand why we should move my whole life is here my friends are here at least tell me why we moving. she looked at me and smiled. Mom: Come sit next to me baby girl. I stood there and looked at her but nobody can resist my mom's smile so I smiled too and sat next to her. Mom: You know I love you so much right? I shook my head and smiled Me: Of cause I know and I love you too mom. I am the only child on my mom's side I don't know about my fathers side my mother never says much about him I never met my father I only saw pictures of him

I only saw pictures of him mom gets super angry when I ask her about my dad so I decided she'll tell me about him when she is ready. Mom: look I'm sorry I haven't explained to you why we moving and I can't explain to you today but I promise you will be happy at Cape Town now can you please go to your room and start parking cause tomorrow the new owners of this house will be here. Me: Mama! you sold this house already ( I shouted). I knew we had to move I knew the house will be sold but I had this stupid thought in my mind thinking maybe I'm dreaming and I'll wake up and realize it was all a bad dream. Mom just looked at me with eyes full of tears and said u will understand as soon as you have your own kids... I was so confused by what she said and I just walked out of her room crying. Questioning my mother didn't get me anywhere so I went to my room started packing and remembered I had a friend so I picked up my phone and dialled her number Thembi: hello Sthandwa Me: Nana l am leaving tomorrow its was very hard convincing mom to stay so I gave up. we are leaving. Thembi: Don't worry friend I'll visit you on school holidays and we will call each everyday Me: you promise Thembi: Hell yeah!! I felt happy and relieved Thembi wasn't as miserable as I was. Let me fill you in on our friendship Thembi is a very honest and loving friend I ever had we have been friends forever it was so sad for me to leave her behind. I felt like I was leaving a part of me behind I continued packing with tears all over my face...

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