There has always been a huge difference between Anzani's life and any other ordinary girl she had a very difficult upbringing and the fact that she lost both her parents in a plane crash on their way to Mozambique to find a cure for cancer Anzani's parents were scientists their death made things even more difficult for her growing up in the guidance of her aunt who was very abusive and mean towards her made her the women she is today! With all the struggles she had to endure at the age of 8 she had no choice but to grow up and take charge of her life

With her two cousins Mimi and Thando who made sure that she doesn't forget how she lost her parents who thought they were better than everyone and how her presence in the family took food out of their mouth. Anzani automatically became a maid at her father's house one mistake her parents did was leaving the house in the hands of her evil aunt. Her tough situation at home forced her to quit her studies and her only biggest achievement was landing a job as a cleaner at one of the biggest corporate world in JHB her dream is to go back to school and finish her matric with her looks and her mind of gold she managed to be one of the richest women in South Africa Anzani is a grown women now (21) and responsible but she is still harshly abused by her supposedly family. we all don't know who Anzani is follow me as we explore her world.


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