I got to work as early as I could my plan was to get to mr Zungu before his first meeting with his clients I heard that he will be here before we all clock in I pretended to be working as soon as I sat on the reception desk he arrived and approached me.
'What are you doing here? '
'I had to get here early today I need to fix some papers for one of your clients.' I smiled seductively.
'But isn't that Busi's work?' He asked.
Busi is mr Zungu's PA I had to quickly come up with a plan to cover this whole thing the real reason for me to be here was so that I could be alone with Stanley.
'Actually never mind I'll be in my office when you need me.' I watched him as he walked to his office I looked at his sexy butt like I could actually have him for breakfast lunch and dinner I wanted him and now.
I opened some of the buttons on my shirt to show some cleavage fixed my make up and followed him to his office well he did say that I will find him in his office if I need him or didn't he?
I knocked once and couldn't wait for him to answer I got my self in stood there and looked at him.
'Can I help you?' He frowned.
'No need to frown the question you should be asking is how I can help you? ' I smiled and got closer to his desk he stood up and looked at me from my toes to my hair oh wait... his eyes got stuck on my cleavage I liked it to be examined to be studied by him it turned me on gave me courage to do what I came here for I was scared that I can tell you but I had nothing to loose.
'Leave my office now.' He said harshly.
I wasn't going to give him that satisfaction I was not ready to give up infant I'm not leaving here until I have what I came here for.
'Calm down Stanley I have seen the way you look at me well I feel the same way.' I went much closer to him and hugged him he harshly removed my hands around his neck and squeezed my arms.
'You will not do that to me ever again okay and oh to you I'm mr Zungu who gave you the right to call me by my first name?' He yelled.
I laughed honestly I don't know what has gotten to me I was acting like a possessed women inlove like a stubborn child with his favourite toy.
'Come on handsome don't tell me you don't feel anything at all for me or is it because you cannot date one of your employees? You don't have to worry we will be discreet.' I said and licked my lips.
'Are you tipsy?' He asked
'Me tipsy?...no I'm not. ' I giggled.
I took my shirt off now I was completely half naked no sane man can resist my sexiast body my beautiful red bellybutton I took two more steps closer to him he grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him squeezed me so hard against him I felt his manhood rock hard and became strong Just by how it felt the guy was really gifted. I wanted to explore more of him.
'What do you want from me?' He asked
His eyes turned red as the fire of hell he became more aggressive and strong I was kind of confused by his reaction he was hurting me his fingers piecing deep inside my skin he was shaking and sweating what did I get myself into?
'I want to make you happy?' I said with my broken voice.
He finally released me from his claws stood there and looked at his watch.
'Who told you that I'm not happy? '
I guess I went in to poorly this man is very hard to please I have tried my best it time I give up.
'I'm really sorry for what I did sir' I apologise.
He looked at me have you ever love someone who just won't give you a chance to prove to them how much you do? Well that my situation right now I took my shirt and ran to the door filled with shame how will I ever face Stanley maybe I should prepare for the worst being fired.
'Gugu' he shouted.
I turned and looked back.
'Come here'
I was too embarrassed to face him so I just bent my head and looked at the floor I walked slowly to him with my hands attached to each other supporting my walk of shame. I closed my eyes and waited for the reprimand.
'Yes sir'
'What was that?'
'Sir honestly speak...'
He interrupted me and came much closer to me I took two steps back he kept coming and licking his lips I kept moving back until I got to the wall and it supported my back he finally got to me and wrapped his hands around my neck.
'Finish what you have started.' He said so softly.
He kissed me so passionately and reached for the strings on my bra removed and threw it on the floor removed and threw it on the floor he kissed my neck so nicely he smelled so good this was too good to be true so I pinched my self trying to confirm if I'm not dreaming I jumped on his strong arms Stanley is what you guys call a yellow bone so you could only imagine how his colour turned into from our previous encounter he was red all over his body he walked with me to his desk and layed me there I pushed all of his documents down didn't care about anything as long as it doesn't disturb my moment.
He kissed me from my neck went on and on until he got to my bellybutton he started licking squeezing and sucking on my nimples I moaned so pationatily I wanted this feeling to last forever.
He kissed me with his eyes closed.
'I love you Anzani' he moaned
I pushed him and look at him with puzzlement.
'What did you call me? Did you just call me Anzani?' I shouted.
He kept quiet and fixed his tie he was still fully dressed not like me I was half naked infront of my boss who seem to be inlove with my best friend.
'I asked you a question why did you call me Anzani? '
'Get dressed and get out of my office.' He frowned.
I looked around his office I didn't know what to do or think? Why would he be thinking about Anzani?
I took my bra slowly like the energy in me had been sucked out.
'Are you involved with Anzani in any way?'
I asked him as I put on my shirt.
'I said get...the...fuck out of my office. ' he yelled
I have never seen him this angry gosh I nearly had him but I'm glad he didn't have my cookie how bad would it have been if I had sex with him then he tells me that he loves Anzani this is all making sense now the lifts the money and the little chats with her Stanley is inlove with Anzani not me.
I walked slowly with disappointment how can I be so stupid why didn't I see this before I made a fool of myself.
I turned my head and looked at him.
'If you tell anyone about this your job is on the line oh and not a word about this to Anzani now go' he pointed at the door.
I had no power to answer him or to argue I just wanted some air.
I went outside of the building and looked at the cars the people and all the brightness of the world I felt betrayed by a friend I love and trust my colleagues started clocking in one by one I'm always humbled and bubbly but today I feel so naked and weak I closed my eyes trying to bring back the spark in my soul but all I could see was Anzani in the arms of my lover I nearly slept with someone who does not feel anything for me.
'Hey what are you doing here with your eyes closed ' that was Anzani interrupting my thoughts.
'Hey...you are late' I frowned.
'Whats the matter babe' she asked with a smile.
I looked at her and realised she was wearing new expensive clothes knowing Anzani and her situation she just cannot afford this look this must be Stanley's work we walked to the lift quetily like we didn't know each other as soon as we got there I regained my strength I just had to make sure.
'Anzani can I ask you something? '
'Yeah sure'
'I know this is crazy I know its not true but I just have to make sure ' I giggled.
'What is it?' She asked with a smile.
Honestly Anzani is a very beautiful lady like a Goddess her smile tops it all I just couldn't compare myself to her Anzani is beautiful even if she is wearing torn clothes.
'Are you dating Mr Zungu she looked at every corner and rolled her eyes.
'I know right? It madness you wouldn't date our boss what rubbish is that? '
'Actually what?'
'Stanley and I are dating'
We got out of the lift I was so shocked and surprised how can Anzani do this and not tell me about it.
'I wanted to tell you today after work.'
'Save it get out of my face' I yelled.
I wasn't angry because of the affair what made me angry is that my friend decided to keep a secret from me look at what I did now if only she told me I would have saved myself some embarrassment It is no secret that Anzani can have any man that she wants with her looks it would have made me angry that she went after my crush but eventually I would get used to it but how do I overcome the fact that she lied to me.
'Can I at least explain '
'I said get out of my face and get back to work oh I almost forgot you are the bosses beautiful lady why would you rush to work you'll get paid even if you don't work.' I said with a very torn heart.
'Shut up I hate you.'
People were starring at us I just didn't care I was angry and allowed my emotions to control me.
'You don't mean that' she said with tears on her face.
Seing her shed tears broke my heart I mean she is my best friend afterall. She slowly walked to the changing room I wanted to follow her and apologise for saying that I hated her but my pride wouldn't let me.

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