Things have been running smoothly with my aunt trying not to be a pain in the as* she acted like she was sincere when she apologised even gave me the money for transport to work the only person who hated me openly was Mimi she just didn't like me nje period today is my off day so I was all alone in the house when all of a sudden I heard a knock on the door I was in the same Jean that I always wear and my black vest I stood up from the sofa and went to see who was knocking. I opened the door and just stood there shocked it was my boss.
'Hi' he said with a smile.
He handed me a bunch of flowers.
'What are you doing here? How did you know where I stay?" Shocked.
'Your CV I got your address there I'm sorry but I just had to meet with you.'
'What for? '
'I would like to take you out.'
'Yes you beautiful'
'Please you need to leave before my aunt arrive.' I frowned.
'Please Anzani just lunch.'
'Stop begging it doesn't sit well on you' I said with a smile.
'Is that a yes?'
I smiled I knew that this wasn't right but do you blame me for listening to my heart.
'Yes I'll go out with you but only for lunch .' I smiled.
'You have the most beautiful smile in the world. '
it really feels good to be loved to be given the attention I always wanted to be appreciated and adored and if this is what Stanley is going to give to me then I rather face the consequences.
'Are you ready to go?'
I felt embarrassed seeing what stanley wore compared to what I wore this was the best attire I owned.
'This is the only nice attire I have and nothing else. ' I said.
'You look great now put on your shoes and lets go'
Stanley's presence made me forget that I was walking bare foot.
I ran into the house to put on my shoes then went outside as we got to the gate I saw mimi.
'Who do we have here?' She asked.
'This is stanley ' I said.
'One of your clients? ' she smiled.
'What do you mean? '
'What's going on? Are we going or what?' Stanley said.
I guess he was annoyed by what Mimi said she was so jealous of me that's why she wanted to ruin things for me.
I looked at her and walked to Stanley's car as he opened the door for me.
If you could have seen her face priceless moments.
It felt good to be in charge of my life to own my self and to have someone who I can rely on I don't know what this is but it felt great if this is what you call love then I am guilty as charged I was so worried about Gugu though Stanley kept quiet the entire way he was so pissed off.
'Are you okay? ' I asked.
'Are you a prostitute? ' he frowned.
'WTF? Stop this car now' I protested.
He parked the car near the ground.
' Why would you ask me that?'
'That girl she ask if I'm one of your clients what did she mean by that?'
'That's my super jealous cousin the one who abuses me emotionally everyday she is just jealous of me mr Zungu what do you take me for?'
I was so angry that he thought so little of me do I even look like a prostitute?
' I'm sorry my darling I'm really sorry '
'Take me home now' I yelled.
'No please Anzani let me at least make it up to you. 'He begged.
I looked at him his puppy eyes melted my heart I tried to look away trying to avoid being tempted for a long time I have longed to experience a proper kiss. He got closer to me I looked around to see if there was no one near the area my hands started shaking I bit my lower lip and I could feel that I was somehow getting wet for no reason he lifted my chin up and kissed my forehead I closed my eyes my lips were trembling I was longing for more. I heard the car start and stanley was back on his seat I have never been so embarrassed in my life he was smiling.
'You felt what I feel?' He asked with a smile.
'Just drive. ' I giggled.
To be honest with you I was kind of changing Gugu was the least of my worries I just wanted to focus on me and me only this is about my happiness and to be happy is what I really wanted .
' So where do you want me to take you?' He asked.
I looked at him one thing about me is that I cannot pretend I am the honest type and I wasn't going to lie and say I know where I want to go like I've been to these places.
'I have never been to a restaurant in my life I can't eat with a fork and knife I'm the type of girl who doesn't like a light meal I eat pap and meat a lot of it at that.'
He listened carefully while focusing on his driving.
' I like that' he said.
'You lie ' I laughed.
It felt like I knew Stanley my entire life I was comfortable around him we got to the mall and he parked his car.
'Let's go '
I got out of the car looked at him.
'Where are we going? '
'You'll see' he said as he held my hand.
We walked hand in hand.
He took me to Identify.
'Take anything you want.'
'No stanley I can't allow you do that.'
'Why? its my money just take anything I don't mind. '
I was so scared but I needed clothes I don't mind. '
I was so scared but I needed clothes I also wanted to look like other girls.
'Okay if you insist. '
I don't have a sense of style but I love beautiful clothes at home I would sit around and watch fashion shows it was a dream to own some of the things I saw there I took two items and and went to Stanley.
'Already? Come on girl this is like an insult I'm willing to pay any amount of money just for you.'
I hope I won't have to pay back the money with my soul I had to lighten up. I mean what's the worst that could happen I just wanted to make my self happy Stanley stood up and helped me take all the things that I liked.
'Its getting late I should go back to work lets go pay.'
We went to the till and he payed R3500 just for the clothes I felt bad for spending so much on clothes I could have done a lot with that amount of money.
'Thanks for this ' I said.
'That's nothing girlthere is more where that came from.
I looked at him and blushed look at what Stanley made me do he was changing me without even realising it I had principles I once made a promise to my self that I will not depend on any man but look at me.
'I hope you are not trying to buy my love' I said with a smile.
He shook his head.
'Let me take you home'
I had a thought for a minute there my aunt won't like this she will not at all.
'if you don't mind can I just take a taxi?'
'Why? You don't want to be seen with me?' He gave weird stare.
'It's not that my aunt will kill me if she sees me with you any other man.' I looked on the other side of the window.
'Its okay I understand.'
'Thanks again for these' I pointed at the shopping bags.
'You deserve it when will I see you again?'
'Tomorrow at work ' I laughed.
'No man I don't mean that when can I see you just the two of us? '
I hope I'm not selling my soul to the devil.
'You tell me.' I was even shy to face him
'Okay talk tomorrow then.'
He parked his car near the taxi rank.
'I love you Anzani I really do...I loved you from the first day I set my eyes on you.' He had tears on his face it was so cute.
I looked at him I still had that old saying that you don't answer someone's proposal on the same day because it makes you cheap.
He held my hand looked at me then bit his lips he came closer to me and kissed me on my lips gosh he kissed me on the lips so smoothly I gave in I allowed him to run his fingers on my neck the car windows were dimmed so it was minus one problem he stopped kissing me and looked at me I was shaking so scared and innocent I went closer to him and kissed him too pationatily his hands ran to my breast he squeezed them It felt like heaven I was feeling things I never felt in my life before he kissed me on my neck the moans and sighs were just too much that I had to stop him I can't be deflowered by my boss in the car on broad daylight.
'I have to go' I said.
He cleared his throat.
'Yes me too...'
I got out of the car He got out too and helped me take my shopping bags out.
'Goodbye stanley ' I said.
I walked Imagine I had no money for taxi but my pride couldn't allow me to ask him for it.
'Anzani' he shouted and ran to me.
I stopped and looked at him.
'What is it now? Can't you get enough of me.' I asked.
He laughed.
'I know you didn't take any money at home take this for transport.'
'No buts just take it' he opened my hand and placed the money and then closed it again. He kissed me on the chic.
'Goodbye my love.'
We went our separate ways on the taxi all I could think about was how cruel I am how will I break the news to Gugu maybe I should keep this as a secret to avoid losing a friend. I was so confused I love stanley and I love Gugu.
I got home and everyone was outside I was so embarrassed like my aunt could see through me they all stared at me but I just didn't mind them.
'Sanibonani' I said.
'So you have a sugar daddy now?' Asked mimi.
'No that's no sugar daddy dear its a client just like you said' I smiled and headed to my room.
I sat on top of the bed and looked at my parents picture 'Mom I wish you were here to teach me about love is this love or lust?' Is it the money that I'm after or the attention I never had? ' tears rolled down my face.
I counted the money Stanley gave me it was a R1000 I smiled a little I looked for a place to hide it and then chuffed R700.
I had a very exhausting day so I just took a nap.


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