Stanley Zungu.
I'm a boss yes but I'm also human. I have my flaws just like any other ordinary person I've got feelings too and I fall in love I know it is so wrong to fall for my junior staff especially a cleaner but I just can't help it her beauty is beyond measures she just weakens my knees.
I'm Stanley Zungu a 36 years old gentleman a tough guy I don't smile or talk too much I talk when it necessary I smile when its worth it I may act like I don't have a heart but get closer to me and you will realise that I'm just as soft as a unicorn.
'Sir this was said to be delivered to you ' Anzani said.
Just hearing her voice was enough to get my heart jumping up and down this was getting out of hand I mean it was her first day at work will I be able to control my self around this lady.
'Thanks so this is part of your job too?' I asked with a smile.
'No sir your PA sent me let me leave you too it then.' She said
I looked at her as she walked slowly to the door her body is just perfect her flawless skin her black long afro that suits her just fine but then I noticed some marks on her body like she had been beaten recently.
'Hey Anzani.... come here.'
'Oh God what is it now? ' she whispered.
'What is this?' I asked.
'Its nothing '
'It doesn't look like that to me tell me who did this to you? ' I yelled
I was breathing so heavily this got me so worked up like Anzani was my girl already.
'Sir please I don't like the way you treat me what will people say? That I'm your favourite already?' she shouted.
'Okay...don't shout okay so you have a problem with me treating you nicely?'
I really like Anzani but if she feels she doesn't want to be with me then it fine I don't want to be accused of sexual harassment.
'Treat me just like any other employee.' She said as she stormed out of the office.
I knew that she felt something too I could see just by looking deep in her eyes the passion she had the fire in her heart her voice whispering so nice that she turned me on I will try my luck on Anzani until she belongs to me. I looked at my watch It was time to go home I took all my belongings and locked my office I could see that Anzani had knocked off already but she was still waiting for Gugu she lowered her head down as soon as she saw me approaching her.
'Do you girls want a lift?' I said with a smile.
Anzani just kept quiet and her friend answered Excitedly 'Yes sir please. '
'Let me just finish off then we will be with you shortly. 'Gugu said.
I didn't mind her tagging along all I wanted was to be with my Anzani a little more and if it means being with Gugu too then its fine.
'Anzani you're such a quiet girl ain't you' I said provoking her.
She just nodded and gave me one hell of a beautiful smile my God never in my entire life have I seen something like this I'm so inlove.
'All done lets go guys' Gugu said.
I kept on looking at the beautiful Anzani all the way felt like I could just eliminate Gugu so that I can hold her tight and kiss her until she starts begging for more.
'So Anzani tell me where do you stay?'
She frowned and didn't answer.
We got where I parked the car I opened the passenger seat for Anzani to seat but then Gugu quickly took it I looked at her Anzani smiled and opened the other door.
'Wow this is a nice car' Anzani said.
'Thanks...you like it? I looked at her on the mirror this girl got me so messed up I really love her. If only she could give me a chance.
Gugu took off her shoes and pulled her skirt up and pretended she was feeling hot yes it was a sunny day but not that hot so I could see that she was just trying to seduce me

well it won't work.
'I'll take you guys to the taxi rank I have another meeting to rush to is it okay with you guys?'
'Ya sure' answered Gugu with disappointment.
Anzani just kept quiet like she didn't hear me I took out 2 R100 in my pocket and gave one to Anzani and one to Gugu.
'This is for transport since I can't take you guys home anymore'
'You shouldn't have' said Anzani I winked at her making sure that Gugu doesn't see me. They got out of the car and went to the taxi rank I looked at Anzani as she walked like a Goddess then drove off.
My mind was so occupied by my problems I can't sleep under the bridge forever even if I still want to go sleep there what will I tell Gugu.
'You saw how he looks at me? He can't control himself around me' that was Gugu interrupting my thoughts.
'Anzani did you even hear me?' She added.
We were now nicely seated in a taxi.
'Oh yeah I heard you.'
'What did I say? '
'Someone is dying to be with you ' I smiled.
'I mean Stanley.'
'You mean our boss mr Zungu right?' I said
'Come on Anzani lighten up this is a 21st century.'
'Meaning? ' I asked.
'I can fall in love with my boss without any hassles. '
'And end up losing your job '
'Job? What job? Why would I work if I have a rich sugar daddy? A super handsome sugar daddy? She laughed .
To tell you the truth knowing how I feel about Stanley made me so jealous hearing Gugu talk about him made me sweat it made me bitter but to save my friendship with her I'd have to sacrifice my happiness and let her have stanley.
'You really like Stanley don't you?' I asked.
'I looooooove stanley' she giggled.
We talked all the way laughed shared the best jokes talked about work and all the funny things that happened at work today it was so great we got to our destination.
'How was your first day at work? '
'Great '
'Okay...so batista didn't have any problems with you having to work?'
Hiding things for a person who truly cares for you is just not right I trusted Gugu with my life and I saw no reason to be keeping secrets from her I realised I needed to come clean about the fact that I was thrown out of my father's house.
'I slept under the bridge yesterday ' I quickly said.
She opened her eyes widely.
'Anzani you did what?'
' Yes. '
I could see tears quickly rolling down her face she was so concerned about me.
'Anzani why did you do that?'
'I had no where else to go besides you did a lot already and I couldn't expect you to take me in'
As much as I tried not to cry my tears fell down my face like a marathon.
'You coming with me so that witch chased you out of your father's house?' she grabbed my hand.
'One thing I realised is that my father didn't love me enough if he did he would have made sure that I'll be taken care of'
'Don't say that Anza Your dad loved you'
I shook my head.
'Gugu I can't go with you you have done a lot for me already I'll be fine I promise.'
'No friend of mine will sleep under the bridge while I'm still alive.' She insisted.
'Okay then thank you I have to go fetch my stuff where I hid it.'
'I'll come with you' gugu said as we hugged.
I closed my eyes to avoid tears from falling when I opened them I saw my Aunt quickly approaching us.
'Gugu lets go nangu u Batista ' I said shaking.
Gugu turned and looked at her she frowned.
'We are not going anywhere.'
'Anzani can I talk you?'
'Sawubona nawe (hello to you too )' said Gugu
My aunt just didn't mind she is real savage she doesn't take any bullshit nor orders from someone else.
'What do you want?' I asked.
'You to come home please '
'Why? So that you can hit or kill me? Oh you miss your maid don't you?' I yelled.
'Its okay Anzani I deserve all the insults but please forgive me.'
My aunt apologising? This was something else I looked at Gugu she looked at me too with questions all over her face.
'Anzani lets just go ' Gugu said.
'Please Anzani I'm sorry I was wrong for mistreating you I promise it will come to an end actually it will not happen again ' she said.
I turned and hugged Gugu I'm willing to give them one more chance once they mess it up I'll be gone and for good.
' They want you back because you now have a job ' she shouted.
'Anzani got a job?' She exclaimed.
'Yes I do have a Job and if it means that I am coming back home I don't want to be disturbed or be told not to go to work or I should quit my job.'
' that will never happen ' she said
I could see that she wasn't happy that I have a job her voice says it all.
I know going back home is probably a mistake I'll never forget but nothing is better than being at home besides going to Gugu's place would be intruding I love my friend so much for her efforts for trying to help me but I decided to go back home we weren't too far from where I slept yesterday.
'You can go home I'll follow you I still want to go fetch my things'
' You will?'
'Ya sure. '
She walked away. Gugu looked at me.
'Are you sure about this?'
'I'm not but that is my father's house and that automatically makes that house mine my father built that house for me and I will no longer be abused in my father's house my house. ' I answered with a lot of confidence.
'Great I love the new Anzani. ' she clapped her hands twice.
'I love you will see you tomorrow.'
We went our separate ways. I took the plastic bag where I hid it and then walked slowly until I got home.


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