Anzani's Aunt.
I wondered if getting rid of my brother's child was a great idea I mean this is her house afterall if she could find out that this house was supposed to be given to her while she turned 18 and that if she go claim for the money left by her parents for her she could actually be a millionaire we could use that to our advantage she is vulnerable desperate and seeks our attention she needs love and if I could offer her that and use her so that she can go sign those papers and give the money to me.
'What are you thinking about? ' asked mimi.
'Do not sneak up on me like that.' I said as I jumped from the sofa.
'You are cagey whats up?
'The sky' I frowned.
'Come on mom you know I'm not talking about that.'
'Where do you think my brother's child slept? '
'You mean Anzani?' Mimi asked.
'Yes I mean Anzani '
'Mom don't tell me you regret throwing her out.' She laughed.
'Actually I do I'm a terrible person.'
'No you not Anzani is not one of us nje period.' Replied Mimi.
'How could you say that? look at the dishes its 6 am where is the breakfast? I hated Anzani but do not want her to die what if she is dead?'
'Mom you are overreacting Anzani is fine maybe she is with some man for all I care...just forget about her' said mimi with a very annoying smile.
'I want to go to work prepare breakfast for me.' I stood up from the sofa.
'Wait a minute mom...is it Anzani that you miss or is it the breakfast or the maid? What exactly do you miss?' She looked at me.
Well her question got me so stunned I wondered the real reason why I miss Anzani I wondered why I've been so terrible to her I wondered how I made her life a living hell but what really got to me is how I allowed her to sleep outside the house knowing Anzani and her pride she probably slept under the bridge God will punish me severely for what I did to that poor child.
'Mom...mom...mom.' that was Mimi's voice in the room I was still deep in thoughts so I could hear her calling me she came closer to me and tapped my shoulder.
'What is it ' I yelled.
'Are you sure you are okay '
'Yes I'm fine where is my breakfast?
'Thando is preparing it' she shook her head.
I know I was somehow acting strange but do you blame me? I feel terrible for the fact that I wanted Anzani to come back just to convince her to claim for the money and start abusing her again being abusive towards her was in my blood I guess its how I grew up my parents loved my brother I'm the second of two Anzani's father was the first born and was dearly loved by my parents Anzani was their favourite and they mistreated Mimi so that built hatred for Anzani in my heart so that's how all of this started I hate Anzani and will never love her ever again.
'Mom your breakfast is ready honestly mom we should look for Anzani.. I miss her.' Said Thando.
'Get ready for school you miss Anzani or her hands mtweeew!'
I ate my breakfast then took the dishes to the kitchen it was time for me to go to work my plan today is to go to work and knock off as early as I could so that I can go look for Anzani maybe she slept at her friend's place.
I took my bags and left.
I slept like a baby it felt good to be free knowing there is no one who can order me around or wake me with a bucket filled with water or tell me how messed up I am my body was so painful from the slashes I got from my aunt yesterday but I just didn't mind at all I was super ready for work I wish the uniform that I'm suppose to wear can cover my body I wouldn't want people to see that I was beaten yesterday.
I woke up and fixed my hair I had a very beautiful afro( black long afro) so I could do any style I desired took the plastic bag that had all my belongings and looked for a place to chuff it only took my parents picture and the clothes to wear for work I still had some change from the money I stole from my aunt so transport was sorted I can't lie to you and say I had my bath I mean where can I possibly find the water to bath in the the streets? My plan is to get to the nearest petrol station get into the ladies and wash my face and some places where water is needed everyday my shift is at 8:30 so I was still a bit early. I got to the garage did as planned but I was scared as hell cause this isn't like other first stop garage you need permission to get to their toilet so me being the tough cookie that I am

you need permission to get to their toilet so me being the tough cookie that I am I managed to get in without being seen.
I got in to the taxi for work my self esteem was too low but today I feel different I was starting to love my self to have self confidence I got to the building gosh I had butterflies in my tummy Imagine how I have to get use to working on one of the biggest towers in JHB everyday I finally restored my strength and went in the lift got to the floor and Gugu was already there.
'Hey beautiful you are early ' said Gugu with a smile.
'I couldn't be late on my first day.' I giggled.
'Are you ready for your big day ' she handed me the uniform.
'I guess I am.' I took it.
I was more than ready to work to make money to buy the things that the prophet said I should buy no one could stand on my way I wanted closure.
'Where should I go change? '
'There' she pointed.
I saw a sign written staff only so I went in and changed into the uniform that fitted me just fine I looked at my self on the mirror I didn't look like a million dollar but I looked beautiful this is not a beauty pageant anyway mam Mavis showed me where I should work at so I started cleaning what puzzled me is the fact that I was told that I'll be responsible for cleaning mr Zungu's office was it a wise idea though? It was time I go clean his office since I was done working in the others offices.
'Knock knock...' I knocked at Mr Zungu's office.
'What do you want? He said with a serious face.
'To clean' I answered.
'Here? Now? He asked.
'I was told I should clean here after I'm done with other offices.'
'Okay...suit your self.'
I wonder what changed Mr Zungu was all nice and sweet yesterday but today he is so rude and annoyed by me I couldn't care less about him though anyway I wasn't here to be loved I was here to make money I wasn't here to be smiled at remember I'm used to being a door mat so this was just something small.
'You can carry on with your work don't mind me' he said.
'Okay' I said
I carried on with my work this wasn't something hard for me to do I had my training at home if there is one good thing my aunt did for me was to teach me to be a tough cookie I kept on cleaning until I realised that Mr Zungu was staring at me but I ignored him.
'You look good on that uniform. ' he said.
'Thanks sir ' I was kind of shy towards him.
'Call me Stanley ' he smiled.
'I'm sorry sir but I can't call you by your first name I'm just a cleaner. '
'Anzani you are more than that you are way too beautiful. '
I blushed it felt awkward I didn't know how to react I mean this whole thing was new to me this was my first time in the office.
He stood up and came closer to me I started shaking and sweating. I felt something move in me something I couldn't even explain my heart pumped so hard I couldn't even look at him so I just looked at the floor I held onto the mop that I was busy with trying so hard to hide that I was swept off my feet I felt bad for feeling that way on my first day at work.
'You are very beautiful ' he lifted my chin up.
'I am? ' I asked.
I couldn't even recognise my own voice I was feeling so weird in a way I have never felt in my life before.
I remembered why I am here and it got nothing to do with falling inlove with my boss worse part he is Gugu's crush I just couldn't risk my friendship just for a fling.
'Sir I got to finish cleaning the other offices I should get going. '
I quickly removed his hand on my face and stormed out his office with one hell of a speed I went to the bathroom and took a good look at my self. 'What are you doing Anzani? ' that was a question running through my mind.
I could still smell Stanley cologne I felt his hands all over my face I shook my head and focused on the real issue that got me here and that was to work.
'Anzani are you alright? '
That was a voice behind me I looked the mirror and saw Gugu.
'Hi' I wiped at my tears and tried to smile.
'Why are you crying? Come here.' She pulled me closer and hugged me.
'I'm okay I'm just grateful you got me a job. '
'Great then did you see my husband to be?' She said Excitedly.
'Who?' I giggled.
'I mean Stanley duh!'
'Girl don't you think you are overreacting? Calling him your husband to be he is only a crush. ' I smiled.
' who is about to be seduced ' she laughed and gave me a high five.
I hated seeing her like this she was crazy inlove with our boss but I doubt if he feels the same way.
'You don't look too happy for me she said.
'I'm sorry I just don't want to see you disappointed. ' I answered.
'Okay girl lets get back to work '
I smiled and took my working equipments and started working Gugu went back to her desk and started answering the phone. This was indeed a long successful day. I frowned.

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