All I could think about was how will I tell them about the news I know my aunt will probably kill me for stealing her money in the morning but I had no choice and I will not deny the fact that I stole the money I'm so hoping that she is at work and her kids ain't back yet I slowly opened the door one clear sign that there was someone in the house the door wasn't locked I felt my heart pumping so hard my hands started shaking I was sweating all over my body things were so bad I was really scared of them as usual I tiptoed to my room and managed to get inside without being seen I smiled as soon as I sat down ontop of what I called a bed.
I looked at my parents picture on the wall and I smiled for such a long time it was the first time I smiled after taking a look at that picture.
'Where have you been? '
Mimi just barged in my room uninvited.
'Can't you knock?' I asked.
'You must be kidding me Anzani if you think I'll knock...'
'Hey shut the fuck up and get the hell out of my room' I said
As surprising as it was that I had the guts to actually speak for myself once in a lifetime scared the hell out of Mimi she ran out of my room very sad and scared so this actually means she is just all talk and no action minus one problem for me as tired as I was I went to the kitchen to do the dishes and start cooking at the same time I knew in my heart that this wasn't the end of it I knew that my aunt was on her way to kick the hell out of me. Speaking of a devel.
'Ya wena' that was my aunt behind me.
I continued doing what I was busy with couldn't even look at her.
'I'm talking to you Anzani where have you been? 'She yelled.
I just frooze.
She gave me one hot slap I saw some little stars on my face with a drop of tear on one of my eyes.
'One of these days I'll slap you back. ' I said as I rub my face.
'Anzani you will do what?' She laughed and clapped her hands.
I looked at her and couldn't even move an inch I was getting tired of this being treated like an outsider in my father's house.
'You heard me now if you will please excuse me I want to wash the dishes and cook your bloody dinner' I yelled.
She looked at me she was so surprised and confused I guess she thought she was seeing someone else well I felt like a different person too I felt too proud of my self for doing that it felt super great.
She walked away from me so fast she was mumbling and rumbling she was so angry.
I couldn't care less I just wanted to have a peaceful night so that I can wake up tomorrow and have a wonderful day at work.
'So you think you are a women now?' Said my aunt.
She threw all my clothes out.
'Auntie what are you doing? ' I cried.
'You are a big girl now ain't you? Well then go and be a women else where not in my house...nxaa!
'Auntie please...you can't do that this is my father's house' I said with tears on my face.
What made me cry was not the fact that I was been kicked out but I cried because Mimi and her kids couldn't stop laughing at me I cried because I could see that those kids would grow up in such a messed up environment that they will know no love but hatred I cried because I couldn't do anything to save them.
'Your what? Say that again. ..'
'It is my father's place I'm not going anywhere. I answered
She went to her bedroom I continued washing the dishes when all of a sudden I heard some strokes of a sjambok on my back I screamed because of the pain I felt it was just too much to handle I sat down and covered my face she just didn't stop hitting me until Thando rushed in to the kitchen and rescued me from her mom.
'Mother ' Thando said.
'Get away or I'll hit you too.' She was sweating and shaking.
Thando just couldn't allow her to continue hitting me so she stood in front of her she was still in her school uniform with her school bag on her back.
'Mom this is not right Anzani is also human you know? 'said Thando.
I looked at Thando who was somehow starting to have a heart she was now always on my side I remember she didn't like it when her mother decided to burn my chest with her food has the bad girl turned good?
'Get the hell out of my face ' yelled aunty
I stood up and ran to my room everything I owned was now outside the spounge that I sleep on my parents picture my clothes and to top it all I had the sjambok marks all over my body I was severely injured. I could the noise coming from the kitchen it was my aunt scolding Thando. I went down on my knees and started praying it was my aunt scolding Thando. I went down on my knees and started praying tears started rolling down my face I prayed harder until I felt a little bit better I got out of the room with a platic bag took all of my clothes and my parents picture my Aunt was on the background looking at me I stood there and looked at her with so much pain in my eyes I told myself that this has reached an end I have suffered enough my body just couldn't afford any more strains.
I slowly walked out of their property as they say if this is how it should be then let it be Thando came running to me and kneeled down.
'Anzani please don't go'
'I'm tired of this I rather sleep on the streets than live like this ' I couldn't stop crying.
My Aunt just stood there and was talking none stop with her child Mimi she kept on saying how nice the house can be without me.
'Anzani please I'm sorry ' Thando said.
'You only sorry cause you won't have a maid anyway '
'No Anzani it is not that I'm sorry because I have realised that what we have been doing to you is wrong please forgive us'
'Us?' I asked
'I meant me'
I just couldn't listen to her I was feeling pains all over my body I just wanted a peaceful place just to rest and wake up tomorrow and go to work. I pushed her out of my way and walked away. She was still on her knees with her head facing the floor I nearly felt sorry for her but then I remembered that she is the one who use to wake me up with a bucket filled with water it doesn't end there she is the one that complained about how terrible breakfast was she is the one who made me wash her blankets almost every week so now tell me how do I forgive such person?
I walked until I couldn't anymore I was tired thirsty and hungry I was in a place I don't even know I couldn't go to Gugu I mean she did a lot already and it was getting darker so I just chuffed my self under a bridge on a corner I thought was safe now my biggest worry was how will I get the food here I was hungry and hurting but it felt better this way I was finally on my own.
'You can't sleep on this dump sis Anzani. . ' that was the voice behind me.
'Who's there?'
God I was so scared I have never been out at night on my own let alone under the bridge.
'It's me Anna' she giggled.
I couldn't see her but only her sweet little voice I was shaking.
'Why can't you reveal your self?' I said.
'Come I'll show you a place to sleep'
I sat there and couldn't move nor say anything gosh I was so scared.
'Okay I'll reveal my self but promise you will not scream.' Said the little sweet Anna's voice.
I nodded.
'I want to hear you say it' she giggled.
This Anna girl had this bubbly character she is a huge fan of laughter by the look of it she is some kind of protecter to me she is amazing in her own way I'm beginning to like her even though they say she is dead.
'I promise I won't scream' I smiled
I was trying so hard to keep it together I mean if I'm suppose to die then let it be it will be a will of our heavenly father.
'Okay close your eyes... no peeking cause I can see you' she giggled.
I closed my eyes but curiosity told me to sneak peek just a little so I did behold what I saw there was total madness have you ever seen a ghost turning to human? I saw something like an older version of her but the she changed back to being the little adorable Anna.
' I know you peeked did you like what you saw?'
Wait a minute I was still trying to process this entire thing.
'Did you just shrink from being an elder to being you?
'Nope I told not to peek but you cheated' she said.
'I'm sorry this is all new to me I never in my life spoke with ghosts.'
'I'm not a ghost ' she shouted
All I could see was fire in her eyes clearly she didn't like being called a ghost.
'I'm sorry'
'Follow me I've prepared a place for you to sleep' she said as she kept on pointed the place with her hands my guts told me not to go so as usual I listened to my guts.
'I'm not coming with you Anna you belong to the deads now please leave me alone and go back to your grave just rest in peace. As soon as I finished saying that she disappeared. I prayed and forced my self to sleep under the circumstances tomorrow I have a long day at work.
'Goodnight mom and dad. ' I kissed the picture and fell asleep. she giggled.
I closed my eyes but curiosity told me to sneak peek just a little so I did behold what I saw there was total madness have you ever seen a ghost turning to human? I saw something like an older version of her but the she changed back to being the little adorable Anna.

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