I had a sleepless night as usual the dream just kept on haunting me clearly I must do something about it having not to sleep the whole night worked in my advantage though I had time to prepare for the interview I had time to pray with my evil aunt I had to sneak out and not be seen. So I woke up as early as I could cleaned my room then took a bath I went to aunt's bedroom I realised that she was still asleep great.
I took her hand bag and stole a R50 note then took it back where I got it I knew that this was trouble on the way but I did it anyway I regret stealing from her but I had no choice I can't expect Gugu to find me a job and also pay for my transport never.
So I walked out without being seen I was so nervous it was still a little bit dark outside so I thought I have seen something on the corner there or is it just paranoia? I went closer to that aborndined one roomed house to check it out but I saw nothing I turned and continued with my journey 'Goodluck sis Anzani ' that was the voice behind me.
I got so scared that I even fell I looked for the person that said that but to my surprise there was no one.
'Who's there?'
'Its Anna your friend! ' the voice answered.
I quickly remembered the Sangoma's words then stood up and ran.
I got to Gugus place knocked and she opened the door.
'You are early' she said
she was still busy fixing her make up.
'The early bird catches the fastest worm' I smiled.
'So are you ready? ' Gugu said.
I nodded.
'You look great' she said.
I knew that she said that just to boost my confidence I mean I looked terrible.
'You look like you've seen a ghost ' she said cause she could see that I was breathing heavy talking about ghosts.
'Would you believe me if I say I saw it?' I frowned.
Gugu just laughed and took her bag.
'Lets go good bye mom' she shouted.
'How is your mom?' I asked.
'She is better now just that the medication is now very expensive.' She said with a concerned face.
'She will be alright hey' I said.
'Thank you so much Anzani '
Gugu and I understand each other so much we feel each other's pain and would die for each other she is like a sister I never had a God sent I love her.
'I love you ' I smiled.
'You lie' she laughed as she pulled me closer and hugged me.
'So tell me about the boss and all the superiors there.'
' Girl the boss there is so handsome ' she giggled.
We got into the taxi Gugu is very talkative she doesn't care what people think of her she is just her own person.
'Girl I'm not talking about that to you every man is handsome. '
We both laughed when I'm with her I feel like I'm also human like I'm worth something I just couldn't imagine my life without her.
'Okay they are all handsome but this one is super handsome I want to seduce him.' She winked.
One old lady who sat next to us looked at her and shook her head.
'I'm kidding girl I think he likes me too.' Said Gugu.
We got to our destination I was shaking and my hands were shaking too Gugu went to the lift and waited for it to open.
'What are you waiting there for? ' she asked.
I'm very scared of heights they are my worst nightmare if I have to work here I would but I'll definitely not like it.
'I know you scared of heights but you will have to overcome your fears. '
She grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to the lift it finally opened and we got in as soon as it moved I felt like my entire intestine were coming out of my mouth like my heart just stopped pumping I held onto Gugu the entire way she couldn't stop laughing at me she enjoyed seeing me like that I don't blame her for laughing at me though I also laugh at her when she run away from spiders she is terrified of spiders any spider at that.
'You enjoy seeing me at my worst? I said.
'It pay back time you have been laughing at me my entire life. ' she said
We got to the office where the interview would be held but there was no one so Gugu showed me a place to stay and wait for her boss I don't want to lie and say I wasn't scared I had all sorts of emotions in one place I wanted to cry I could see that coming here was a mistake Gugu was now nicely seated on her reception desk and I sat at the waiting room like we don't even know each other. Have you ever been so scared that you even sweat?
A few minutes later I stood up I wanted to use the opportunity that the boss was late to my advantage.
' hey Gugu maybe I should come back tomorrow. ' I said.
'You are not going anywhere mr Zungu is on his way.
I knew she wouldn't allow such nonsense so I just sat down and kept on waiting.
Whenever I closed my eyes the only thing I saw was the image of the little girl named Anna if she is dead then why her spirit keeps on haunting me? Why do I see her everyday of my life.
I closed my eyes once more and fell asleep on the couch.
*I saw my self in a deep fire inside a crashed plane my parents lying there helpless I tried to run to them but this guy kept blocking my way...I shouted my father's name there were dead bodies everywhere I saw the little girl walking and jumping on top of the lifeless bodies I screamed...and realised that my father was still breathing but a huge snake strangled him to death.*
'Anzani wake up' she shook me until I woke up.
I was breathing heavy and sweating.
'It was just a dream babe its going to be alright. ' she hugged me.
'It is that nightmare again Gugu...I have to find this Job.'
'My boss is here he called for you please just be yourself. ' she pointed at the office.
I stood up did some touch up on my face remember I had tears so I had to wipe them.
I walked to the office with so much courage I think the fact that I needed the money to get rid of the nightmares was the nicest encouragement ever I got there and knocked.
The door was opened so I just got in The boss there was busy with his paper work like he didn't even see me.
'Hi I'm here for an interview. ' I said.
'Ok hi...you must be Anzani' he answered but didn't raise his head to look at me.
I think that is kind of rude but what can I say I was used to this kind of treatment.
' should I take a sit or what?' I asked.
He raised his head up and looked at me God... I don't know anything about handsome people I don't know anything about love but surely this is just one hell of a handsome man no wonder Gugu says she have a crush on him.
I tried to contain my self afterall I'm just a 21 year old virgin what do I know about love besides I'm just here for an interview.
' Gugu told me a lot about you but she didn't mention you are this beautiful. ' he smiled
To tell you the truth I think people are just lying to me when they say I'm beautiful I don't see my beauty I can't even describe myself I'm a broken girl abused physically and emotional.
'Thank you sir.' I blushed.
'When do you want to start? '
'What?' I asked
'Work when are you available?'
' I can start as soon as I get the job'
'Okay the job is yours'
'The interview? '
'What interview? '
I looked around like I was in a wrong place maybe this guy thinks that I'm someone else how can he just hire me without the interview.
'Sir I'm Anzani' I said
'I know who you are are you surprised you got the Job? '
'A little bit. '
'Well don't be the job is yours I'll ask mam mavis the supervisor to show you how you will work you can start tomorrow on your way out tell Gugu to contact the uniform guys with your sizes'
He said that pointing at the door that was a clear sign that we were done talking so I had to get the fuck off his office. I couldn't stop thanking him for the opportunity he has given me I walked out of his office with tears of joy running down my face.
'I got it' I said.
' You did? I told you that you are a natural so when do you start?'
'Tomorrow mr Zungu said I should tell you to contact the uniform guys.'
'Okay I will girl I'm so happy for you ' gugu said.
'Thanks my love if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have got this Job' I said
She walked me out of the building she said it was her tea time but that wasn't the only reason why she just wanted to see me when I face my fears so that she can laugh at me once more.
'I'll enjoy working with you here.'
'You mean you will enjoy laughing at me everyday? '
'That too.' She smiled.
I punched her on her shoulder.
'Ouch...so tell me what will you say to your aunt?'
'That I got the job. '
'Then she will try by all means to ruin it like the first one ' Gugu said.
She actually had a point but I couldn't keep lying and sneaking out of the house everyday so I will have to tell my evil aunt and her kids that I got a job.
'Goodluck telling batista the truth'
That's what we called her behind her back.
'Goodbye Gugu have great day.'
We hugged and I took a taxi back home I was so quiet the entire way thinking of a way to break this to my aunt.


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