My name is gugu I'm a receptionist at a very big corporate world company in JHB. Anzani and I have been friends since her parents died
I feel it is my responsibility to help Anzani get her the job she desperately need so that she can get the hell out of that dump called home if I could I would offer her a place to stay and do something with her life but with what I earn I just can't and the fact that I have a sick mother who needs medication and all I just can't. It saddens me to see her suffer like that she has been suffering all her life and I just couldn't do anything about it.
'What are you thinking about are you gonna take that? '
that was a voice that interrupted my thoughts.
I turned around and looked.
It was my super handsome boss who is always on his best he doesn't talk much though he is on his late 30's very strict he doesn't smile much always on his formal wear the kind of guy who is always about business tell me about a workaholic I doubt if he is a family man a family would suit him though Mr stanley Zungu.
I panicked and quickly got hold of the phone that was ringing.
'I'm sorry sir ' those were the only words that came out of my mouth the level of stress I was under could have cost me my job.
'In my office now ' he yelled and walked away.
I followed him got there and just stood still with my head facing the floor I started playing with my fungers I couldn't afford to loose this job it was my life.
'Yes Gugu what's your problem? You seem to be far away from your work is there anything wrong? ' he looked concerned about me.
'I'm really sorry sir it won't happen again. ' I answered.
'Something is not right about you I mean you always on top of your game but these days I have been receiving a lot of complains about you.' He cleared his throat.
Complains about me? I didn't realise that things were this kind of bad that customers would even complain about me.
'I'm really sorry sir I promise you it will not happen again.'
'It okay you can go ' he pointed the door.
'Thank you sir.'
I quickly turned around and walked fast before I reached the door I realised I needed to try get Anzani a job I know he may think I'm taking advantage of him since he was kind to me but I just felt I should try so I went back to his desk and pulled a chair out and sat .
' sir I'm sorry if this would sit on you the wrong way but I have a friend who desperately need a job' I was shaking.
'Ya!... so? He didn't even look at me he kept on fiddling with his phone.
I knew by that time that this was a bad idea.
'I was wondering if you could hire her she is a hard worker. ' I begged
'Uhmmm...' That's all he said.
' Sir are you even listening to me? '
'Oh sure I am Gugu but we not hiring at the moment. ' he answered harshly
'But I've seen the cleaners posts '
'Gugu please get back to work. ' he said.
Well I was so disappointed but at least I tried and God is my only witness Anzani will someday find a job I stood up slowly and walked slowly to the door with my frowned face.
'Gugu... tell her to come to an interview tomorrow ' he said.
What I jumped up and down and ran to him forgetting that he is my boss I ran and hugged him I squeezed him so hard as I kept on saying.
'Thank you thank you thank you. '
He quickly removed my hands from his neck and fixed his tie that was now kind of dislocated he looked angry because of the hug I had to apologise I mean this is against company policy I shouldn't hug or get this much closer to my boss.
'I'm sorry sir'
'Its okay just go' things were now kind of tense cause we stood there and looked at each other hugging him made me realise that I actually have a huge crush on him I looked at his lips and quickly shook my head trying to bring my self back to the world.
' I have to go back to work' I said and walked away.
I couldn't wait to tell Anzani the good news that I might have found a job for her but she had no phone so I will have to go pass her home when I knock off.
Just like any other day I prepared dinner for the whole family auntie's Boyfriend was there and Mimi's baby daddy so obviously I had to prepare more food than the usual

so obviously I had to prepare more food than the usual I didn't feel well though something was not right about me now the Sangoma's words were starting to scare the hell out of me maybe the worst that she said was coming has already arrived it would be so much better if I die maybe its the only way I could find peace...the fact that I wasn't feeling well was making me very slow I couldn't finish cooking dinner in time the porridge wasn't nicely cooked and the meat was somehow raw I knew that this was trouble on the way due to their demands and how hungry they are I just had to dish up and give them their food I dished up and took the food to them one by one until I was done the porridge was really hot seeing that there were visitors at home I also dished up for my self I had a feeling that my aunt wouldn't shout at me infront of everyone I went and sat with them at the dinning room she looked at me everyone was eating except her she kept starring at her dish and mine then finally threw her plate on me the porridge burned me on my chest I jumped and screamed everyone looked at her even her evil kids.
'Ouch..ouch...ouch' I cried.
'Why did you do that? ' asked Thando.
As surprising as it was Thando was on my side.
I ran out of the room and sat outside I couldn't stop crying just after I went out I could hear everyone laughing inside the house it broke my heart.
A few minutes later Gugu arrived she noticed that I was crying she sat next to me and cried too.
'I'm really sorry Anzani but this is about to come to an end. ' she said.
I quickly wiped my tears.
'What?' I hope that this was just what I was thinking about.
'Anzani no man! What the hell is this? ' she pointed at the mark left by the porridge I was red all over my chest I can't even describe my pain but pain was the least of my worries.
' Don't mind this what's the good news? '
' I think I got you a Job tomorrow you are going for an interview you should get that checked up.' She pointed at my chest and shook her head.
I didn't know whether I was suppose to be happy or worried I was told a person should look their best for interviews I don't have decent clothes I don't have matric and I don't know how I should react when I get there this would defenetly be a nightmare and I will never be hired.
' You don't look too happy for a person who's going for an interview whats wrong? '
' Nothing thanks for everything.' I answered.
'I'll fetch you tomorrow morning so that you don't get lost.'
' No don't come here I'll come to you before you go. ' I said
'Okay babe goodnight. She smiled and walked away.
I had my doubts about this but I'll definitely do it I'll try my luck.
'Anzani...' that was my aunt calling me.
I don't know what they did to me that made me obey and let them do what they pleased about me but whatever it is it was so strong.
I quickly stood up and ran to the kitchen where she was she gave me one hell of a slap that I even noticed one tear coming out of my eye.
' What was that for? ' I said with my broken voice.
'For being stupid what the hell was that?' She pointed at the food.
I looked at her and kept quiet.
With my aunt you will never know what's right sometimes when she talks she doesn't need an answer and sometimes if you don't answer her its disrespect.
'Get the hell out of my face '
I ran to my room sat down and cried this was a routine now every night I would sit here and look at my parents picture that is hanging on the wall and ask my self 'why did you leave me?'

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