I kept on walking until I met a little girl playing near a very beautiful double story house she was so beautiful that she reminded me of my self when I was still a little girl when my parents were still alive she looked at me and started laughing and pointing at me I don't know why but I was getting used to being a laughing stock of town people would just laugh and start gossiping about me some would just say ' But her parents were scientists '
that statement confused me almost everyday of my life I walked past the girl and then stopped walking almost 2 metres away from her.
She stared at me and smiled.
'Come here' I said.
She Excitedly ran to me and wrapped her tinny hands around my legs it was so cute that I almost cried.
'Ma'am you are so beautiful 'she said.
I looked at her tried so hard not to shed a tear I couldn't understand her sudden change of heart I mean she was laughing at me for heaven sake.
'Ohkay thank you why ain't you at school? '
She looked pale though like her blood had been sucked out of her tinny little soul she frowned.
'I'm only 4 years old why would I be at school?' She said with her super active voice.
Time was really not on side remember I'm suppose to go back and wash those blankets before everyone returns and dinner should be ready by 5 o'clock.
'Okay then I think it is too dangerous for a 4 year old to be playing on the streets alone don't you think nana?'
'My mother used to call me that ' she said with tears on her face.
I looked at the time on my watch and realised it was 9:30 am already to be quiet frankly I couldn't' care less about her problems I just wanted to find the prophet tell him about my dream and then focus on finding a job.
'I'm looking for a church around this area do you know where it is? '
She pointed at the house near us.
'Okay thanks '
I walked away from her and headed to the gate as soon as my hand was on the gate she shouted.
' You are very rude you know' she frowned and folded her arms.
'I am? '
'You didn't even ask my name ' she said.
'I'm really sorry baby what is your name?'
This child's confidence gave me strength she gave me hope in a way i just couldn't even explain if a little girl like this can stand up for herself whats stopping me?
'I'm Anna what yours? ' she smiled and jumped up and down on what seemed to be something she had drawn to play games on.
'I'm Anzani '
'Okay good luck sis Anzani ' she said and continued playing and speaking the same language I heard my mother speak in my dream I turned and looked back I wanted to ask her what she said but as creapy as it is to say this I just have to say it the girl just disappeared to thin air.
'Anna' I shouted
This got me so scared was this girl only in my mind I ran to the house and was welcomed by a bowl filled with bones 'what kind of a church is this?' I asked my self but I continued going anyways the house looked old and aburdened I looked around so scared I have never been so scared in my life I have never been to a church just for prophecy and by the look of it this was not just a church it looked like a Sangoma's house someone behind me tapped me on my shoulder I jumped and screamed as I looked behind me and saw what seemed to be an old woman in a Sangoma's attire.
'What do you want ' she asked
I was practically shaking and sweating.
'I'm sorry seems like I'm in the wrong house' I answered.
And quickly headed to the gate she shouted 'You are here because of your dreams ain't you?'
I looked at her so shocked wondered how she knew that.
'How did you..?'
'Know that?' She finished the question for me.
I nodded.
She grabbed my hand and and pulled me closer to her you need help and soon or if you don't you'll be in grave danger.
'Danger? ' I asked
'Who directed you here?' She asked.
'A little girl named Anna'
'Anna?' She asked and quickly let go of my hand and opened her eyes widely.
'But Anna died a long time ago'
I laughed at her only to realise that she was serious.
'No man maybe we are not talking about the same girl I just spoke with her some few minutes ago. ' I answered with a smile trying to convince my self that I wasn't talking to a ghost I don't believe in ghosts afterall.
'It doesn't matter you need to be cleansed so that the nightmares can go away

you need to be cleansed so that the nightmares can go away I will not say anything to you until you bring a goat and two traditional hens.'
'But I don't have the money to buy those things ' I said.
'That's not my problem now leave and come back whenever you are ready.' She pointed at the gate .
I was really terrified of her so I just walked away from her with one hell of speed I ran out and closed the gate I couldn't even look back I kept on running until I couldn't breathe anymore I got to a place near a big tree I sat down and cried. My biggest worry was how will I get the money to buy the goat and those hens?
Everytime I tried to close my eyes the only thing I saw was Anna's images. The fact that I had to go back to that dump called home was tiring I stood up and started walking the time was 11:30 when I saw gugu a very great humbled soul someone who has always been on my side since the death of my parents she waved at me and I slowly walked to her I had no power I know I can't tell her about the dead girl she would just think I'm crazy so I had to come up with a story about my sadness.
'Gaz'lam.' She said and gave me a hug.
'What's wrong Anzani? '
'Try telling that to someone who believes it.' She said
We walked quetily as she was still waiting for me to answer her.
' I need to find some cash... and quick.' I said.
' What for?'
'I need it.' I said
' Don't tell me you still want to run away Anzani where will you go?
I wasn't in the mood to be judged so I just couldn't answer her.
'I need to go back home I should wash Thando's blankets. '
' can't she do her own blankets? Anzani this must come to an end'
I shook my head if only she knew the struggles upon my life if only she knew that my wicked family was the least of my worries right now.
' You think I like being treated like dump? You think I want to wash Thando's blankets? Or cook dinner that I won't even be allowed to eat' I yelled.
I know it wasn't necessary for me to do that but I did it anyway.
'Look Anzani at work I heard they are looking for cleaner's you should try and apply there.'
' I don't even have my matric.'
'It doesn't matter at least try.' She said with a smile.
'You think I stand a chance? '
'I know they will like you I mean who couldn't like you?'
'My family ' I frowned.
'Those are just wicked people don't mind them God will harshly deal with them are you still having nightmares? '
I know I just lied to Gugu I was getting tired of being pitted on.
She walked me home I hugged her and she continued with her journey.
I noticed that the door was opened trouble was really brewing I wonder who was there. I got to the kitchen and there was no one so I tiptoed to my room trying as much as I could to make less noise.
'Where are you coming from'
I stood there and just couldn't turn and look at her it was my aunt.
'To look for a job'
She laughed and clapped her hands I turned my head and looked at her.
'You think there is any sane person who can hire a piece of shit like you?'
'Auntie please not today' with tears on face.
'Get out of my face stupid girl...nxaaa! '
I ran to my room sat on the floor and just cried.
I looked at my parents picture that was hanging on the wall ' why did you leave me'
How I wished the picture could answer me. I took a pen and paper wrote a CV it wasn't much but at least it was something now what was left was taking it to the place maybe I'll get lucky.
I stood up and went to the kitchen it was time for me to start preparing dinner when I heard a knock on the door I went an opened it it was one of auntie's Boyfriends with a crete of alcohol.
' Ya' he said and winked at me.
'Hello I guess you looking for my aunt.'
' yes'
'I'll get her for you' I turned and he spanked my ass.
I didn't take it littly so I shouted and sweared at him I knew that would get me in trouble but I just couldn't care less I made noise until my aunt came to the rescue well more like rescuing the pervet.
'What's going on here ? ' Auntie asked.
'Your daughter is being rude.'
' He spanked my ass '
My aunt just laughed.
'What do you think you are? you think John could do that to you come John lets go.'
I looked at them and shook my head he turned his head and blowed me a kiss I just felt like dying.


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