" I looked at my mother as she ran Excitedly with a little snake on her hand my father is very terrified of snakes so mom finds it so funny to play with it around him the snake wasn't poisonous ofcouse but then I noticed something on his face a scar! a scar that had fresh blood dripping all over from his face his knees to his toes it was somehow creepy. I went closer and tried to touch his face but I couldn't as much as I got closer to him he kept moving back like he didn't want me to get closer to him my mother just passed through me and got to him first she looked at him and spoke in a language I couldn't understand she laughed as she went much closer to his face she started licking and sucking on the blood I noticed fire on her eyes like she was some kind of beast her body started cracking with scars on her entire body I tried to scream but my voice couldn't come out the snake hissed it way on my father's face it bit him bit by bit until it was no where to be found it felt weird though cause when I looked closer all I could see were shadows they slowly walked to the crashed plane that was on my side then disappeared"
I woke up to Thando who had a bucket filled with water with my blankets on her hands she had this annoying smile on her face that I always wish I could just wipe away with a slap. With sweat all over my body I was still panting and breathing heavy from my dream.
'Calm down Anzani it was just a dream' I said to my self.
'I don't care about your flipping nightmare mom says you should wake up and make breakfast for us' she poured the water on me It was 6 o'clock in the morning so you could only imagine the amount of coldness I had to endure. I screamed.
'Why did you do that? I'm already awake.' I said.
'OH poor Anzani I'm really sorry... I did it because I can.' She walked out of the room with one hell of an attitude.
Knowing how much I suffer in this house this was just the least of it all I was used to it I was used to being the maid of the house I couldn't talk back at any of them because if I do I will have my aunt to deal with have you ever cooked food that you can't even taste? None of the things that were done to me defined me yes it broke me that I couldn't find a job well I once got a job in a local supermarket but with my evil aunt it didn't even last a week.
I stood up from my wet wreck of a bed got dressed in one of my regular dress with my slippers on I took my spounge out so it could dry as always if you didn't know better you'd think I wet myself at night I couldn't stop thinking about my dream it got me worried because it wasn't the first time I had a similar dream just the other day.
I heard a painful stroke on my shoulder I turned and gave attention to whoever did that it was my aunt.
'Don't auntie me what are you doing here? This thing is making my home look like a scrap yard remove it ' she said and threw at the spounge away.
'But Aunty...'
'Are you talking back at me little girl? '
'I'm sorry' I quickly said and ran back to the kitchen with tears all over my face found Mimi there busy with the dishes I wonder why in this house I do almost everything from cleaning the house to Washing and ironing their panties I looked at her trying so hard that she doesn't notice that I was crying I stood next to the stove and looked at the floor.
' Are you crying ' asked mimi
'No I'm not why would I cry?' I rubbed my eyes until they turned red.
' I heard you having nightmares dreaming about the deads I see are you dreaming of your dead parents? ' she smiled.
'There is nothing to smile about now is there? Nxaaa!' I said
' Oh sweetheart everything about your little miserable life is funny you are funny just look at what you wearing you just don't look like one of us.' mimi said.
Well mimi was the oldest(22) already had two kids two boys Thando(18) and me(21).
'Well its not like someone would dream to look like you if you'd like to know ' tears just got of me.
'Come now just look at me' she paraded at the kitchen she was on her tight jeans and high sissy boy heels with a transparent T-shirt.
I rolled my eyes and said nothing it wasn't worth it anyway.
' what are you waiting for tell me how beautiful I look' she said.
'Only if you knew...' I answered not realising that my aunt was standing at the door and looking at us.
'Only if she knew what?' Auntie asked.
I had to quickly come up with a plan to defend my own skin I looked around.
' I meant if only she knew how fabulous she looks I looked around.
' I meant if only she knew how fabulous she looks excuse me' I just wanted to get away from them cause I know exactly how they get if they are together.
' OH thank you...not that I don't know' she said.
' where do you think you going? Come back here.' Auntie said.
I knew this was about breakfast I know I was suppose to prepare auntie's soft brown porridge Thando's sunny side up egg's and not forgetting miss no it all nicely made wheat Bix. I went back to the kitchen and looked at my aunt.
'where is our breakfast? ' asked Auntie.
' Auntie I can't make breakfast today I'm not feeling well I had a bad dream and I'm....' I said.
My Aunt quickly answered me ' So because Anzani had a bad dream there is no breakfast for us today? '
They both laughed and looked at me in a funny way how I wish someone could just care for me.
'I'm hungry mommy and my kids will be late for school Anzani won't you finish that so you could help me bath my kids.' Said Mimi.
They started talking about their own matters things that didn't involve me they laughed and I just stood there and watched them how I wish my mother was still here so that I can laugh with her gossip with her and let her protect me through this kind of life only if I could find a job and get the hell out of this dump I continued making breakfast for everyone in the house then went and took a bath it was no use taking a bath anyway because I was told I should wash Thando's blankets because her friends are coming over for a night study Thando is doing her matric but lazy as hell I mean you could only imagine who is doing grade 12 and still at home at 7am?
I wanted to sneak out and ran away I just couldn't do those blankets I needed someone who could help me explain the dreams I keep on having perhaps my parents wanted to communicate with me somehow but what gets to me is the snake that disappears in my father's face what could be the meaning of that? I took out my torn black panties and a Jean my friend gave me with my older top and got dressed as much as I tried to convince my self that I looked good my self esteem just couldn't let me to be honest with you I got no shoes except for the slippers that are always on my feets luckily I wash them everyday cause if I didn't do that I'd be smelling like sh*t.
I put on my slippers and waited for everyone to go so that I can go in peace my aunt took her bags and went to work she worked as a clerk at a community clinic Thando went to school and I was only waiting for Mimi to take her kids to a local crèche then it will be my turn to leave the house .
'I'm going to my boyfriend make sure you wash Thando's blankets and don't forget to cook dinner' she shouted from a distance.
I stood up jumped up and down I was celebrating the fact that I can take as much time as I want as long as I come back in time to prepare dinner.
I waited until I couldn't see her anymore then locked the door and chuffed the keys on our usual spot under the flower pot near our kitchen window.
I walked as fast as I could didn't want to make the mistake of being found what if Thando forgot something and she comes back I just couldn't risk that.
On the way I met up with one of the most annoying guys in town he had some kind of a crush on me well he is kind of handsome just that I didn't find him that attractive enough for me besides who will have time for boyfriends with a family like mine it will just be torture to the poor guy.
'If it isn't the most beautiful girl in Daveyton' he said.
I smiled I don't know how but I found my self smiling.
'And she smiles' he added.
This guy looks classy though he was the type of guys who spend a lot of money focusing on how they look I think that is a waste of money sometimes they would tear it up or burn it that what mostly annoyed me they burnt the money that I needed with all of my soul.
'I think you should go back to your crew I'm in a hurry. ' I said and wiped away my smile real quick.
'Come on girl I heard that you are a tough cookie but you can't be tough on me now can you?'
He was really annoying me cause he was blocking my way so I had to stop and listen to his crab.
' what do you have that other's don't? I said I'm in a hurry ' I said rudely.
' Money I got money and I'll take care of you' he answered.
That almost got me hooked remember all I want is to get out that house doesn't matter how as long as I'm out .
I looked at him deep in his eyes how can this fool take care of me while he still lives at his grandmother's house.
' leave me alone ' I said and pulled my hand from him.
His friends started laughing I don't know whether they were laughing at me or him it just didn't matter anymore I just wanted to get to the prophet I was told about maybe he will try and help me with my dream.


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